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How more bloggers got into blogging

When I tweeted out asking bloggers to send me their blog story, some of the emails went to my junk folder. I didn’t even know…



When I tweeted out asking bloggers to send me their blog story, some of the emails went to my junk folder. I didn’t even know I had a junk folder! It’s hidden on my web version of my blog e-mail, but I just got set up with the Mail app on my Mac and there it was.

It makes me wonder how many emails I’ve missed over the past couple of years. Awkward.

Anyway, here’s their story.

If you missed the first post, you can view it here: How these 8 bloggers got into blogging.


Natália from

I was an avid blog reader – and still am. To me nothing wins over a good blog post, not even youtube videos. I tried to create several blogs in the past in different subjects but it never worked, I would loose interest and stop posting very quickly (2-4 posts in). A few years later and I’m in college studying English and a few of my colleagues had literary blogs. Although that wasn’t the subject I wanted to approach, the idea popped back into my mind. Being in a better place at the time, more stable in life, allowed me to dedicate myself completely to and I couldn’t be happier!


Sarah from Saloca in Wonderland.

My blog originally started out life as a Walt Disney World travel blog. I used to spend hours on online discussion forums talking all things Disney and I wanted a space to put all my thoughts, trips and tips for other travellers. As much as I loved writing about Disney, after a while, I started to feel trapped in a niche, and I was writing about other things across several platforms. I wanted to use my blog as a portfolio for part of my University course, so I relaunched as a lifestyle blog, a place where I could write about my Disney tips and travels, as well as other things I was passionate about; beauty, skincare, food, adventures! I managed to break out of the niche and now have total creative freedom over everything I write about! Oh, and I did pretty well in that University project too, thanks to my blog!

girl power (1)

Amy from

I was really fed up with my job and felt like I wasn’t really getting anywhere so having read other blogs I decided to start my own. The thing that had drawn me to blogs in the first place was the confidence the people writing them seemed to have. I didn’t even really know what I wanted to write about any my first blog was actually about knitting (?!) but I finally settled into it and became so passionate and motivated about it that it’s made my life more than just about work and consequently has made me much happier there too!

tracy recent

Tracy from Gluten Free Fab Life

I struggled with mysterious health issues for years until finally figuring out gluten was the problem. I started my blog, Gluten Free Fab Life, to share my story in the hope that it might help others struggling with similar issues. I write about gluten free travel and food, review products and restaurants, and share the latest gluten-free news. Being gluten free isn’t always easy, but I hope my blog helps people realize it can be pretty fab.

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  1. Ah, YES! I love this. So interesting to hear other peoples stories. Everyone makes their own way into blogging differently, I love being nosy & hearing all about their journeys ^_^

    Katie // Words By Katie

  2. I love this, love reading and discovering about how other bloggers started blogging. Everyone have a story, whether they were inspired to start one or they start one to inspire others.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Great idea to connect and learn more about bloggers! Such a shame I missed your questions as I would love to take part! Iga x

  4. I love these posts! I find it so interesting to see how everyone got into blogging! Our stories are all so different xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  5. Its always fund to know when and how people got into blogging because almost all bloggers start with it in a casual way without any expectations which blows up into amazing blogs with fantastic writing and photography! I started blogging when I was unemployed – one of the best things that happened to me! 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing your blog stories! I love reading how successful bloggers started- it’s always inspiring!

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’

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