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#socialbloggers 103 // Blog Newsletters

Hai. Hope you had a nice weekend. WHAT DID YOU GET UP TO? I werked for all of it, boo and hiss. But I have…



Hai. Hope you had a nice weekend. WHAT DID YOU GET UP TO? I werked for all of it, boo and hiss. But I have Monday off so make up for it so while everyone else is having the Monday doom, I’m like WOOO DOFF!

One of the most common blog tips around is to build an e-mail list. I can’t believe I’ve never done a #socialbloggers chat on this before!

I have wrote a post in the past about why you should be building an e-mail list, if you haven’t checked it out, then you should.

So in short, an e-mail newsletter is a great way to keep your most loyal readers up to date. You might only have 10 people that want to get your newsletter – but these are your most important readers. The ones that read every post, that ones that will share your content across social media, the ones that will leave you comments and care about what you’re up to.

So if you think building an e-mail list is a waste of time because not many people will sign up, you should think again because those that do sign up REALLY want to hear from you. It’s like the level up from following on Twitter or Bloglovin.

Also because newsletters aren’t published online, you can get a bit more intimate if you’re comfortable. Like I’m more likely to talk about my job and where I work in a newsletter, or if I was having a hard time, I might feel okay talking about it in a newsletter update, but not always in a post or social media. Because I think the people who are signed up to my newsletter care about stuff like that. Or at least, I hope they do.

Right, on to the chat!

2016 (28)

Q1: Do you send out a newsletter? Why/why not?

Q2: What’s the best way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter?

Q3: Do we need newsletters as well as social media/bloglovin?

Q4: Do you ever sign up to newsletters? Why/why not?

Q5: What things would make your subscribe to a newsletter?

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  1. I have no idea how to even begin to make a newsletter! Ill suss it out. Have a lovely day off today! x

  2. I do not have a newsletter even if the content is good people do not want to subscribe overload on the email. Great topic

  3. I don’t do the newsletter thing because I have to make them for work, so it all feels too much like work. This is stupid, I know XD

  4. I actually love a newsletter, as long as its not daily I will happily sign up to one, but I don’t have one, just because I think no one would go for it yet lol! I actually keep up to date with my favourite blogs by adding them on the blogger homepage. lol Which is apparently is properly old school! lol

  5. I never did send out email list in the past but when I bought my new template, it came with it so I though, why not. Let’s just use it. LOL!

  6. I almost started a newsletter earlier this year, but I don’t have the time to put into one right now. I’m so torn because I keep reading how important one is, but right now, I’m just happy to blogging 3 or 4 times a week…

  7. I’ve never even thought about making a newsletter! Loved reading everyones responses!

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