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#socialbloggers 105 // Blogging over summer

Blogging over summer can be great – with all this extra free time from school, travels you’re going on and adventures you’re getting up to…



Blogging over summer can be great – with all this extra free time from school, travels you’re going on and adventures you’re getting up to – you can suddenly have tonnes of new content.

Apart from if you’re an adult who has a full time job. Like me. Help. Give me summer holidays back!

The sunshine, warm days, more time to take blog photos can be really inspiring and give you that urge to write.

Though there is the downside to it – the sunshine, warm days and longer nights can also inspire you to go out and do something socially with like, other humans. EW I KNOW RIGHT?

And what about when you go on holiday for two weeks with a weak wifi connection and little me time. How do you keep up with your blog then?

Well, I work my arse off before and have 15 blog posts scheduled for a 2 week holiday. Plus the ones on my other blogs. Soooooo, you can do it. If you want to.

Anyway, let’s get on with the chat.

2016 (36)

Q1: What summer related posts to you have planned over summer?

Q2: Do your blogging habits change over summer?

Q3: Are you going on holiday? How will this affect your blog?

Q4: Do you feel more or less inspired during summer?

Q5: People tend to think their stats drop during summer, do you have a plan in place to help this?

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  1. I try not to pay too much attention to my stats throughout the year unless a PR asks about them. Maybe that makes me a bad blogger but I can get so bogged down by numbers, especially if I’ve had a really good month, then the next really sucks, it sends me into *drops to her knees and shakes fists at the sky* mode. That just isn’t good for me or my knees!

    Summer is my second favourite time to blog, next to Christmas. There’s always something going on, always something to see, do and blog about, plus, all that natural light for pictures – win!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I looove summer blogging – the weather is great, I’m always feeling happy and inspired, currently I don’t really travel much but my bf and I go to some nearby places so there’s always something new to write about plus the days are super long which makes me wanna work more in the evening instead of giving up on everything at 6 pm 😀

  3. I blog in the Summer but if I need time for me I like to take an official break instead of worrying about blogging.

  4. I don’t have summer related posts in my mind. I usually blog about things that I do, so more walks and outdoor type of things. 🙂

  5. This is my first summer blogging and I’m really excited – I’m always more inclined to do “out” things in the summer!

    I’m off for a week in July so I’m going to get my posts scheduled – thankfully I’m a 3 post a week gal so it should be relatively simple 🙂 xx

  6. I think blogging would slow down a lot during Summer and many would spend time outside instead of being coup up at home, myself included. No idea what I have plan for blogging in the Summer yet, I go with the flow.

  7. Well, during the summer I do not do many post makeup makeup because I do not use much the sunny months, even is a problem for me to take pictures because I tan too fast! I’m talking about food, trends, beauty tips, new discoveries in local stores or online , some of my vacation too!

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