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Why I care so much about stats and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Okay kids. before we start, I’d just like to say that this post isn’t a response to anything or anyone specific. Nobody has said anything…


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Okay kids. before we start, I’d just like to say that this post isn’t a response to anything or anyone specific. Nobody has said anything to me either directly or indirectly (I think) to make me want to write it.

It’s more a general feel I get after over 3 years of blogging and being on social media. I see comments and Tweets about it all the time.

It bothers me sometimes, though. It bothers me that some people feel the need to Tweet things such about how they don’t care about pageviews in a way that belittles those that do, about how it shouldn’t be a competition, about how stats aren’t important to them, just blogging.

The statements themselves are fair enough. If someone doesn’t care about views, then that’s fine. We all care about different things and have different priorities in life. There are plenty of bloggers who will be responding to a question on a Twitter chat and say they’re not fussed for stats. Job done. Fair enough. That’s great. No issues here.


But there are some comments made that come across like they are having a dig at bloggers that do care.

I think my frustration comes from the intention behind the comments. The tone. It’s very much a ‘I’m more genuine than those who care about pageviews’.

A sneer at those want more followers. Because wanting attention and to be popular and well know is such a bad thing, right?

I’m sure you’ve seen similar Tweets before, I’ve witnessed many a times bloggers having conversations on Twitter amongst each other where they are clearly taking the piss out of bloggers who care about pageviews (or making money, getting followers etc). I’m not talking about a simple comment that could be taken out of context if you read it in a bad mood. I’m talking about obviously slating others.

I’ve made it clear a thousand times that everyone blogs for different reasons, some care more about followers than others, some want to make money, others are happy with PR samples, others are happy just blogging what’s in their head.

It’s kind of like the scheduling debate. Some bloggers will blog in the spur of the moment, with no real schedule. Others have a schedule they stick to, some are strict, others are flexible within their schedule.

That doesn’t mean the blogger who has a schedule is better for being consistent, or the blogger that writes on the spur of the moment is better because they’re writing more from the heart with true passion when they get the urge.

The blogger doing it right is the blogger who knows what works for them. What makes them happy. What makes them want to carry on blogging.

Whether that’s blogging every day and tracking every single social media follower, or whether that’s not even having Google Analytics installed because they’re all #YOLO.

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Why I care about pageviews.

I love blogging. I love connecting with others, I love writing and taking photos and everything else that comes along with blogging.

I also love pageviews. I like getting comments and new followers. I like seeing the blog that I spill so much of my free time into growing getting viewed more and more each month.

I want to get to 10k Twitter followers. I want 30K pageviews a month. I want to make more money so I can think about going part time at work.

I love this and I want to make it work for me. And I’m not going to be ashamed of that, or feel like I should hide it.

Blogging is a hobby, just like running, for example. When I started running a few years ago. I fell in love with it. I couldn’t run far at first, but I kept pushing myself to get better, to beat my previous run until I was up t0 10 miles. Then I worked on my speed, pushing hard to get my 5k time under 30 minutes. I wore my Garmin watch and kept checking in, doing intervals, doing long run, short runs, until one day I did it! I beat 30 minutes. Then I wanted to get faster and faster. Better. I wanted to improve. Beat my PR.

In most hobbies, there’s areas to improve on and many people work towards these. It’s part of human nature.

So why should blogging be any different?

Whether you want to blog every day in May, or reach 200 posts, or get your first 500 Twitter followers, or get 1000 pageviews a day – part of human nature is to push ourselves, set ourselves goals and get better.

To succeed. And of course, what makes a blog or blogger successful varies.

What makes a blog successful, I think, is if it fulfils the needs and goals of the blogger writing it. No matter how big or small, no matter how many posts or people reading.  

why i care about my blog pageviews

Here is a picture of my caring about my pageviews.

There have been times when blogging hasn’t been as important to me – mainly when I’ve been busy with other things that take priority, so I wasn’t tracking pageviews all the time then. Or at all, in fact. But that’s okay. I’ve spoken about that in a few posts, such as the blogging monster and how I felt about not hitting my 2015 blog goals.

