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GET YOUR OWN IDEAS – when bloggers nick your ideas

In January 2015, I had to send an e-mail to another blogger. An e-mail I never wanted to send. Here’s the story I visit the…


bloggers steal ideas

In January 2015, I had to send an e-mail to another blogger. An e-mail I never wanted to send.

Here’s the story

I visit the blogs of everyone who comments on mine, that’s what I was doing over a year ago. Then I stumbled across the blog post of one of my comments. The blog post was an almost word for word copy of my post about things I wanted to turn into habits.

There were a few things changed, but a lot of the wording was exactly as mine was. The style of writing – how I sound. For example, I opened the post with:

Sometimes I do things. Those things make me feel good. They make me feel happy, organised, productive and uplifted.

The blogger wrote:

Sometimes I do things that make me feel good, things that make me feel organised and productive.

That’s pretty much how the rest of the post read – some parts totally unchanged. The things she wanted to turn into habits – the same as the things I wanted to turn into habits.

I didn’t know whether to feel flattered or not. I felt a bit weird.

In the scheme of things, this wasn’t a big deal. Her blog looked new, no comments and I didn’t feel like she was going to get loads of credit for this super duper idea. She probably didn’t realise what she was doing, which isn’t an excuse but it’s a reason. It still made me feel a bit icky.

I had no idea what to do. After ranting to some friends about it, I was starting to see things a bit clearer.

I decided to send this blogger an e-mail and confront her about it. Because even if she wasn’t a massive blogger, it didn’t make it any less of a big deal.

Here’s the e-mail I sent:

I just went to visit your blog post to say thank you for commenting on my post yesterday.

I came across your habit post and wanted to read it because I posted a post about some goals I had for this year in this post:

As I read it, it felt to me like it was very similar to mine, even down to the wording – take the opening paragraphs, for example: My post: Sometimes I do things. Those things make me feel good. They make me feel happy, organised, productive and uplifted.

Your post: Sometimes I do things that make me feel good, things that make me feel organised and productive.

While I am happy that I inspire other bloggers, I have to admit that this did make me feel a little uncomfortable. Bloggers who have wanted to do posts similar to me in the past have done so in their own way, using their own words or even put in their blog post that it was inspired by my post and invited me to read it.

The intention of this e-mail isn’t to make you feel bad and I chose to e-mail privately rather than leave a public comment about it on your blog, or even post about it on mine. I just wanted to let you know that the similarities to my blog post made me feel uncomfortable and I feel like copying a blog post so closely is wrong.

What you wish to do after this e-mail is up to you, really.

Hope you have a nice weekend,


I wasn’t really expecting a reply, but she blogger did reply and admit to copy and pasting some of my blog post. She said she meant to change it later but got distracted and posted it early. She changed the wording of the post so it wasn’t as similar to mine.

bloggers steal ideas

So yeah, Corinne. Cool story. But what’s your point?

Well, I have two points.

  1. It’s becoming more and more common to see bloggers stealing ideas from others.
  2. How can you tell if someone has actually stolen an idea?

So the first point. It’s true – it seems more and more people are copying ideas from other bloggers. I’ve had a few DMs over the past few months about other bloggers copying my ideas. I think for someone to read a blog post – then be able to tell it’s very similar to another bloggers says a lot.

But then again – there are ways to do this properly.

There are many times I’ve taken the idea of a blog post and made it my own. So do others. They do it in the right way, though.

The right way is to write somewhere in your post that you read the blog post on someone else’s blog and thought it was a cool idea, then link to the original blog post.

It’s not hard, is it?

The second point – how can you tell if someone has actually stolen an idea?

I mean – there are so many bloggers out there, blogging about similar subjects. It’s highly likely that there’ll be times people have similar ideas. Quite a well known blogger recently published a post very similar to a post I wrote and published 10 days earlier.

Some of my friends told me about the post. What makes it seem like it’s an idea taken from my blog is that I, or my friends, have ever seen a blog post like that before.

But then again, it’s not unlikely that she did get the idea on her own. There’s no proof around that, really, is there?

I mean, who am I to go mouthing off to people saying they’ve stolen my idea?

Then think about all the things like blog tips, SEO tips, tips about clear skin, summer wish list posts – all very similar posts that many bloggers blog about. But they don’t get viewed as a copied idea.

So what makes that different from any other copied post?

I’m not sure it does.

