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Midi Skirt Love #OOTD

I’m really making the most of having a housemate while it lasts. Hopefully I’ll be getting my own place soon then I’ll be OUTTA HERE,…


floral midi skirt

I’m really making the most of having a housemate while it lasts. Hopefully I’ll be getting my own place soon then I’ll be OUTTA HERE, but until then, I’m making Christine take plenty of snaps of me while I can. Mwhahahaaaaaa.

I bought this skirt of Amazon. Although I love it, it’s proper tiny and I really had to squeeze my arse into it. I hate it when sizes are wrong. This skirt is a medium but it’s more like a size 6 or 8.

Midi skirts are my favourite. After dresses, of course. But I always struggle with what to wear on top apart from a vest top.

What type of tops do you lot wear with midi skirts.? Or regular skirts!

Hope you kids have a better weekend than me. All I’ve got planned is werk werk werk werk werk.

floral midi skirt

floral midi skirt

floral midi skirt

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  1. I have the SAME dilemma! I love skirts and I want more but what the hell do I do with my top half? I see people pairing them with graphic tees or off the shoulder boho style tops but on my I just think it looks awkward and put together in the dark, so I always put a vest top with skirts! Dresses are just easier, you get the top and the bottom in one piece, no effort required. I do want to play with skirts more, I just need to figure out what the hell works for me!

    This skirt is gorgeous, I’m always dubious about buying clothes off Amazon!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Such a pretty skirt! When it comes to tops, I pretty much grab the first one I see in my closet that has some similar vibe to the skirt and somehow it always works! 🙂

  3. Oooh this is such a pretty skirt! Looks so lovely on you! I’m the same as you really and tend to wear patterned skirts with vest tops although I think an off the shoulder top tucked in could look really cute!
    Amy xx

  4. I love that skirt so so much! So cute on you! So lovely seeing you do more outfit posts 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I think the top you are wearing with it is perfect for midi skirts! Other options would be a crop top? Since the skirt is quite puffy in silhouette, a close fitted top is what I like to wear. Love the skirt – florals on black is my kind of florals!

  6. Midi skirts are my favorite as well. This one has such a sweet print and the way you styled it is just lovely.

  7. I would never have thought to buy clothing on amazon, but I love the look of this skirt! And I think it looks great just with a simple vest top like yours, especially when there’s so much going on on the skirt. Lovely post x♥

  8. That skirt looks perfect on you in the pictures and that top goes really good with it! And gosh, Corinne, keep up with whatever you’re doing in the gym. You look fabulous!

  9. That skirt is so pretty! I’d wear that even though i’m not a dress/skirt person. Can’t help you with what to wear on top though unfortunately, I get as stuck as you do! X

  10. I love wearing cute blouses with peter pan collars / bows collars with skirts. Having said that since I put on a bit of weight and my boobs decided to grow far too much blouses aren’t an option – so I’m back with the vests! Xx

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