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April Stats and Blog Income

Hello again. I’m here again to share with you my blog stats, social media growth and how much money I’ve made through blogging this month….


blog stats and income report

Hello again.

I’m here again to share with you my blog stats, social media growth and how much money I’ve made through blogging this month.

If you’re new here, at the start of the year, I started to post my blog statistics. It went down well, so I decided to carry on posting them.

The reason is to share with others what to expect from a blog my size because I found most blog stat and income reports were by bloggers who get 100’s of thousands over page views a month and blog full time. While I love reading those types of posts, I wanted to share the stats of something a bit more realistic for most people.

I also wanted to use it as a bit of a motivational tool and to document the things I’ve been doing differently to grow my views and social media. This gives me a chance to see what works for me and what doesn’t.

Catch up with previous months here:

april blog stats and income report

April Blog Stats

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.12.34 Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.12.46

A side note before we start, I wrote a post in Feb on how I use Google Analytics, so if you’re wanting to track your own stats, please see this post for how to use and understand these reports. 

April vs March

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.14.21 Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.15.00

As you can see, in April I had over 6000 views more than in March, this brought me to almost 20k in month! This is a record for me and something I didn’t expect to get to. I was hoping to get 15k and see if I could consistently hit that number for a few months!

The reason for the massive change in traffic was that my post about Google Analytics got picked up by StumbleUpon. There was one day that I got 1000 page views in one day, 500 of them being on that post from StumbleUpon. The few days leading up to that peak, and for a few days after, I was getting around 100-200 hits a day from it. It very slowly got less and less.

I’ve been trying to recreate this adding my posts to StumbleUpon, as well as joining in with some Stumble share threads in Facebook groups, and though I’m seeing a trickle of hits from StumbleUpon daily, I’ve not managed to get anything similar to that post.

This makes me feel like next month, my hits won’t be as high. I’m aiming to keep my views at around 500 every day so I can finish May with 15k views. I’d love to reach 20k, but I’m not sure if that’s realistic unless I get picked up on StumbleUpon again or find another traffic stream. If I manage to master Stumble, I’ll write a post about it.

If you have Stumble, please share this page on it 😉

Pages per session, bounce rate and session duration are all down, which is understandable if a lot of my traffic is coming from  StumbleUpon. I used to be a big Stumbler back in my university days when I was procrastinating essays and you just view the one page, then Stumble onto the next – so bounce rate is bound to be high.

So yes, I’m VERY happy with my views this month 🙂

Top posts of April were:

As you can see, some of my top viewed posts aren’t even posts I wrote in April. YAY for evergreen content!

The top posts is thanks to Stumble, as I mentioned above. How to make your blog user friendly also got a bit of attention from Stumble, but not half as much as the Google Analytics post! I wrote the post originally in February.

My post about buying the fake Naked palette is doing really well on Google search. I’m getting loads of hits from it with people searching how to spot a fake Naked palette. Pretty good to see I’m getting traffic from it still as I wrote that post in January!

Where did my traffic come from?

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.40.25

My top two traffic sources are the same, though I’ve had an extra 500 sessions from Google compared with May. Stumble is the 3rd and 5th. I’m not really sure what the difference is between the two versions – I would expect one is something to do with having the toolbar install or app, and one is web based? But if you add the views together, it would be my second biggest traffic driver. Look at that bounce rate and time on site for Stumble though! It might be getting me traffic, but it’s not high quality traffic as people aren’t sticking around long before the Stumble the next page!

So if you are wanting to try and get traffic from Stumble, just remember that it’s probably not going to be high quality traffic and you’re unlikely to earn some returning readers from it!

Facebook referrals have gone up, too. Also one of my post was featured in Bloglovin’s blog, so that got me 286 sessions across the month.

Domain Authority.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 21.27.32

There’s been no updates this month, so my DA is the same. Though there will be an update on the 10th and I’m frightened. I honestly think 42 is too high so I expect to drop down in the next update.


Social Media Stats.


Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.52.51

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.53.00

I hit 7k Twitter followers this month! I gained less in April than I did in March. Doom. I’d love to reach 8k in May but I’m not sure if that is realistic. I’m at 7256 followers now, so I’d have to get over 750 this month. I have gotten that many in the past, but lately my Twitter growth seems to be slowing down a bit!

One can only try.


Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.57.07

I ended April with 3215 followers on Bloglovin, so that’s a gain of 162. I’ve not done month on Bloglovin’ this month, if I’m honest. I had a few posts get a lot of likes and that gave me an influx of followers, but apart from that I’ve just been YOLOing it.


I finish April on 3282 Pinterest followers, which is a massive increase of 722 followers! I’ve also started t0 see a bit of traffic from there, with 91 referrals this month. Not massive, but it’s getting there.

