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Does having a blog schedule ruin blogging?

There are many opinions out there about blogging. I find most of them frustrating because everyone’s experience of blogging is different. Everyone’s reasons are different….



There are many opinions out there about blogging. I find most of them frustrating because everyone’s experience of blogging is different. Everyone’s reasons are different.

When I see people talking about some of the things I do and being negative about it, it annoys the hell out of me. I’m defensive by nature but believe there is a time and a place to disagree with someone’s opinion. I don’t think social media is one of those places. So I let it go.

It’s always been the same – it’s rife in Twitter chats where some questions are almost guaranteed to have bloggers that seem to be overly keen to prove their morals are better than everyone else’s.

You know, the whole ‘I blog because I love it, not for money/free things/attention’. That’s just one example. And if you do blog because you love it, then that’s brilliant. I’m only talking about those who heavily imply those that blog for other reasons have crap blogs because they’re not writing with passion. Or some shit like that.

I love blogging, too. I also love earning money to put towards a deposit for a house, and meeting new people that are now my best friends, and people telling me I look pretty on Instagram – I mean, hey, nobody else is going to compliment me seeing as I’m an idiot and have an awful personality and nobody can stand more than 3 dates with me. Rofl.

Just a side note, if anyone has any tips or walkthroughs on how to successfully complete the third date, please let me know. I always get game-over at this point. 

Wait, how did this turn into my #forveralone-ness?


Right, back on track. So yes, one of the many debate-type-things that seem to get people riled up is the whole blog schedule.

See another one I spoke about – Why I care about my pageviews

In one camp, you could argue that people take it too seriously by having a strict schedule that you must stick to or the world will end.

In the other camp, you have those that are more YOLO and may blog at 8pm on a Wednesday night because they feel like it and have a spare hour before Big Brother.

It’s a general concern amongst bloggers that having a schedule will make it a chore. That if you have to force yourself to blog, then you’ll hate it.

Sometimes I have to force myself to blog. I don’t hate blogging, though. It’s like, sometimes I have to force myself to go to the gym. Sometimes I have to force myself to eat some stupid strawberries instead of a tube of pringles for a snack.

I make these choices because I like the outcome. A regularly updated blog, to be healthy and feeling good about myself.

Also – you don’t have to keep the same schedule for the rest of your life.

As your circumstances change, you can change your schedule because you are the boss. You can do what you want. You can make a schedule to blog 5 days a week during summer when you don’t have uni, and just twice a week during term time.

You can post every other day during winter when you’re not up to much, and not blog for weeks when you’re sat in beer gardens during the summer and planning your holiday to Cyprus.

I often feel that’s something people forget. Just because you commit to something today, it doesn’t mean you can’t change those commitments next month or next year.


Fact is, a regularly updated blog is favored by Google. It’s preferred by readers who want to know when they can visit you again for an update. It’s a good thing.

Yes, they’ll be times you might want to sit and watch Netflex on a Friday night instead of put a few posts together so you can spend Saturday and Sunday with friends – but think of what you get out of blogging.

What you get out, of course, is different to everyone.

I love having a blog schedule. I love that I’ve posted here every day for two and half years and at least three times a week on my fitness blog. My tech blog isn’t as regular – although I try. But it’s not one of my priorities.

That’s okay. Because I’m the boss. And you are, too.

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  1. I blog because I love blogging but I respect others who are full-time bloggers or generate some sort of income, it is good for them. I wanted to have this schedule but it feels like I can’t even keep it up with it, I wish I could do that. Posting everyday requires so much commitment and you are doing good, just ignore those people who are trying to bring negativity and want to put you down. This blog is your world so it is no one’s business 🙂
    I wish I could give a good dating advice but I suck at it. I think if you find someone who shares the same interests, then things would be easier 🙂 x

  2. I really hate seeing passive aggressive comments on Twitter aimed at other bloggers – I feel like bloggers have a bad enough reputation already without sniping at each other! Not cool. I definitely thing different things work for different people and that’s totally fine! I personally find having a schedule a good thing because if I didn’t have a schedule I wouldn’t blog as much and I want to blog as much as I do because I enjoy it!
    Amy xx

  3. Anyone who blogs knows that doing so regularly and consistently is the only way to go. People want consistent content. I used to blog always on a Friday and Monday, two posts a week. Now I have Noah this as become once every two weeks, does it effect the blog hell yes, why because people want more and regular content. Those who disagree only do so because they want to think there is another option but there isn’t jealousy Lucy x

