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#socialbloggers 108 // Real You vs Blog You

Do you portray a different version of yourself on social media and your blog than you are in real life? Ah, that old chestnut. The…



Do you portray a different version of yourself on social media and your blog than you are in real life?

Ah, that old chestnut.

The beauty of onlineness is that you have the choice to be who you want. What you want. Your best self. Polished.

Whether that’s a good or bad thing – well, that’s an opinion that differs from person to person. You have those that enjoy being able to feel free to be who they want, who have a new found confidence to express themselves in ways they can’t in real life. Whether that’s in what they write or what they wear.

Then you have the side that doesn’t like the fake, perfect versions of themselves that people put out there. It’s unrealistic and makes you look at your own life in despair.

My opinion? Well, I’m in the middle. I think both have pros and cons. Of course I’d rather portray my best self online, just like I want my work colleagues, my friends or my family. I only share the raw, awful parts of my life to my closest friends. I’m not ready to put that out there. Like, ever.

What are your thoughts?

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Q1: Do you feel an expectation to ‘be’ a certain way on your blog?

Q2: Are there things you wish you could talk about but think you shouldn’t?

Q3: Is the ‘blog version’ of you different from the ‘real you’?

Q4: Do you think the ‘top bloggers’ set the tone for how others think they should be?

Q5: What makes your blog unique?

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  1. The real me is responsible and detail is the same as blog me detail keep my personal life to myself.

  2. I think it is better to be your true self, rather than acting like something you are not. I think I am just same way as I am in person. If I can’t be myself then it is like having two personalities and two different life. x

  3. I always think I am myself on my blog, but I don’t think its a full reflection, you see the parts of me I want to show, rather than the full picture, but that’s the same with most aspects of life, unless you live with someone lol!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I talk the same way I blog, the same sense of humour and the same cuss slips out every now and then. I like to think that’s why some regularly read my blog, because they feel like they can relate to me and it’s like listening to an old friend. I thought of writing about my experience with eating disorder but it’s really hard to put into words and I don’t want it to come across as another ‘woe if me’ post. It’s hard, I hope to inspire someone out there that they can beat the disease but it’s extremely personal and I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to talk about it.

  5. A really interesting topic. I definitely post content that is me and my personality. The thing I struggle with is getting my sense of humour across. Sometimes I get so hung up on the content I loose bits that would make it funny Lucy x

  6. I try to keep things as authentic as I can because my blog is pretty much who I am and I want to keep it real all the time. Unless I feel really shitty, then I’ll skip blogging for a day because I don’t to bore everyone to death 😀

  7. Always an interesting topic! I try to keep things positive on my blog, which is something I should probably make more of an effort to do in real life 🙂

  8. I’m my true self on my blog. Maybe I don’t post photos of myself in my pj’s or with messy hair, but my personality is just how I am. It puts me off if I read a blog and the person isn’t being true to themselves! You can tell!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  9. I actually think I’m my true self more via my blog than I am in real life weirdly enough. I’ve always been better at expressing myself in writing than in speech – blogging is far more me and that reflects me more than my real life persona… although that is the person I really am, I’m just more shy in real life!

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