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#socialbloggers 107 // When you just can’t be arsed

This topic is quite fitting. I currently have no motivation to blog. YAY. That is because I’m hungover. Hangovers ruin my life and they only…


blog motivationThis topic is quite fitting. I currently have no motivation to blog. YAY. That is because I’m hungover. Hangovers ruin my life and they only seem to be getting worse with age. My body is old AF and has zero time for my irresponsible shit.

I’m so fed up of getting hangovers, I want to quit drinking all together. It’s bad. I’ve spent all day in bed feeling sorry for myself, I’ve not been to the gym and all I’ve eaten is toast and soup. Boo and hiss.

But I’ve committed to daily blogging, so I must get this post out. I usually have posts planned in advance, so if this happens it’s no biggie. But the Twitter chat posts can’t be done in advance. So here we are. Taking about how we deal when we have zero motivation to blog.

I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t force yourself to blog when you don’t want to. But I don’t agree with that. Not for me, anyway. That’s like me saying I shouldn’t force myself to go to the gym when I don’t want to. Or I shouldn’t force myself to go to work when I don’t want to. I love blogging every day and that gives me a sense of accomplishment, even if I sometimes find it hard. It’s a challenge. It’s a goal. It’s something I have to work at.

What I also disagree with is that if you don’t want to blog, it shows in your writing. While that might be true for some, I have to disagree. Take the example of people who write on a daily basis on their job. I’m sure they don’t feel like writing all the time, but they still manage to pull together some good shiz. Plus – I find once I sit down and get started, I get in the mood pretty quickly.

What do you think?

Also, babba Buffer didn’t send out the third question. Just when I wrote a full post about how great Buffer it, it goes and fails me. What a dick. 

blog motivation

When you have zero motivation to blog, what do you do instead?

Do you force yourself to blog when you have no motivation?

Do you have any back up posts/ideas for when you’re struggling?

What’s your best tip for re-energising your passion for blogging?

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  1. I really want to give up drinking too. Im fed up of wasting days cause of a sodding hangover. I like you, wasted the whole day in bed yesterday feeling sorry for myself. I’m putting a reminder on my phone to join in with next weeks chat, I keep forgetting! That’s no doubt the alcohol.

  2. Ah hangover… Every time we say it is the last time we drink that much, the next time we drink more! It happens 🙂 When I don’t have a motivation, no matter what I do I don’t like the outcome so instead of posting something I am not happy with, I don’t post at all. Even taking photos require motivation and inspiration, so being stuck doesn’t really help. Posting daily requires so much effort and you’re doing a great job! x

  3. I gave up drinking and smoking a few years ago mostly because I couldn’t stand those nasty hangovers anymore. And I actually feel so much better now plus my weekends are productive instead of dying in bed for hours and hours drinking water and trying to eat a sandwich haha 🙂

    And when I have zero motivation for blog I kinda force myself to sit down and write something, those first 10-15 minutes are the hardest and after that it all just happens naturally 🙂

  4. This is why I don’t want to be a full time blogger. I want to blog when I want, it happens to be pretty consistent at 3-4 posts a week, but if I can’t blog because I’m away, like last week, it’s not an issue.

  5. I keep a list of ideas to help me find inspiration when I don’t feel like blogging. Sometimes it helps, but every once in a while I can’t find the motivation…

  6. It’s so nice to have someone say that you can produce good content when you’re not in the mood to blog. I’ve been having an unmotivated month, not just for blogging but life in general. If I’d stopped blogging it would have taken me longer to get my motivation back & I think I’ve kept the same standard in my posts during this ‘off’ month.

    Tania Xx

  7. Hangovers are the worst. I have struggled in the past with motivation mainly when work and my life has been challenging. What is so frustrating at the moment is I have loads I would love to write about but with Noah it just hasn’t been possible. Finding a minute is really challenging. I have found this so hard as I love writing on my blog and not doing so regularly annoys me Lucy x

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