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My reality of Instagram Account

You know what? I wasn’t going to post this just yet. I wrote it earlier in the week, then some stuff kicked off on Twitter…



You know what? I wasn’t going to post this just yet. I wrote it earlier in the week, then some stuff kicked off on Twitter about a blog post and I felt it would like a bit like I was trying to get in on a some of the gossipity goodness and convert that to page views. But fuck it. Because I’ve had a proper bad day. and I don’t really care.

This is Friday Corinne talking, by the way.

My leg started hurting as I was leaving work today at 3pm, so I decided to skip the gym. I started at 6am and was tied from lack of sleep the night before. This then put in a bit of a strop because I hate missing the gym. But I’m trying to be a responsible adult and listen to my body when it’s saying STOP GYMING CORINNEEE.

I decided I would make it work to my advantage and have time to write a different post for Sunday to replace this one. Then I got home and was locked out of my house, due to an inspection we had today from our letting agency to makes sure we’re not being naughty and destroying the house. They locked one of the locks that I don’t have the key for.

This meant I had to drive into the centre of Leeds at 4pm on a Friday to pick up the keys from my housemate, then drive all the way back out of Leeds in Friday rush hour traffic.

By the time I got home, showered, sat down, spent an hour looking for houses online because the one I had my heart set on has been taken by some home-wrecker, I was feeling less like writing a whole new post to schedule for Sunday and more like crying into a bottle of wine. Which I couldn’t do because WERK at 6am on Saturday morning.

Saturday is busy with work, gym, then a Moet event so I thought fucccckkkkkkkk it. This post isn’t in reference to any recent events, apart from the #socialbloggers chat that sparked the idea in my mind.

Though I do realise that in the time I spent writing this intro out, I probably could have wrote a whole new post. Probably about how bad my day has been. But that probably wouldn’t have been very interesting. So we’ll just go with the scheduled post. OKAY.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Take it or leave it, buddy.

Back to past Corinne. Over and out.

2016 (44)

The #socialbloggers chat last Saturday got me thinking. Which we all know is dangerous.

It made me want to confess something to you all. Something that I should have confessed a long time ago. Something that might change the way you see me. That might even make you unfollow me and never come back..


Most of my photos on Instagram are staged.



Right. You probably already know that. And probably don’t even care. Because does anyone actually care if I spent 10 minutes arranging my smoothie bowl so it looks good enough to take a photo of? NARP.

But what do I even mean by staged? What I mean is:

  • I take dozens of photos of myself before posting one on Instagram.
  • I arranged my food in a certain way.
  • I use a light box to shoot my Instagram when I’m at home.
  • When I’m not photographing my food, I use black plates.
  • This means my special star plate isssss just for special Instagram occasions.
  • If I take a lot of photos in one day, I’ll save them to publish on days I’m at work.
  • I use hashtags that make me look douchey just because. #girswholift #gymrat.
  • I often have to tidy my desk/blog photo area before taking a snap because my room is usually a mess. Just like my life.


These seems to be a lot of debate over the last few months about Instagram and it’s fakeness. I would suspect this has been heightened due to the whole Essena O’neill saga, where the popular Instagrammer deleted most of her photos, changing some of the captions of her snaps to a blurb about what circumstances the photos were taken. How she got paid for them, how she snapped 100 photos for hours to get one perfect photo, how her Instagram account had basically become on big advert where she was paid to promote things she didn’t even care about.

She vowed to quit social media all together – but later returned with what seems like a ploy to make money by starting a new site and writing a book. Probz a publicity stunt, it seems, but it still got people talking about how staged social media is.


I just wanted to say that I think if someone wants to make their Instagram accounts look pretty, that’s okay.

Just like on my blog, I want to put nice photos on my Instagram account. I’m more likely to share my rougher, raw images on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

But I like my Instagram account to have photos I’m proud of. I want it to be a place of inspiration, especially around fitness, healthy living and food.

I follow plenty of accounts that have polished photos and plenty that have normal every day snaps. Both types are accounts I enjoy following and how I decide to portray my own, well, that’s up to me really.

The main debate seems to be how these accounts portray an unrealistic lifestyle to young, impressionable people. That it could lead them to aspiring towards unrealistic goals and left feeling disappointed. But I think most people do realise that some of these people who share their glamorous lives on social media are an exception to the rule.

We all like to dream. When I was younger, I would watch Disney movies and dream that one day, it would be revealed that I was actually a Princess that belonged in a golden castle, but had been living in a Yorkshire town to protect myself from some evil Queen that wanted me dead. But I knew they were just daydreams, just wishes.

Just like I know how someones perfect white house with rose gold accents isn’t a realistic goal for me. It’s beautiful, but it’s never something I’ll have.