I’ve been pinning a lot of other peoples content in April, as well as getting better at pinning my own. I was being slack in previous months so I’m just going to carry on doing what I’m doing and seeing what happens.


I finished April with 3828 followers on Instagram, with is a gain of 739! I’m really happy with that and I’m sure I’ll hit 4k this month.

I’ve been really active on Instagram this month, posting loads of fitness related photos and liking and commenting on other photos using the same hash tags I use.

I’ve also put a tracking code in my profile to see how many referrals I’m getting from my profile to here. I’ve had 29 since I put the code up on 15th April. If you want to see how to track your own Instagram referrals, see this post.

Follow meeee.


Income Report

April was a pretty decent month for me income wise. Though I am outstanding a few payments which is a bit frustrating as I hate having to e-mail to chase up payments. I wish they could just tell me when they will pay if they can’t pay within a week so I know!


Advertising: £15.45
Sponsored Posts: £397

Total: £412.45


Hosting: £2.99
Premium PicMonkey: £3.46


Overall, I’m happy with how everything is going. I’d be chuffed if I could keep things the same during May – I’m not overly confident on the page views, though, as it was a total fluke, but I’m going to just enjoy it and try not to stress out about not getting as many views this month!

What have you been doing well with during the past month?

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  1. Amazing gains this month and congrats on hitting 20k page views! Sometimes we just get really lucky with a post and it takes off, oh if only ever post could do this – but then were’s the fun in that? Hehe!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I was excited to hit 800 followers on Twitter in April! Haha. Not bad for three months in, I guess. I have been dabbling in StumbleUpon as well, but I’m not convinced it’s bringing good traffic (like, people who will stick around and read the site.) That 100% bounce rate makes me sad 🙁

    I was happy to see that my story on gluten free beer that I worked tirelessly to promote did end up my most viewed story this month. I don’t think I can (or should) promote every story at that level but it’s good to know that when I have a piece I’m really proud of, I can get it a bit more attention!

  3. My blog is so small compared to yours 🙂 This looks like a great month for you and congrats on those 20k page views, that’s massive!! I’ve had a pretty decent April, my blog has gone through some huge content changes overthe last couple of months so I kinda feel like I’ve just started blogging but I’m truly so happy about it right now!

  4. Congrats!! You did great last month. It seems your blog is growing and growing. Maybe in a few months you’ll be able to make it your full-time job, if you want to. xx

  5. its all me. All your stats are me and my stalking ways. I’m not kidding lol. Thank you for allowing me to be nosey as ever! And I really need to figure out stumble on as well x

  6. This post was really interesting to read I have never seen any bloggers be upfront about there stats or income before. I think I have upped your page views a lot of over last few weeks. Your blog has been such a help to me getting back into blogging so thank you so much

  7. Thanks for sharing your stats! I also had a bit of boost in traffic last month thanks to Stumbleupon. I hear you on those outstanding payments O_o

  8. Wow, congratulations on hitting 20K, that’s fantastic! I have to admit, I don’t use StumbleUpon at all, as it just seems to be one more thing, but perhaps there is more value in it than I’d thought. Mind you, I very reluctantly set up a facebook page in March and it’s now my biggest source of traffic, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to write everything off before trying it!

  9. WOW your stats are amazing!
    I’ve tried stumble upon but don’t get too much traffic from it really. I need to get back on facebook I think and start being more active over there.


  10. Wow, congratulations on all of your gains! It’s great to see how you’ve been achieving them and really good to see how it’s exceeded your own expectations! Just goes to show that you never know when something will go viral or get shared / picked up by a big company and really give you a boost. I love that I’m really excited about my small increase this past month haha and it’s so small compared to yours! (Last month was the highest in terms of views & visitors on the blog ever and I’m chuffed about that. It’s entirely to do with the fact that I also blogged more than usual though). However, this does give me hope that perhaps, one day, I’ll be able to achieve these sorts of views and stat increases!

    I really need to start on pinterest, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but just don’t seem to have time for! Your success is definitely inspiring me to work harder and make some time for it though. Thank you for sharing, I really do enjoy these monthly posts! 🙂

    Reema | Stationery & Planner |

  11. I really need to set Stumble Upon up for my blog. Even if it only brings a little bit of traffic my way, it’s worth a go! Your stats for this month look really good – well done 🙂 xx

  12. A really good month well done, to be picked up by stumbleupon is great and you have had a good financial payback. Shame that they are slow to pay though Lucy x

  13. Wow I love this really honest post and it’s great to see a little bit of insight behind the blog 🙂 congratulations on all of your amazing results!!


  14. This is really interesting, thanks for sharing as I love having a peek and looking at stats!

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