Our situations change, we all have different priorities. Like how I go through months where I’m obsessed with my Xbox, then the next month it’s not as important to me.

I’m sure if I had a husband and kids, my priorities would be different.

But I don’t. I can’t even get a boyfriend. Lolz.

I think what I’m trying to say is that we’re all different.

We have different priorities, our hobbies differ, what’s important to us differs, or favourite TV shows and music bands differ and our reasons for blogging and how we blog – that differs too.

I just wish everyone would stop slating each other for it.

We should encourage each other instead, no matter what our goals are. Not drag each other down.

How do you feel about blog stats?

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  1. Haha I lolled at ‘here is a picture of me caring about page views’! I definitely care about page views and I think even if your blog is a hobby if you want to make something out of it eventually you will care so most people probably do! I think people tweet things like that sometimes just because they don’t care but also as you say to make themselves appear more genuine but I think genuineness (is that a word?!) comes across in the blog itself not from whether you care about stats or not!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  2. This is such a great post Corinne! You worded it so well and everything you said is right. Sometimes it’s almost as though it’s shameful for enjoying seeing your numbers go up and it can be a negative thing on Social media! I personally love to see my numbers go up and it just means I want to work harder each and every day to increase that I think it’s pretty much human nature to always want to be better and acheive our goals!

  3. I, too care about page views and stats. I want to see that my blog is doing well, that the effort I put in is worth it, that people are connecting with me, my blog. I think, like you said, it’s human nature to want to push yourself, to want to do better, get better. I don’t see anything wrong with caring we about your stats and I won’t be ashamed that I do. Bloggers need to support each other, whatever their priorities, not slate each other! X

  4. So, I’ve been reading this super geeky book called “Lean Analytics” to understand what I should work and focus on while building up my current startup. What I have learned, so far, is that metrics need to be tracked but not obsessed about and that not all metrics are as important as others.
    So, for instance, page views and unique visitors don’t really say much. There’s no point, really, in trying to achieve 30K pageviews each month. Instead, try to find out how many active visitors you have. How many actually do read through your entire article. How many decide to sign up at the end of it. How many interact with you.
    Also, try to understand better those analytics you get. Don’t only look at the gross number. Figure out if its mostly men or mostly women visiting. Which are the main geographies they visit you from. Try to make a link and figure out why some visit more than others. Maybe even through a survey!
    Then again, I’m saying this because I’m trying to find a way to make things more effective for the startup. For my personal blog, I don’t care about stats (I know, I know – here comes another one). The reason for this, though, is that I don’t intend to make money out of it. If you do, it becomes a ‘business’ hence all of what I said about should be taken into account!
    Anyway, hope it helps a bit. Good luck!

  5. I just want to high five you right now 🙂 Totally agree with all of this: I get SO sick of hearing people act like it’s somehow wrong to care about how well your blog is doing. My blog is my job, so it would honestly be weird NOT to care (I mean, I can’t imagine people sneering at any other small business owner for wanting to grow their business?), but even if it was just a hobby, I know I would still care, because that’s the way I am: if I’m doing something I enjoy, I will always want to try my best to do better at it, and I’ll constantly set myself little goals and track my progress. I don’t love running the way you do, but I still feel proud if I manage to run a bit further or faster than the day before … to be honest, when I hear people talk about how they don’t care whether anyone’s reading, or how well they’re doing, I just can’t relate at all – I just can’t imagine putting time and effort into something I didn’t care about!

  6. Yes to this post! Even though I don’t check my stats every day, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about them. Like you said, I love seeing how my blog grows over time because I try so hard, enjoy blogging more than anything and would love to call it a business some day. So I guess it would be silly to treat something like business yet don’t pay attention to your numbers ’cause whether we like it or not, they matter. Unless you’re blogging purely as a hobby and don’t have the intention to take it a step further.

  7. I do care about my pageviews and stats as I like people to read what I write. Also, if numbers are increasing I know I am doing something right and I should continue with it. It’s helpful to know what kind of posts do better so I could write more of the type of content people like to read.

  8. I think you’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head here – the beauty of blogging, to me, is that it’s whatever you make it – if you just want to write once a month when the urge takes you, or plan it religiously, or somewhere in between – everyone can do what works for them! It’s beyond me why people even care what other people are doing, to be honest… I’m very much in the “you do you” camp!