I sometimes feel like we spend too much time trying to walk on egg shells around people so we don’t make them feel bad. Being overly politically correct because it’s the right thing to do. It’s all too much and we can’t protect everyone from everything bad that possibly maybe might  happen a side effect of something we do.

I think social media is fab.

So use your Instagram how you want. Theme it. Have a niche. Use a million hash tags. Use none. Take a photo of yourself with no makeup on. Take a photo of yourself with messy hair. Take a photo a day. Take a photo of your outfit before a night out. Show off your brows that are on fleek. Show off your latest tattoo. Take a selfie with a glass of wine. Post your favourite candle. Do a handstand. Take a photo of your double chin. Share your healthy breakfast. Share your naughty treats.

Share whatever you want because it’s your account and you’re allowed to do with it what you want.

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  1. I LOVE instagram, the way I see it is that it is all fake that’s what I love about it. Social media means you get to control what the world sees of you, no 7am no makeup faces haha, if you see a perfect white photo you know its staged, and people who think it is reality is needing a reality check. To me that’s on the same level as thinking eastenders is real. hell no. lol oh and tweet me your snapchat so I can add you already!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I couldn’t agree more!! I love your post. What is wrong in aspiring to have a nice white clean house? We all used to dream as kids and teenagers and we turned out fine, those dreams created our goals and ideas we have now as adults. I’m sharing your post.

  3. Great advice put what you want on your social media and how you want it. I did not know about the person who get paid for IG wow thats pretty cool. Happy Sunday.

  4. Recently another blogger posted about how she had started using a professional photographer for her Instagram shots and seen her followers increase. I said to her a similar thing to what you’ve said about how that lifestyle can seem unachievable. If someone is posting products they’ve used, I want it to be products I could use too, and more importantly, afford to use! That’s part of the reason why I enjoy reading blogs, to discover new products and read recommendations etc.

  5. Great post! I personally love Instagram, I love that people do arrange things to look a certain way and put so much effort into making some thing look how they want it to because it’s creative. However I don’t like how people maybe get too caught up in it and think every meal and every outfit someone wears is perfect all day every day and think that they should also be this way because it’s not real life, but that’s the creativeness of it.

    Georgia Rose X

  6. I don’t mind that Instagram pics are posed or styled. I take careful pics for my account and edit them so the color is good. I don’t think people want to look at dingy pics. I completely forgot that IG was more of a unstaged social media platform, but many people style their pics. I go to IG to look at beautiful pics.

  7. I agree with you, everyone can manage your account as best you fancy, keep feet well planted on the ground and not believe everything you see on social networks or riding questioning everything that you come, live life and leave enjoy the rest also and Essena and the change me too it seems an advertising strategy.

  8. Amen! If people like to ‘stage’ their instas then why not? And to those who whinge about it making them feel bad etc well they can just unfollow… x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  9. I just watched Essena O’neill’s video and it is weird how she tells all these things and comes up with a new webpage, plus a book! It just doesn’t sound right. All these people with thousands of followers of course use social media to make money and advertise, that’s how they make money, so this is just another way of taking attention. I am sure we all try to make instagram photos appealing, it is all about however we want it to be! x

  10. I totally love Instagram because it is totally staged- it is so nice to see things looking pretty!! Also good to put real things up too but yeh, it would be totally dead boring if I JUST put a picture of a book up so why not surround it with pretty props!!

  11. Yes! I love Instagram and assume that most pictures are staged. I’m okay with that. I see my account as more of a personal scrapbook, but I have plenty of staged pictures too ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I agree and I think that with any form of social media, it’s best to use it in the way that best suits your needs and what makes you comfortable. I was a late adopter to Instagram and I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would especially since I’ve managed to pick up some great jobs and opportunities through there.

  13. You summed it up so well in that last sentence particularly! The beauty of instagram (and any social media) is that we can fill our feed with what we like, and share what we like. We just need to remember that social media is not real life and a picture is never the whole story. Nothing is ever perfect.

    Hope you and your leg are feeling better!

  14. Loved this post and also don’t care that your pictures are staged. Honestly, everyone pictures are staged. If you stop and smile for a picture, that is staged. I enjoyed reading this post, enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures! (I have to point out your hashtags now reads ‘girs’ instead of girls. It made me laugh out loud because girs are a type of lions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I don’t understand how some people aren’t smart enough to realize that so much of the content on Instagram is staged. I use it more as a photography portfolio, and I couldn’t tell you when the last time was that I snapped something with my iPhone and immediately uploaded it to Instagram! Instagram is an art form!

