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What do you give up first when you’re busy?

This blog post was supposed to be Wednesday’s post, but instead I got distracted and started talking about something else. So let’s try again. We…



This blog post was supposed to be Wednesday’s post, but instead I got distracted and started talking about something else.

So let’s try again.

We all know blogging takes up a lot of time. Not just the act of blogging itself, but the photography, editing, proof-reading, planning, emails, social media, SEO and more.

The dream for a lot of us is that we’ll have all the time in the world to blog when we want, but the reality is mostly a lot different.

Yes, we’re bloggers. But we’re also other things.

We’re employees, we’re managers, we’re parents, we’re girlfriends, we’re husbands, we’re part of a team sport, we have friends, hobbies, commitments to stick to. We have dentist appointments to attend, cars to MOT, grans to visit.

It’s likely a lot of us have times when we have less free time to spend blogging. This means that some things has to be put on the back burner for a while. For most of us, some of those things are blogging related. Though not for everyone. It depends on your priorities.

2016 (47)

So here’s a list of things that seem to just not get done, in order of what I’ll drop first to what I’ll drop last.

  • Sending out update type Tweets.
  • Scheduling Pins.
  • Taking washing off the airer and putting it away.
  • Replying to Instagram comments.
  • Deleting e-mails I don’t need.
  • Keeping my room tidy.
  • Sending invoices/e-mails.
  • Replying to Tweets.
  • Keeping up with Facebook blog groups.
  • Updating my tech blog.
  • Commenting on bloggers that have commented on my blog.

What do you stop doing first when you don’t have time for everything?

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  1. Ooh, I usually stop exercise first, which is not good! It usually ends in me feeling even more stressed. I also let Medium slide, don’t interact on Twitter much and just do the bare minimum to keep my blog published and promoted!

  2. When I’m super busy I always put Facebook on hold for a bit and leave replying to Instagram comments for before bedtime. But since the blog is my priority, I always try to find enough time in a day to do everything I want and need with it but of course at times I just fail miserably at it because…well, life.

  3. Interesting topic. When I’m busy I would stop blogging. I try to avoid this by scheduling posts for when I’m away. At the moment I try to post every other day and this is so helpful, as I have some posts to make with pictures from my travels (May and June). I don’t schedule lots on twitter and I know I might miss out due to this, but I don’t have the time for it.
    When I was very very busy I stopped eating healthy and took ready meals or cooking sauces for pasta. Not a very wise choice, but it happened when we got the house and we were renovating it. I also stopped working out as it took a lot of time and now I’m doing a 10 minutes a day sort of thing.

  4. When I don’t have time to do everything my social media suffers a bit and emails don’t get a reply. I only do things which are the most important like replying to paid opportunities. I am also guilty of not keeping my flat tidy because of blogging and sometimes I even leave the dishes for the next day which is not ideal.. but I never ever skip my workouts because of blogging. They are too important.

  5. It’s a really good idea to prioritise your blogging jobs. I always find I have little time for blogging so will have to give this a try myself. Thanks for the useful post 🙂

  6. Scheduling and commenting seem to be the first things to go when I’m struggling to find the time, then I’ll fall off social media, forget about taking parts in chats and eventually, if things are really bad, posts just won’t go out. I’d rather put something out that I can spend time creating than something I have to do half a job on because I’m rushed.

    Seriously, if I could survive and NOT look like a Walking Dead extra by not sleeping, I would give that up in a heartbeat, imagine how much I’d get done then? or, realistically, how much Netflix I would get watched?

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  7. Email always suffers first for me, personal and blog email can go unchecked for days sometimes! Blog stuff always comes last when things get busy in life.

  8. When I’m super busy, the first thing I give up is most social media. Even just scrolling through Twitter/Instagram goes out the window! Also planning. Which is stupid, because it’s probably the most important time to have a plan! Haha. x

  9. I’m such a culprit of this lol! I would get busy & leave blogging till the end I need to sometimes balance it out more!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  10. The first thing to go with me is always my hair/makeup. Then it tends to be washing, mainly putting it away, and the ironing. Then the commenting on blogs. lol Its hard to find balance sometimes 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  11. Hi. Great post btw! I tend to neglect myself first (food and fitness wise) then the house starts to suffer a bit (clutter creep)! I try to be happy with not achieving perfection because, let’s face it, it is never perfect enough is it!?! X

  12. Hello Lovely,

    I am always trying to have sorted out my Twitter account and lately Instagram but a few months ago I would definitely ay that Insta was the one suffering from lack of attention.

    Love, Iga x

  13. I think everyone probably has different priorities when they get busy. Personal social media is always the first to go for me. I’m not all that interested in it to begin with.

  14. I try hard to make time for everything but when I’m short on time, I cut sleep. I’ll stay up later to try and finish sewing commissions and other things and I’m hopeless at cancelling plans as I never want to let anyone down.

  15. I understand this was not the point of your post at all but this list is a great idea! I think this priority list is quite helpful to see if there is something that should be moved up and down! Sorry – I am off to thin of my list. Unfortunately, gym is always the first thing that is a problem for me…

  16. Cleaning, probably!

    And I am awful at deleting emails anyway – seriously, my email inbox is like something out of an organised person’s worst nightmare!!!

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