I don’t think we can control or police what others are putting out there.

I think bloggers just need to look at themselves and ask if they really are copying someone else. If that’s the case, then be open about it. Credit them. Link them Tweet them.

It’s not always so black and white to tell if someone has copied your blog post, but as bloggers writing the post – we can ensure we are being dead honest with ourselves and doing the right thing.

If you have an inclination that someone has copied your post, then you should have the courage to talk to them about it. If it’s bothered you that much, say something. But just prepare for a defensive response.

What are your thoughts?


  1. it is upset to hear others steal your work especially when you put lots of effort on your work. i think people that copy you work is because you are inspiration and there are things that we can learn from you. (not those who copy and paste your work) 🙂

  2. I’ve certainly taken inspiration from other bloggers but I’d hope no one could ever say I was copying another blogger. Like you say, if it’s a really unusual post you’ve not seen before, it’s a lot easier to spot. I remember seeing a friend post once and even said she hoped no one copied the idea and less than a week later, a similar post was written by someone else 🙁 x

  3. What a difficult situation, I would defo want to say something! Think you went about it the right way though. Hope you don’t get anymore copy cats without letting you know they are copying you anyway – Libby xo

  4. I agree with everything you’ve said Corinne. Using bloggers as inspiration and taking an idea and making it your own – fine. Blatantly copying – not fine.

    Sometimes it is hard to tell though. Also, nowadays there are so many bloggers that when someone comes up with an ‘unique’ idea it’s bound to be stolen in some sort of way. xx

  5. I did a recipe and shared it in a link exchange. One blogger commented on it. About three weeks later, I see her VERY SIMILAR recipe in the same link exchange, with no credit. I mean, it was different, a little, but it was clearly inspired by mine. I didn’t say anything (though I did comment that it sounded good!) but it just felt a little icky. I agree that linking to an inspiration post is the right thing to do, even if you have a totally different take on the subject! There’s plenty of room for all of us on the Internet, why not give credit where it’s due?

    1. I definitely think you should have called her out on it Tracy. From what I understand with recipes, of course, you can change existing ones and add your own ingredient but you always credit the previous recipe you changed or were inspired from.

  6. I’ve had my content stolen before and it totally sucked. Said blogger even commented on my Instagram feed that ‘my post had inspired’ her to write her own. Great I thought but when I saw her post a few weeks later, it was almost word for word identical of mine. When I delved a little deeper into her blog, I noticed that a lot of her posts were very similar to mine.

    I confronted her and called her out for copying my content but she flat out denied it and was very rude to me in the process. It’s not on that other bloggers blatantly steal your content and don’t fess up!

  7. I actually wrote a post a while back about the difference between stealing and being inspired by other bloggers and their content.

    Loving an idea and adapting for your blog, your life and your voice is one thing but to literally copy and paste a post is a little out of control.

    It’s important that people have their own identity and work to be their own person in the blogging world otherwise no one will ever stand out.

    Great post xxx

  8. Oh wow glad you caught it and confronted the person. I had similar so many times the title or the entire post and I confronted 3 different blogger and they did not admit just stated we think alike I responded. I have an odd way of thinking especially my titles is obvious when someone steal and when two blogger think alike. Great post doll feel honor someone want your talent.

  9. I’ll never understand how people can do this. It’s not quite the same, but I had a ‘friend’ who used to copy my Facebook statuses word for word onto her own…this was long before you could just share someone’s post. She literally copy and pasted it as her own status. That really irritated me. But copying someone’s blog is so much worse, that person probably doesn’t realise how much time and effort went into the original because they’ve never spent that time or effort them self. I get paranoid even when I come up with an idea on my own and then Google it to make sure someone hasn’t done it first! x

  10. I agree that if the post is copied word for word – or pretty much with the excetpion of a few changes – needs to be called out on it!
    I often see posts with a new idea and I’ll either ask the blogger if it’s okay for me to do a similar post or if I’ve seen a few of the same idea, I’d credit them in my post. But I always do it in my own words as I’d never want to copy someone else’s idea down to the same habits list!!
    Hope this made sense as it sounded like i was rambling… Tania xx

  11. That must of felt so surreal for you! I haven’t seen it happen yet myself on blogs but on instagram and You Tube I know it is rife! In fact a smaller youtuber had a bigger youtuber pretty much copy her entire video including her wording!
    Such a shame people cannot just credit.