  16. My IG account is a mixture of both, some staged and some ‘fuck it, I’m too lazy to make it look pretty’. My food pictures are rarely staged, yes, it might look that way but I truly enjoy cooking and I try to present it the best way I could on the dinner table too. It’s like an inner chef in me and my kitchen is my make believe world that I am a celebrity chef. LOL!

  17. Love this post. Too darned right!

    No one could present every facet of their life even if they wanted to and there’s a huge spate of double standard related dramas going on atm.

    If someone demands the COMPLETE HIDEOUS TRUTH ALL THE TIME…then they will of course go to job interviews in their Sunday keks and yesterday’s makeup. They obviously describe how goppingly awful their last bowel movement was and describe in detail how they turn into The Hulk’s angry stepmother at THAT time of the month…right?

    There’s a world of difference between putting your best foot forward whilst trying to celebrate the better facets of life, and lying shamelessly for profit. Most of us live somewhere in that space and should stand up to the complete prats who can’t use some common bloody sense and accept reality for what it is.

  18. I totally agree with you! I donโ€™t see any problem with a stagged Instagram account and I think it looks way better. Most of us will realise itโ€™s not the reality of life, but it is still pretty to look at. I donโ€™t like to post just anything on my Instagram either. I LOVE your star bowl.

  19. I prefer my Instagram to be ‘staged’ I do most of the things you do in the planning & capturing of images, as well as saving them to share during the week rather than posting them all at once. I like it this way, it suits me. I also love how Snapchat has come in & taken over where I share my ‘raw’ photos. Now I have a place for both. As I was reading you talking about unreasonable expectations. I thought “they’ve always been there, we’ve just transferred them from one medium to another. Take Disney for example” & then that’s just where your train of thought went! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  20. Like you, I also take pictures for publishing later. Mostly on weekends is when I am able to be around colorful and interesting stuff… it’s ok. I think we all know that Insta is staged!

  21. I love this post. I honestly love my Instagram, and yes it’s for the sake of showing some of the good moments in my life and a polished version of the things I do and see. I think social media is fab too. Yes it may be dishonest and filled with highlights and perfection, but you’re right. We do know it. And if social media is having an unhealthy affect on you, it’s your choice to stop using it but it’s not doing the same to the rest of us. I don’t know. It’s complicated.

    I love how you said we’re all walking on eggshells, always trying to be politically correct – because it’s so true…

    The Life of Little Me

  22. Haha love the honesty, I think your not alone and everyone’s are staged. I was on the Instagram boat right at the start and now that everyone is using it I’m bored. I so need to get back on it. Lucy x

  23. I love this post so much! I really hate all this business about Instagram accounts being fake. I feel like it is only natural that we share the best photos, the best bits of our life on social media. That doesn’t make us fake. It makes us selective, yes. But not fake. X

  24. You will have the perfect white house with rose gold accents and invisible magical help to keep it clean.You are right about impressionable minds being influenzed by fake stuff. That’s why bloggers /influenzers need to careful about what they are doing.
    After all you are making Internet history.Awesome post.Keep daydreaming!

  25. I just have to throw out there that I absolutely loved your intro to this post.

    I’ve had this discussion a few times with some of my fellow YouTubers. I think we rightfully question the authenticity of social media – because social media isn’t real life. It’s a curated version of life for a lot of us (even the ‘real’ ones), and a giant marketing ploy for others.

    That said, I don’t worry about our audiences realizing that, but rather some of the creators behind the accounts. I don’t see a lot of people going into $50,000 of debt because an Insta-famous icon posted a picture of her car. But I do see a lot of creators going into $50,000 of debt because they bought a $1,000 camera and professional lighting set up and paid $300 to have their car detailed and their windows re-tinted and the scratches in their paint job buffed out so they could take the perfect, drool-worthy shot.

  26. I’m not going to lie, I really enjoy the fakeness of Instagram but I think that’s because I know the majority of the people I follow stage their photos. I love looking at their pretty pictures and strive to recreate something half as good. The regular moments of my life are reserved for Twitter whereas Instagram gets the times where I’m trying to pretend I live an awesome life. That must seem really weird to anyone who doesn’t use social media but meh, I like to pretend sometimes.

  27. I mean, I think that’s the point of Instagram, to put forward the best version of you and the version of you that you know people want to see. That’s how I’ve been doing mine and while people often remark to me that my Instagram is GOALS or that my life seems so exciting, they don’t seem to realize that I purposely make it that way. I think there’s something to be said for people who realize social media isn’t real and enjoy it regardless, and people who unrealistically look up to their idols (which unfortunately does happen).

  28. We definitely to dream and I am 100% a bonafide dreamer. I would love nothing more than to live life as it appears on Instagram but truth is real life is far from easy. We all stage our photos but it is interesting to think about how this affects our authenticity and even our state of minds. I actually wrote a similar post on this a while back .

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