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#socialbloggers 110 // Blogging Trends

Blogging trends. In my 4 years of blogging, I’ve seen a lot of blogging trends come and go. Let’s list some. It’s fun: White backgrounds…


blogging trends

Blogging trends. In my 4 years of blogging, I’ve seen a lot of blogging trends come and go.

Let’s list some. It’s fun:

  • White backgrounds
  • White furniture
  • Lush bath bombs
  • Purple hair
  • Ombre hair
  • Floral crowns
  • The font Bakery
  • Instagram themes
  • Rustic floor backgrounds
  • Bullet journals
  • Owls
  • Foxes
  • Unicorns
  • Smoothie bowls

I’m guilty of some, not not all.

What blogging trends have you fell for?

blogging trends

Q1: Is there any trend/must-do in the blogging world that didn’t work for you?

Q2: What blogging trends you’re loving at the moment? What’s so special about them?

Q3: If you could start a blogging trend of your own, what would it be? LEZZ GET CREATIVE

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  1. Is it only me did fake pineapples become a major trend? I think its super fun but its so odd!

  2. I’m not too found of blogging trends. Last year everybody was talking about being “real”, it was starting to get boring to read the same thing on most blogs, now I would like to read one of those posts but there aren’t any. :))
    I don’t like Instagram themes, especially with filters. I love white furniture and white walls, that will not change for me. Although I don’t take lots of picture at home, so it makes little difference.

  3. Trends come and go, there are only a few that will always be there tho. I love owls and I keep collecting owl pieces, way way before the blogging so it is something that won’t ever go old for me. I wonder who comes up with these trends like, “hey let’s give marble a go” 🙂 x

  4. I love white backgrounds and flower crowns! But I think different trends suit different bloggers and I follow lots of bloggers who follow all different kinds of trends!

  5. Well I have never been a trend follower and I love doing what my heart says!! I have created floral crown looks and I still love white backgrounds, though I rarely click on white background 😛

  6. I am using white background mainly because I love how clean it is but I don’t think I am following anything else. I’m honestly not a trend follower and have always done things that I felt like, maybe that’s why my blog is not as huge as others. LOL!

  7. Wait, wait wait….are those trends over?! I never even got to try a smoothie bowl! haha! I had a giggle though I see a lot of those trends around in blogging! 🙂

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