  12. I agree its a little creepy and to be honest its lazy. Its as if she’s trying to get her blog going and doesn’t know what to write about so she’s just found a popular blogger to copy. There’s no harm in being inspired by other bloggers, seeing a fellow bloggers post about something and thinking ‘ive got something so say about that’ or thinking ‘that’s a great idea for a post’ and writing your own ideas on it but copying and pasting another bloggers material post? that’s just wrong.. xx

  13. I think you have hit the nail on the head with the differences. I dont see why someone would copy and paste your blog anyway? Like surely if you like the idea of a post save it, but copy and paste and then presumably schedueling it with the intention of changing it? Just seems a bit odd.

    I always make sure if I base a blog off another post I have seen I will say straight off the bat I saw that xxx had written a post on her blog here and it inspired me to write this post!

  14. It’s good to get inspiration from other bloggers but to be honest how the heck can someone just steal a post that’s almost identical to yours that’s sad.. No blogger should be doing it.. I applaud you Corinne for being the bigger person and writing an email privately it could’ve turned out ugly like on Twitter so many arguments I see on Twitter about bloggers stealing ideas or word for word posts

    Beauty Candy Loves

  15. Wow, good for you for challenging it! I think bloggers steal from other bloggers ALL THE TIME but it’s such a saturated market, we just can’t tell… but sometimes posts can be so similar it’s untrue! It’s sad as it’s meant to be a creative hobby, if you are just copying then whats the point!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  16. It is sad to see how people just copying ideas or even worse is copying the content. I think it won’t ever change, there will always be some people who will take the credit for something you come up with and even get popular with it.
    I see a few people copying everything, writing style, photography style and everything else, it puts me off and I don’t want to visit their blogs just because of it and I don’t think I am the only one noticing the similarity. If you can’t come up with your own way then what’s the point of just copying others to get attention, right? x

  17. I’m aware that these things happen all the time in the oversaturated blogosphere but I will never understand why do people steal other bloggers content? I mean, you put so much effort and personality into every post and it totally sucks to see that someone might just steal it, rephrase it a bit and post it up on their blog…it’s actually so depressing. Blogs are such personal spaces and I simply don’t see why would anyone start one unless they want to share their own stories, in their own way with their specific voice. It’s great to be inspired by someone, but I always say – mention that person in your post, say thanks for the inspiration and find your own way to cover the desired subject. Shameless stealing is so lame.

  18. Hi Corinne,
    this is such a weird story, though it’s good that she didn’t try to deny it and said that you were right. In my opinion no blogger should feel “stolen” of something if someone writes a post similar to one of theirs. That is because it is so common, that you can’t blame someone for writing another “SEO tips”, “tips for bloggers”, “may favourites” etc because obviously so many people write these posts. But if someone copies your same content, with pretty much the same words, that is a whole different thing! Impossible to prevent, you did the right thing writing her and I’m sure nobody who acts like that will ever have the same succes of the people they copied from.


  19. I’ve just noticed a blogger plagiarising from lots of sources including blogs and magazine articles. It’s straight copy and pasting too! I’m undecided what to do about it.

  20. I believe that it’s ok to get inspiration or blog post ideas from other bloggers, for example, one started ages ago writing about monthly favourites, now at the end of the month everyone is doing their monthly favourites. But the content is different and everyone has it’s own voice and way/style of writing. Copying someone’s post should not be ok by any means. It is so nice to be able to have a blog that is different from all the others and this is what make us so unique, so I don’t understand the point of copying/stealing the contents of a post.


  21. I don’t really understand why people would copy blog posts – surely it defeats the whole point of wanting to blog and create your own content? I’ve never had any of mine copied (that I know of) but I did have a friend do the same with one of my essays when I was at uni! It is so uncomfortable!
    Amy xx

  22. That is really awful. I would be really upset if someone stole my work, and I would never dream of doing it myself, it’s just despicable. Recently in my spare time I have come up with a few story ideas, because I would really love to be a published author one day. But I would never specifically mention those ideas on my blog because if someone stole them I would never forgive myself, nevermind them!!! I just think it is such an awful thing to do.

  23. Posting on certain common topics is to be expected when it comes to blogging but it’s totally wrong to copy someone else’s text word for word especially if it’s written in a specific voice. Good on you for contacting the other blogger and at least she was willing to make changes to her post.

