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May Stats and Blog Income

It’s June. Help. To catch up on my previous months stats, see these posts: January 2016 Stats and Income February 2016 Stats and Income March…


May Stats and Blog Income

It’s June. Help.

To catch up on my previous months stats, see these posts:

May Stats and Blog Income

May Pageviews

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 15.03.42

May vs April

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 15.06.32 Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 15.06.48

In my April stat report, I predicted my pageviews would be down in May compared to April, this was due to one of my blog posts doing really well on StumbleUpon, so I’m not surprised to see my views down this month. I’m also not surprised that my bounce rate is slightly lower this month, as I know a lot of Stumble users don’t stay around on a page for long, they just click onto the next site.

It’s also been a bank holiday weekend in the UK and my views really suffered that weekend due to people having a life rather than reading blogs.

I had 13.5k views in March, so it’s good to see I’m still up on that.

Unless something amazing happens in the next few weeks, I don’t predict much growth over the next month. I’d expect to stay the same or maybe even be lower as generally blogs aren’t read as much over the warmer months.

Top 5 posts in May:

Two posts that also made the top 5 in April are still up there this month.

My Naked palette post and my post about the best blogging camera keep doing really well in search. The Google Analytics post got picked up by StumbleUpon, though it didn’t generate as many views as my post that got picked up in April.

Where did my traffic come from?

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 15.20.15

My traffic sources are not a million miles away from where they were last month – though the most noticeable jump is within search. I had 3.3k sessions from Google, in April this was 2.1k.

You can also see Pinterest has finally made it’s way into the list after months of trying to get some traction with it!

Domain Authority:

My DA dropped from 42 to 41 this month. I’m still happy with this figure as I did expect it to drop back into the 30’s. Nobody is safe with DA and it seems so unpredictable. The next update is 21st June. Beware.

Social Media Stats


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 18.47.04

I gained 667 Twitter followers this month and I have over 7800 now. I’m pretty confident that I’ll be getting to 8k by the end of June, which is exciting.

I’m still not using Twitter to it’s full potential as I’m just struggling to find time to interact as much as I would like to. I’ve stopped telling myself I’ll try harder because I know it’s probably not going to happen. I’m already doing pretty long days as it is, working full time, going to the gym and then everything else bloggy when I get home.



I finished May with 4892 Instagram followers. I had 3828 at the start of May, which means I’ve gained over 1000 followers.

That’s pretty amazing! I’ve been so active on Instagram lately, posting many fitness related photos and interacting with others. It’s fab.



I started May with 3282 followers and ended with 3547, so I’ve gained 265 followers on there. Not as much as my April Increase but I’ve not been focusing on it as much so I’ll take it.


3368 is how I left Bloglovin, that’s an increase of 153. I’m okay with that. It has been higher in the past but I’ve not been trying hard so it’s cool, Bloglovin, we can still be friends.

Income Report

Income was a low month for me this month. This has never bothered me before, but now I’m moving out on my own in a few months I’m starting to care about money a bit more because it looks like I’ll be paying quite a bit more in rent, plus not having bills/council tax etc.

Advertising: £15
Sponsored posts: £255

Total – £270


Hosting: £2.99
Premium PicMonkey: £3.46

So there you have it. Another month down. Some good numbers, some standard numbers.

Let’s see what I can do in June.

Untitled3 copy

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  1. Congrats on gaining more than 1000 new followers on Instagram, I wish I could do the same but no matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t seem to work 🙁 Wishing you a great June!

  2. I HATE DA. HATE!! lol Mine is so low (11) and I just don’t know what to do to improve it – it feels like it is never going to improve, and I don’t know what it hates about me! I so love it when you share your report though, im so nosy haha

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. DA is really unexpected, mine has also dropped quite a bit in april/may, hopefully it will get better in time. You’ve been steady with gaining followers which is good. I hope June will be a better month for you. x

  4. I can only dream that one day in the future I will get your stats too. And I wanted to say thank you for your GA course, I’ve been learning a lot from it.

  5. Blog stats always seem to go down in the summer months, it’s so annoying! January is always the best for me, I really like that you share all this online haha, it’s very interesting to hear about another blogger’s behind the scenes 🙂
    P.S I hate DA too!
    lily x

  6. Love these posts! Its so refreshing to see someone talk so openly about money where most people shy away. Im sure your DA will be fine, your site really is great! Your growth across everything is so admiring, Have you ever thought about going full time with it?

  7. Congrats on your gains this month. I’ve been enjoying your insta posts this month so I am not surprised and am glad to see that you have gained so many followers. I also make a bit of money from a blog and it is great to see open posts about it as some people seem to hide it.

    I look forward to seeing next months stats as I do each month


  8. Your doing really well on DA and Twitter. Like you I find I need time for Twitter but that is a premium at the moment I simply have no time with Noah. It took three hours yesterday to do a blog post where I had already edited the pics the little man just is on the go all the time x

  9. I love how you broke everything down! Makes me feel confident that my blog will be somewhere one day…

    And congrats on the increased amount of followers on social media. Keep up the good work!

  10. I think you will smash through the 10k twitter followers by the end of Summer at the rate your going! So go you! The Instagram gain is awesome too! I noticed quite a difference since I started interacting more on Insta!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  11. I too use PicMonkey Premium, but I paid for a year up front as this worked out at around £28! So a lot cheaper!

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