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Woo, what a fun month! I started off the month by seeing my favourite human, Sarah. She came for a visit, you see. Though we talk everyday, we don’t see each other often because there’s a bit of distance between us. Doom. Cheese and wine night commenced, just like usual!

The next day we went into Leeds, grabbed some food, went to Leeds City Museum and to the movies. We saw 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was actually pretty good!

The next day, I went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park with India. It was one of those nice days, where you can take your jacket off. We walked for miles, took plenty of photos and had a pretty chilled out day. I also met her two ragdoll cats. Give me.

I went to a menu tasting of a new place in Leeds, Mr Nobody. It was fun, the food was lovely but they fed us a lot of alcohol. This gave me the worst hangover I’ve had… Potentially the worst of my life. We’re talking pounding head where I questioned my survival rate. I couldn’t drink any water until about 12:30pm and couldn’t eat anything until 2. Which is a long time, as I was up since 7am just trying to will my head not to explode. I ate half a packet of crackers in bed and managed to get out of bed at 5pm. Oh god, the pain. I’ve not touched a drop of alcohol since.

Apart from that I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard. After being brave enough to try some classes and experimenting with weights, I’m loving it. I’ve been to the gym every day for the past 12 days in a row. I know. I’m intense. I’m an addict. I’m all or nothing. Blah blah.

I’m scared if I stop, I’ll stop forever. Thanks, brain!

I’m feeling really strong and good though. My new job is starting to feel more like my job and I’m getting into a routine. Having the hours I have, and being closer to home, means I have the extra time to fit in a workout routine without having things like blogging suffer.

So here’s to hoping the next month is as good as this month!

I’ll be posting my April Blog Stats/Income Report soon, so be on the lookout for it.

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instagram update

instagram update instagram update instagram update instagram update instagram update instagram update instagram update instagram update

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