  24. You can’t “steal ideas.” Ideas don’t belong to anyone. If someone sees a blog post and thinks “I want to write a similar post on the same topic” there is literally nothing wrong with that.

    You can, however, steal content, copy, photographs, and intellectual property by republishing word-for-word, using photographs or content without permission, or by slightly rewording someone else’s content, which is what I think you meant to talk about in this blog post; it’s illegal and bloggers can get into serious trouble over copyright issues.

    Ideas, however, cannot be stolen.

  25. I think there is a big difference from using someone elses ideas and turning it into something of your own, and outright copying and pasting. The idea of someone copying my post and pasting it on their blog really upsets me, I mean I spend hours writing them, and it sucks people can be so selfish 🙁

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  26. I remember I wrote an article on a hair product and mentioned that I used it to blow dry my hair. A fellow blogger wrote a comment in my comment section suggesting that I copied her as I mentioned blow drying and she wrote a blog post about blow drying her hair the day before. My post wasn’t even about blow drying it was about a hair product! I replied that I wouldn’t know as I never read her blog…like you say…..very few ideas are that original and I feel some people can get a little paranoid. If you are a women writing about womens topics…..? Also timing….I tend to write posts a few week/month in advance to it actually going live.

  27. ‘Stealing’ ideas has been a norm to bloggers nowadays. But it’s not really called stealing as most have credits on it or it links back to the original post. Just last week I was inspired to write this post that was inspired by this blog. I made sure to ask permission from the original blog and made sure to link back to them. It’s just simple respect for me. If you know that you were inspired by one blogger or another, be sure to link it back to them. Most of the time, they like knowing they’ve inspired another and are very happy to read the post you’ve made.

  28. I think you handled it very well, a really well written email to the person in question.

  29. it’s a bit sad really to plagiarize someone’s text, and of course frustrating and uncomfortable for the original content writer! it can be such a fine line, although in your story it’s pretty clear you just got copied. with the similar kind of topics in the blogosphere and having so many outlets to be inspired and influenced by, it can be hard to tell if someone’s completely ripped off an idea of someone else or just given their own take on an idea. but really, like you say, it shouldn’t be that hard to put a little originality in your post and/or give credit to the one who inspired you! i’ve definitely seen an idea that i’ve liked and gone and done it my way which is fine! but if one’s going to copy paste their posts, what’s the point in blogging, eh? xx

  30. Gosh, I think I’d feel really uncomfortable if someone else had copied a post of mine almost verbatim. It’s nice to inspire people, sure. But we bloggers put a lot of work into our posts. To have someone blatantly copy, with no credit or even an effort to make the idea their own, is an insult really! x

  31. In any other situation someone would know that stealing is wrong, but blogging people seem to somehow justify that it’s ok. Getting inspiration from something I’ve written great, that’s flattering. A direct copy is just lazy and is a breach of copy right and an insult to the hard work that I have put in. You were bracero confront but totally the right thing to do Lucy x

  32. I never had my content stolen but I can imagine how terrible it is to have something like that happened to you. I admit using other bloggers ideas but I always make it clear that so and so’s post inspired me to create my own. It’s only respectful and polite to do that, give credit where credit is due. Good on you for getting in touch with her privately instead of blasting her publicly. As you said, she’s new so maybe she has no idea what she was doing.

  33. I can’t stand when a blogger blatantly steals another bloggers post or ideas. I’ve seen instances of other bloggers essentially copy and pasting another bloggers work and flat out denying it ever happened. I’ve seen another blogger who I will not name, who was reading a group of girls blogs and then posting the exact same topics with similar pictures, wording and pins on pinterest days later. It’s sad and it truly pisses me off. Sometimes I get in a rut, sometimes I run out of ideas but not once has it occurred to me to “borrow” another bloggers work. Yuck.

    On another note, I adore your blog. You’re one of the few I consistently read, even though I rarely comment. You’re a great writer with what seems like infinite ideas. I hope others learn to be as creative as you, rather than stealing your creations.


  34. This is a very difficult situation to deal with, however, your email confronting the issue was tasteful and came from a teaching standpoint. I commend you for taking a stance on standing by your hard work.


