How to wear makeup with contact lenses and glasses


Remember a few months ago when I joined the glasses club? Well. It’s been a few months now and I have to say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.


I prefer my face without glasses. I have big eyes and I hate hiding them! But now I’ve got glasses, I finally can see the world for what it is. In HD. And while my eyes are terrible, I can really see the difference (LOL. SEE THE DIFFERENCE) between glasses and no glasses.

The only thing is, contacts scare me. I went through a phase of coloured contacts lenses, like here, for example:


Everyone keeps telling me that contacts are easy to put in when you get used to it and I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually be brave enough to wear them again. I’d totally go for some blue ones!

Feel Good Contacts have been working with celebrity makeup artist, Cassie Lomas to create a series of videos giving advice on makeup when wearing contact lenses and glasses. 

We all know different coloured eyeshadows suit different coloured eyes – but do you know which colours match with which shadow? I know what colours suits my eyes, but if I were to change the colour, then it’d be a bit lost.

So here are a few videos to help. One shows you what colours are best for each colour, another shows you how to do an eyeliner flick when wearing glasses and the last one gives you tips on how to avoid getting makeup under your contacts.


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  • M

    Thanks for this! I only recently got into makeup a little more and I’ve never actually tried wearing it with glasses – probably because whenever I want to look good I wear my contacts. Honestly, the people who are telling you it’s easy are right. It may take half an hour to get in the first time, but after that you get so used to it and sometimes they make you see better as well.

    The Life of Little Me

  • Erin

    I think you suit your glasses! I just got new ones which I love, which have helped A LOT. But I rarely wear contacts as I take my glasses off and on all day. My optitian says as I am short sighted I see everything bigger up close without my glasses, thats why I take them off and on so much, So wearing contacts frustrates me lol, odd I know! but you do get used to them, even if they rub your foundation off around your nose 🙁

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  • Anca

    I found that I have to apply more makeup or it will not be visible if I have my glasses, but I don’t mind that. I’m so used to my glasses that I would never consider lenses.

  • Grace

    I find that I suit both glasses and contacts, I prefer glasses for work as my eyes get dry from the air con and staring at the computer screen and contacts for going out at the weekend. I fainted the first time I had to put contacts in and was sick the second but I soon got used to it and now have no problems at all with them, just takes some time to get used to.


  • Lucy

    You are lucky that glasses suit you as well as contact lenses. I have to wear stronger makeup if I have glass on as I’m always touching my eyes Lucy X

  • Lucy

    You are lucky that glasses suit you as well as contact lenses. I have to wear stronger makeup if I have glass on as I’m always touching my eyes Lucy X

  • Katie

    Yeah I definitely need these videos in my life… I think contacts are easy when you get used to them, but if I’ve not worn them for over a week it does sometimes take me a few times to get them in!

  • Jim

    By wearing glasses you’re actually drawing more attention to those big beautiful eyes of yours. The trick is using just enough makeup to bring out your eyes more. Remember that your glasses are really just framing your eyes. There is no reason to feel any less attractive wearing glasses than you do without your glasses. I have a feeling that when you got your glasses and wore them for the first time around people you almost certainly got loads of complements on how good you look wearing glasses? A good number even wanted to try your glasses on as well am I right? Don’t bother with contacts until you really need full time vision correction. (retired optician)

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