  4. I blog because I love it, don’t get me wrong I would love to make an income from it, but as my situation is super confusing (I am a single mum, work PT so get help) if I begin to earn it becomes an issue more than a help, and I suck with money, so I always turn down paid opportunities. My issue is when people blog anything just to get paid.. its clear in a post whether or not someone is being honest with what they are writing, and I hate seeing people being dishonest. Now if something fits in with what you are already writing or your style or something you would typically love.. go for it!! The way I see it is you shouldn’t quit your job until you are in a position to live off the blog, I mean how would you feel walking into new look and finding a golf section because they need the money? all those girls trying to sell you golf clubs when they don’t have a clue themselves… it just doesn’t fit! And thats how I see it, random I know, but rant over lol. I have a schedule (every 2 days) but I feel it helps keep me on track more than benefit anything… I am OCD about routines, so I couldn’t just have a “post whenever” routine that is terrifying to me lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. LOVE this post. I love having a schedule. Honestly, I think if I didn’t, I’d probably post once a week because I’d be all “meh, not tonight!” every single night… My schedule sort of kicks my butt, I guess. It reminds me I need to post something tonight. And sometimes I don’t stick to it. Sometimes I’m feeling too ill, sometimes I don’t have any inspiration. I never force it. But I rarely have to. Having a schedule keeps me on track, but it very rarely forces me. It never feels like a chore. One thing that hadn’t occurred to me, though, is that I can change my schedule whenever I want! I’m going to remember that one in future! x

  6. I like having a blog schedule because it keeps me on track even during the times I feel like slacking. And sticking to my editorial calendar takes it one step further to keep my organized. In the end, I think everyone just needs to go with what works best for them.

  7. Since I started blogging I have always had a schedule.I post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I currently post at 4pm but want to try other times to see what works best. I just know though if I don’t have a schedule I wouldn’t blog as much and I love blogging a lot!!

  8. It was so relieving to read this and to know that I’m not the only one who sometimes forces myself to blog. I’m not someone who has a schedule but I honestly don’t think it’s necessary – as long as you’re writing when you fancy it and you’re still enjoying it that’s what matters to me. Thanks for sharing!
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

  9. I’m still very much in the camp of blogging for a hobby, but I still keep a fairly strict schedule because it helps keep me motivated. I always have to force myself to blog because much as I love writing there are so many much easier things I could be doing. Schedules are just my way of doing that and, after all, I don’t HAVE to stick to it if I’d rather go out and drink a bottle of wine instead. Ahem…

  10. I love having blogging schedule because it’s consistent and I think it’s good for me and my readers. Everyone has their own way to approach blogging, they do they and I do me. The problem I have with Twitter chats is as you said, there are some who are overly keen (to put it mildly) about their ways/styles…which is the reason why I quit joining.

  11. This is so interesting! To be honest, I find schedules to bore me.. I like deciding what to post and when, and having something stuck for a monday… it ruins my inspiration! 😀


    Novelstyle Blog

  12. I try to keep a schedule because I might not blog when I’m too busy with work and I will forget about things I’ve done, events and so on. At the moment I’m blogging every other day and it works great. Today I wasn’t going to post anything, but I did and it doesn’t matter that it’s in the afternoon and not in the mornings, as usual.

  13. Absolutely loved this post and I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I personally love having a schedule, it keeps me motivated and I never feel like I need to force myself to blog because it’s just one of those things in life I love the most 🙂

  14. Love this post! I actually WANT to have a blog schedule because I think it would help me post more often… as it is, I haven’t posted in over two weeks. And I hate bloggers judging other bloggers too so I feel you on that too. We all have our own way of blogging and live and let live when it comes down to it.

  15. Love this! Totally get what you mean, I also have to force myself to eat stupid strawberries on many an occasion haha. Although it may seem like less ‘fun’ at times, I think that structure and discipline will always lead to increased success 🙂 i need to get on it more!

  16. I like having a schedule because it keeps me going. I feel like I’d forget a lot if I didn’t plan ahead, and yeah sometimes I miss posts or do it on a different day, but the schedule is always there to get back to. It’s just for my own sake really. Like personally, I couldn’t tell you what a lot of bloggers schedule is like – I read new posts from a feed generally in a big binge!

  17. You are so right that this is a big blogger debate, and I love your reminder than our success is defined by ourselves. I know I’ve said this before, but I truly respect your dedication to posting every day for such an extended period. That is extremely impressive!


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