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Happy Friday everyone! I’m excited for Friday for once because I have 4 full days off work. AND it’s going to be warm. I’ve been so fed up of the rain, so I’m welcoming the sun with open arms. What are you up to this weekend?

At the end of last month, I wrote a post about products you would never see if I created my own beauty box.

So today (or last Sunday, when I wrote this)ย I wanted to write a post about the products you would see if I made my own beauty box. I’d love to hear what you would add into your box!


  • Bright nail varnish. I said in my last post I wanted to cut out the nudes and browns. BORING. Give me bright colours!
  • Bright eyeshadow. Again, give me a shade of eyeshadow I’m probably not going to have. I’m drowning in nude/brown/gold palettes – I want something bright and sparkly.
  • Mascara. Mascaras are something I always love trying, especially by new brands. Because they dry up after a couple of months, it’s always handy to have a new mascara in the queue to try next. I don’t even mind sample sizes of these!
  • Concealer. So, it might be hard to match skin tone, but most concealers are pretty limited in shades and they tend to be pretty spot on for my skin. I’m always looking for new ways to hide acne scars, so yes, concealer, I invite you to my party.
  • Makeup brushes. I love makeup brushes! They are the type of product that will last and it’s great to try one and see if you like the brand before investing in a full set.
  • Eyeliner. I go through eyeliner like cray, especially liquid liner – so I love trying new liners, whether it’s black or brown, pen or pencil.
  • Face creams. That goes for serums and primers – again, it’s good to try new brands and see what works for you.
  • A healthy snack. It’s sometimes fun to have a bit of a healthy treat thrown in a box, such as a fruit bar, or Nakd Nibbles like pictured here!

DSC_0727 DSC_0730 DSC_0732

I’d love to hear what you would put in your box!

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  • Tracy

    Ooh fun game! I would put travel-sized shampoo & conditioner (together, because one or the other is lame.) Good creams and lotions, face or body, but with mild scents – no vanilla patchouli rain forest here! Tiny, high quality nail polish bottles with an array of colors – some of my favorites have been metallics. Like you, I enjoy a good eye liner (though I have a whole stash of them, I don’t wear it often!) I’d do them in full colours besides black though – and same for mascara. I’d round it out with a good lippie – crayons are the best. I love a little lifestyle bonus, like a fun hair tie or maybe a cute little bracelet or charm?

  • Jess

    This is such a fun idea for a post!! I may borrow it (if that’s okay of course?)
    I feel you on the bright colours – so sick of nude nail polishes!!

    Jess xo

  • Matea

    I would instantly sign up for this box! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now, what would I put in mine? Definitely a bright nail polish, bright lipstick (I’m all about colours lately, can’t help it), make up brushes because you can never have too many, some cool and sparkling body lotion or oil (it’s summeeeer time!) and gummy bears ’cause they’re the best treat ever ๐Ÿ˜€

    Have a great Friday!

  • Shireen L. Platt

    Please do a collab with a subscription service, Corinne! I would so buy the box that you curated! Love mascara, lipsticks, eyeshadows and most of all, makeup brushes in my beauty subscriptions!

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