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Bloggers Brunch with Jaywing PR

On my birthday last Saturday, I attended a blogging event by a PR company called Jaywing PR. Jaywing PR was created by Epiphany and Jaywing….


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On my birthday last Saturday, I attended a blogging event by a PR company called Jaywing PR.

Jaywing PR was created by Epiphany and Jaywing. It was actually a brilliant idea for an event. I’ve been to many events and generally they’re run by PR companies to showcase a product or service of one of their clients. Initially, I expected the event to be mostly about the brunch options available at the venue.

Instead, it was more of a meeting between a PR company and bloggers. A way to share information, to give us some amazing tips on working with brands and understand more about SEO. It was a fantastic way for Jaywing PR to ask us our frustrations when working with brands.

At one point, they asked us to write on a post-it what we loved about working with brands and what we disliked which gave us a chance to discuss the positives and our frustrations.

Of course, this gave them a chance to tell us why some of our frustrations happen and talk about things from their perspective, while giving them some things to go away and think about to ensure that they are able to give bloggers they work with a good experience.

The was a very interesting talk by one of the SEO experts who talked to us about the new Google guidelines, how to help our blogs rank and a bit about the importance of DA/trust flow.

After the SEO talk, Hannah Gale gave us a presentation about how she started blogging, some tips for working with brands, blogging full time and earning money.

bloggers brunch seo talk

Here are some of the key learnings I took away from the event:


Product reviews are bad for your blog and may put PRs off working with you if you just post review after review.

Instead, consider placing any gifted items in a different style of post. Top 5 lipsticks for summer, for example.

Follow links:

Most SEOs still want to buy follow links from bloggers. These are both damaging for the brands and to bloggers. The new Google guidelines basically state that everything should be no-followed.

For a while, there was a bit of vagueness around if gifted items for consideration for review could be followed, with many people believing they could be.

Most brands are still asking for them because they’ve either not up to date with the latest guidelines, or they’re still willingly doing black hat SEO.

Bloggers and brands can be penalised for this, so being asked for paid links should eventually become a thing of the past.

DA importance.

Every time domain authority is updated, there are scores of questions on Twitter and in Facebook groups about what DA is good.

Jaywing PR confirmed that DA is only one of the factors they look at and generally, if it was below 20, that’s when they would suggest trying to improve that. But they would also look at reasons for a low DA, like if you’re a new blogger, or if you’ve just changed your domain name. They did say if you had amazing photography, wrote really well, had an engaged audience and fit in with a brand perfectly, then they would still work with bloggers with lower DAs.

bloggers brunch seo talk

bloggers brunch seo tips

bloggers brunch seo talk

In the middle of the 4-hour event, we were served brunch, of course, I went for the very bloggy avocado on toast.

bloggers brunch seo talk

If you want to see a bit more about the event, some parts of the talks are included in my birthday vlog below!


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  1. It sounds like a very interesting event. I like learning about SEO and the topics seem very good. I also love the fact that they said all links should be a no-follow. At the last SEO presentation I’ve been to they were talking about follow links and how good is for everybody to use them and nobody will get penalized.

  2. This sounds like such a good event, it’s interesting about the DA thing because I’ve never actually been asked for my DA when I’ve been contacted by companies so I always wondered whether they actually mattered too much!
    Amy xx

  3. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learn from the brunch, Corinne! I don’t actually know much about DA. I mostly just get asked for my page views from brands.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

  4. Avocado on toast is a favourite of mine as it helps my skin! 🙂 Great tips here and I never knew writing review after review was a bad thing! I just recently started to switch things up on my blog and try not to review individual items as much x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + Giveaway

  5. I feel terrible that we didn’t meet and also that it was your birthday!!!
    It was a great event/brunch though, I’m so glad I was invited and able to attend.
    it definitely answered some questions I had and also Hannah’s talk inspired me to keep going and also gave me some blogging inspo.


  6. It sounds like a really interesting event! Would have been good advice to get and I’m sure the blogger feedback was valuable for them also. I get so many requests for follow links, I always turn them down and link to the google guidelines, you think they’d know by now! 🙁

  7. This sounds like such a great idea for an event and that it was really valuable. Hopefully there will be something like this a little closer to home for me down on the South Coast! x

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the tips, I saw all the tweets and the event looked amazing! 😀 x

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