    Jess xo

  9. I like tracking my page views and stats, because as you have said, it’s about tracking progress and trying to push yourself more and strive for more. I’ve been blogging for little over 5 months so I’m still a newbie. However, I have been seeing progress and nothing makes me smile more like checking Google Analytics and I’ve beaten my page view high score!

    Love the post as always!


  10. I love this blog post. You speak with truth and I love that. You’re right, everyone is different and everyone has different goals. Everyone wants something different out of life. Fortunately I haven’t experienced anything negative whilst blogging but I am new to the ‘game’. I think it’s really sad that people have to make comments on such silly things. At the end of the day, we all keep a little look on our views. If I had a clue how to use google analytics I would more than likely do the same.
    It makes me laugh because If we didn’t want views and people coming to read our blog then we wouldn’t do it. We would write a diary and keep it private instead.
    Don’t let people’s comments get you down. You do what you want to do!

    Tom xx

  11. To each is own is ok to have a passion and be concern to what you want. Great pic of you.

  12. you’ve well written this post. I totally agree with your point of view, there are those bloggers or people that think, that caring about numbers is bad. it’s not always like that. instead it’s a means of us setting ourself in a higher position, or creating these certain goals that you said because no matter what you do, either blog, work a part time or full time job or even play Xbox, there are certain points in the games or life that you want to reach. For blogging that is seeing your numbers go higher as higher.

  13. For me, I try to make blogging not about stats just because my day job is social media, pr and content writing so I don’t want to be stressed out about it when it’s a hobby. But ngl, I do check my stats quite often and I get emotional about them lol. I am getting more wary about accepting PR samples which is almost embarrassing because I was one…


  14. Love your thoughts on this! We all blog for different reasons, and because of that, we will all define success differently. I go through phases where I’m obsessed with stats then I chill out and blog for fun and then the cycle repeats itself, ha ha.

  15. Yes! I’ve read so many comments during blog chats looking down upon bloggers who care about pageviews and stats. Usually with comments about how ‘we’re not in it for the right reasons’, whatever they might be. I love my blog, I’d love to blog full time which means building a genuine following by pushing myself and driving up my stats. I also blog for fun and because it’s something I’m passionate about, but, ultimately, yes I do get excited when my page views go up and I don’t see how that makes me any less of a blogger.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  16. I’m annoyed by this kind of attitude too. I care about stats even though blogging is just my hobby. Comparing it to running is great, I feel the same about exercising, I write down how many reps I did and compare them to see how it goes and so on. I also like receiving samples, it means I get to try new things, I love going to events, I don’t mind doing a sponsored post. Why it’s that a bad thing? If I didn’t, I don’t think my blog would be better (or worse).

  17. Thank you for coming out and saying this. I think most bloggers do care about their stats but whether they’d admit it or not is another story. I’ve actually been paying more attention to my stats and tailoring my content accordingly and it has really increased my page views. We all have different goals when it comes to blogging and you’re right that we should just all encourage each other 🙂

  18. Honestly, even those who say they don’t care are lying on some level, either to their audience or themselves. Every blogger cares about one stat or another. Sure, blogging is fun, it’s a hobby for me, I don’t intend to turn it into a business (though it would be amazing if it happened one day, working in my kitchen in my pjs 40hours a week? Hell yeah!) I still care about some stats. I get a little buzz when I see my twitter followers creeping up to a new goal, or someone follows me on Bloglovin, comments on posts are like drugs to me and I’m addicted to seeing more and more of them. There’s nothing wrong with caring about your stats, they come with the gig of being a blogger and when your as passionate about your blog as you are, of course you’re going to care, why the hell shouldn’t you?!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  19. Surely every blogger cares about page views otherwise they’d just have a paper diary and keep it private! By publishing online they THEREFORE have entered the public forum and wish to get attention of some sort. By saying they don’t care (at all) comes across as disingenuous and I’d be wary of them, but those who say they don’t care if they just have one follower, then I’d trust them – their “success” target is just a lot different to yours x.

