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Fathers day gift ideas

Fathers day is a-looming. 19th June, kids. Then it’s time to thank your Dad for making you. I never know what to get my Dad. After…


Fathers day gift ideas

Fathers day is a-looming. 19th June, kids. Then it’s time to thank your Dad for making you.

I never know what to get my Dad. After 29 years of birthday presents, Christmas presents and fathers day presents I’m out of ideas.

I’ve done the typical slippers and socks thing, done alcohol and beer collections, chilli vodka, a mix of special ales.. my mind is barren of ideas.

This is where website such a s MenKind come in handy.

It’s a website full of a variety of different gifts for men – from quirky, silly stuff, to some really cool looking gadgets.

There’s a Sega Megadrive that has 80 built in games that I kind of want for myself!

MenKind contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to pick some things I’d like to gift my Dad, and I selected a massive Guinness tankard and this extremely soft and fluffy superman dressing gown, modelled by the one and only Maria.

Fathers day gift ideas

Fathers day gift ideas Fathers day gift ideas

What are you getting your Dad this year?

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  1. How pretty is Maria! I think its the no head thing shes got going on.
    I cannot believe its nearly fathers day already, didnt we only just have mothers day?! I think we had a men kind shop pop up over the christmas period in my town that i loved, but now its no longer there. Shall have a nosey on the website. x

  2. I am seriously stumped at what to get my Dad this year, he’s going through this phase were he just has everything already! he’s bought a ton of new clothes, new tools, and hasn’t really picked up any new hobbies! I’m stumped! We’ve got a MenKind in town and they have some cracking bits and bobs in, I love the helicopters and gliders they sell as well as some of the more jokey kinds of gifts!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. Picking a gift for dad is one of the hardest things, I can’t seem to come up with any ideas. I also got all the things you got to your dad and now I’m out of ideas. I still have some time so hopefully I will come up with something good! x

  4. I really need to get in gear and get my Dad a gift! I’m going to have a look on the menkind website, I really like the sound of the unique gifts they have!

    Rachel x Scrimping In Style

  5. Very cool ideas, Corinne! I’d love to choose this fluffy superman dressing gown for my Daddy))

  6. I want the Sega for myself too! 🙂

    We don’t really do mother’s or father’s day in my family – my parents are kinda weird about gifts, as well as being really difficult to buy for! My present of choice is usually some sort of bottle of alcohol though!

  7. Oh that superman dressing gown is awesome!

    Father’s Day isn’t until September here ( I had to check after your post panicked me a little, ha!) but never hurts to get ideas early – I find guys so hard to buy for!

  8. It will be the other half’s first father day and it is seriously difficult to know what to buy. Sadly my dad is not here to be spoilt but I will think of him on the day Lucy x

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