  35. This is JUST the post I needed to read right now and has reassured me a lot. I have discovered a blog that has been copying my voice, my blog topics (I.e. I dud a blog post called “Faux Sure” all about faux fur with a specific faux fur bobble hat, this blog 2 weeks later did a post on faux fur, featuring same hate, quoting “faux sure”), my insta pics and style, approaching all the brands I had featured/worked with…very annoying! What makes it worse is it is a so-called friend so the situation is horrendous! It is reassuring to see that I am not the only one who is annoyed by this and I perhaps think it’s time to say that this is not on. It’s like having your homework copied – totally icky!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

  36. I think getting inspiration is ok, for example talking about the same subject, but using their own words and ideas. Copy&paste is not ok and I think it should be addressed if you notice it.

  37. That definitely isn’t cool! Obviously there are topics that lots of folks blog about but still to copy and paste your article and then try to change it later- who even DOES that!?!?!

  38. I know that my blog isn’t popular but I had this thought for few months! well yes I think I have some good original ideas in my small blog!
    If the subject contains facts, then bloggers should (paraphrase the facts) and not the whole script! which will not be considered as ” Plagiarism ” . you can’t be a real writer unless you write your own words! I have prepared a defense alongside this topic first time I thought about it, haha! just in case!

  39. I opened this a bit worried, because I’ve been inspired by one of your posts before. But I totally get what you’re saying. In my post, it was MY post, first of all. I didn’t read yours until after I posted mine, so that I wouldn’t even subconsciously copy anything. I also linked directly to your post. Your title is what gave me the idea for my post. As far as I’m aware, they weren’t too terribly similar. But I made sure to link to you so my readers knew where the idea came from. I think people that steal ideas should just not even bother with writing. Stealing is disgusting.

  40. I hear this happening more and more from bloggers which is a real shame. I also see bloggers copying other bloggers style on social media a lot too and although it’s not a copy and paste job like you had, its still very frustrating. Some people need to learn that it’s best to create your own style rather than copy others.

    Leah x

  41. Thanks for the tips. I have a somewhat unique scenario that is not outright plagiarism, and sounds kind of similar to your situation. I write a food blog, and I work very hard to come up with unique and creative recipes, I do all of the photography, and I am constantly thinking about how to write my posts – I put a lot of effort into every detail of my site. A friend of mine recently told me that her coworker looks at my blog every day as inspiration for creating her own food blog – over the past few months I’ve looked at this food blog and noticed that the writing style and structure is very similar to mine, the about me page is almost exactly the same as mine just slightly reworded, and a few of the posts have photographs that are similar to mine. The issue I face is that this other girls’ posts are not exactly copied and pasted from my own blog, but because my friend has told me this girl looks at my blog daily for inspiration, it is very frustrating to see how similar her blog/voice is to mine after all of the hard work I put in.

    Have you had any experiences in which someone did not copy your sentence almost word for word and confronted this individual? If it were not for my friend telling me this girl looks at my blog every day I would never assume she was copying me, because chances are I may not even stumble upon her blog, and if I did, I don’t think I would assume she had seen my blog – I am concerned simply because of the context I was given.

  42. I make YouTube videos as well as my blog, I’ve ended up scrapping videos (even some that had already been filmed) because another youtuber posted a very very similar and I didn’t want it to even seem like I was copying their ideas. I know it’s not exactly the same.

  43. Love this post SO much!
    In any creative industry, there is a really fine line between ‘taking inspiration’ and ‘stealing or copying ideas’. For example i wrote a blog post about a local fashion designer who was ripped off by Gucci, and i got a lot of hate for it from people who thought she should be flattered, not enraged. I believe that no matter how big or small the copier or the copied, the issue should be raised and discussed.

    Ruth xxx

  44. I’ve had a very similar problem recently. I had an idea but thought it would be an idea to collaborate with a few other bloggers and do an almost ‘master’ post. I sent each blogger an email with a brief description of what I was looking for and they all seemed really excited to collaborate. All of them came back to me, except one… I thought it would be best to contact the blogger to see what happened with the post and after looking on her blog to find her contact details, I saw that she had completely stolen my idea and found other bloggers to collaborate with her. It’s really annoying but one of those things that you have to learn from. Since then I’ve had great collaborations with bloggers – just find it crazy that people can be so bold as to steal someone elses work/idea.

    Great article – I’m glad you’re highlighting the issue and it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that has this struggle!

    Kay x

  45. I’ve read a lot of tweets & other posts calling people out for copying. There is a massive difference between inspiration and plagiarism, the latter of which is clearly your experience. With so many bloggers around working in the same niche there is going to be similarities, be we all write in our own way & really shouldn’t rip off someone else’s hard work.