  20. I check my stats but I’m not obsessed about them but the reason why I’m indifferent about my stats is because blogging is a hobby for me. I’m not making much money or any at all out of it but if it’s a source of income then I’m sure it would be a completely different story.

  21. Hahaha at the picture not caring! Good post! I love writing and i love to blog but I think alor of people are lying either to themselves or others if they say page views don’t bother them! If that really was the case why set up a public blog on the internet? You would just keep a personal journal end of! The reason we do what we do is yes to indulge in an activity we love with like minded people yes to make new friends and meet new people but also to get people reading what we write. X

  22. A really interesting read. People who say they don’t really care do. The reason they say such nonsense is fear that they won’t achieve the stats themselves or that they don’t have a clue how to increase page views. They don’t want to put themselves out there Lucy x

  23. Fantastic post. I care about my page views too! It’s important to me. Angela from Daysinbed

  24. I think pageviews are really important. If you want to work with companies and make some $, you need a certain # of pageviews to get their attention. Depending on the niche, the # of pageviews needed will vary. My goal right now is to get 20,000 pageviews a month. I am far from this goal, but it’s where my sights are focused. Thanks for this post!

  25. So true. I get when people say they don’t care too much – atleast dont care enough to track it and do work for it. What I don’t understand are those who make snide comments. Honestly, I have been there – I have been uncharitably thinking that if you don’t care about it at all and are downright opposed to getting views – why write a blog at all? Write a journal? Write a private blog only for yourself. I do think there is a difference in what they say and their actions when blogging and getting on social media.

  26. I think you’re making some great posts here.
    I understand if bloggers don’t like to talk about their stats, but why talk ike caring about stats is a bad thing?
    It isn’t. It is a natural thing, because you want to be heard.
    You want to know that when you write a post, there are people who will actually read it.
    And as for twitter, it is more likely for your blog to be visited by more people if the number of your followers grow bc it is more likely that your tweets will be more time retweeted.

  27. Great post, I’ve really starting to take an interest in my page views and I want to understand what works and doesn’t work on my blog. I put so much of my spare time into it like you, that I really should care and if I didn’t I wouldn’t invest as much time. Thank you for being honest!!

  28. I TOTALLY care about page views. I have started spending a lot of time promoting my blog, joining in twitter chats, reading other blogs (I did that a lot anyway) and so on to try and make my blog more known and it is working a little but it upsets me I don’t get as much views as I used to back in the first couple of years of my blog. Or that I only have 63 followers on bloglovin compared to something like 400 back in the google reader days.

    Interestingly, in typing this, it’s occurred to me that I don’t really compare myself to other bloggers in terms of page views/popularity, but to the younger me when my blog was younger. Which is especially annoying when I think my writing is better now. Sorry – just rambling now I think!

  29. Superbly written!

    I care about the number of followers, readers and comments I receive. My blog whilst not currently generating an income is important to me. I put a lot of effort into drafting and proof reading my blog – I want this to be acknowledged by others.

    On weeks when my stats are lower, I do feel a little despondent and question whether blogging is for me. I have signed to a number of forums with professional bloggers who receive 100 comments on the first day of posting a blog. I am working towards this. The blogging world is highly competitive.

  30. This is a great post Corinne! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the topic and I totally agree with you! Your comparison between running and blogging is amazing! I need to remember it if the issue comes up 🙂 Also I’m a numbers addict, no matter in what area of my life. I plan everything out, I set goals for everything may it be a video game, how many books I have or my page views. Also page views and any other statistics related to a blog are such a great indicator for what works and what doesn’t. So why should we ignore a tool that can help us become better at what we do and the content we provide for our audience! Thank you so much and I wish you a most wonderful day! Sandra

  31. Love your take on this. It has made me think about my own blog differently. I started blogging in 2014 just as a way of expressing myself, without a care in the world whether 10 people saw the post or 100. Now I check back on my page views daily, schedule tweets, look for new ways to expand my blog etc. Absolutely thrilled at the moment that I’m on target to smash 2016’s viewing figures by the end of March, I’d never have thought my writing could be interesting to so many people.

    Everyone has their own way of blogging and that’s what makes it so interesting! It’d be boring if we were all the same!


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