    L x

  46. I’ve had this and I’m a bit gutted to be honest. The post was hard for me to write about- my body post partum, the blogger commented on it saying they absolutely loved the post. Then a couple weeks later did her own post copying the entire sentiment behind it right down to the sources i used. Problem is she’s ‘more established’ and has a bigger readership. It would be more hassle to confront her so I’m just going to leave it- but it’s tough to experience! You had a good approach!

  47. The word for word similarities would really upset me, we all know it can take a while to form an original idea and put it into a post but for someone to then literally copy and paste your words into theirs! I’d be so angry. Someone I follow on Instagram once took a post title of mine and did a post featuring some of the same products, I didn’t read the post I don’t think it would’ve been copied and pasted but the similarities did get to me. Especially the word for word title! – Maria | BeautyMatters

  48. I’m actually shocked and perhaps a bit naive but I can’t believe the cheek of her! Well done you for confronting her!

  49. Woah I wouldt dare do that to someone! I always ask if I would like to use something that someone else has already done, whether it be a tweet, a photo or a blog. It’s shocking that people actually do this!
    This is a really good post and I love your writing. Would I be able to ask a favour also? My blog is pretty new and I have one follower. It is and if you could give it a shout out on your blog or on twitter id be so grateful, id really love to be able to interact with people on my blog.

  50. I think you did the right thing by confronting that blogger if the case was so clear. Personally I’m a bit too chicken to do that, but I have blog buddies who have my back and when their ideas get stolen I will confront the idea thief for them 😛
    If I see an idea I like I first ask the blogger if it’s okay to use the idea, then I tell it was their idea in the post and link back. Sometimes I also tag them on Twitter. Seems no more than fair to me 🙂

    x Envy

  51. Wow that pretty scary, honestly I had no idea that some bloggers do the copy paste from the original blogger. Perhaps I’m quite naive?
    I understand about having an idea/inspiration from another blogger but copying them doesn’t seems okay.

  52. I’ve only had this happen to me once (that I know of). The blogger who copied was fairly new, but rapidly growing due to the sheer volume of content she was pumping out – who knows who else she’d copied. I knew she’d read mine and they were very, very similar but I decided not to confront her on it – as you said, it’s kind of tricky to pinpoint what’s a direct copy, what’s been inspired and what just happens to be someone else coming up with the same idea. Instead I left a comment saying something along the lines of “what a coincidence! I recently wrote something very similar” and left a link – she ended up following up and saying that my post had been an inspiration. I didn’t take it any further but agree that if you’re going to do a similar post, you should link back in yours, or ask in advance.

  53. This is a great read. I don’t like the idea of someone copying your post at all. It happened to me and was posted like a day or two after one of my posts went live. Granted she did add to it, but she still used big pieces of the post that were from my own wording and inspiration. It is hard to discern what is mine v. yours v. hers sometimes as you said. We do tend to all be trying to write about similar things. I love that you’re promoting the idea of linking to another blog. This is something I definitely try to do. Some people think it’s not okay to do it, but I’m with you. I think it should be done more often.

  54. Oh wow.. it is crazy that someone would copy your post almost word to word :O bloggers MUST be so supportive and inspiring and there is no need for cat fights, right?

    loved this post!

  55. I can’t believe that there is anyone out there who would be daft enough to pinch some of my words about my life and claim them as their own. If they are out there, and are brave enough to talk about the nonsense that I do, pretending that they do through the same humiliations and bonkerdom that I do, then good luck to them!

  56. I’m sorry this happened to you. It’s happened to me many times with people ripping off my writing style, writing the same posts and even lifting entire content to publish as their own without changing a word. It sucks and you did the right thing.

  57. I feel very saddened by all that’s happened with your post. I’m new to all this blogging malarkey, but (as someone who’s read blogs for many years) it’s very obvious to me when something is a completely stolen idea – I remember years ago I saw something similar and informed the blogger, to their dismay. I felt awful saying something but considering it was a personal post it was so obvious it was untrue. This is what makes me so conscious of crediting people now. Like I said I’m very new, so I don’t ever want to feel that I’ve put someone in the odd position you find yourself in (though you did the right thing). I credit where it’s due – even to the extent if someone merely inspires a purchase! I really hope it doesn’t change how you feel about your blog (too much) and just know that not everyone is like that.

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