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#socialbloggers 101 // How do you get traffic?

TRAFFIC. My favourite thing. I’m not even going to lie and pretend I don’t care about my stats. Because I do I do. I do…



TRAFFIC. My favourite thing. I’m not even going to lie and pretend I don’t care about my stats. Because I do I do.

I do go through phases where I care a bit less than other times. But I always care. For me, an increase in traffic shows me that people are liking what I put out there. I am the type of person that needs a lot of affirmation that I’m doing well in something, and for someone to retweet something, read something, share something, comment on something is a way I get that.

I’ve wrote a few statistic reports if you want to see where my main sources of traffic comes from:

I also talk in those posts about what has worked well for me and what hasn’t that particular month.

What inspired my idea for this chat topic was that I’ve recently had a bit of good luck. It’s a blessing in the form of Stumble Upon. I’ve had my post about Google Analytics Basics get picked up and do really well one Stumble. I have no idea how this happened because I’ve tried to use stumble in a variety of ways before to increase traffic, but it never worked so I gave up. I guess a few people stumbled it and it gave it a boost. It’s given around 1500 referrals over the last 7 days! I’ve been trying to see if I can get some of my other posts to do as well on there, but it doesn’t seem to be working!

So onto the chat, I’ve noticed a few people say they get the most of their pageviews from platforms I struggle to get views from, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. So basically everyone of the social media sites apart from Twitter, ha. This seems to ring true to a lot of people though, not just me. So those of you that do get views from other sites, please do let us know what you do to get some views?

blog traffic

Q1: What are your main source of page views?

Q2: Do you get many views from search engines?

Q3: What do you do to get more traffic?

Q4: How have you tried to increase traffic before that hasn’t worked?

Q5: Do you have a goal for how many page views you want a month?

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  1. Your always such a massive help Corinne, You are one of my fave blogs! I must get working on my CEO if Google images seem to work for people.
    Thanking you lots x

  2. I get view from Twitter and IG once in a blue moon from Pinterest the reason for that the viewers do not have google and is convenient for them to see they do not always leave a comment they send me an email instead with questions about product.

  3. There are plenty of bloggers who post about blogging tips & tricks but I swear yours are one of the best if not the best that I have ever read. Very insightful and informative as always. I think my way is by commenting on other blogs and leaving my link. Instagram and Twitter also helps.

  4. Such an interesting read! I used to get a majority of my traffic from Pinterest but it’s really dropped off since they changed the algorithm and I haven’t got it figured out again yet 🙁

    Jess xo

  5. This was interesting! My main one is comments. Don’t do much else!!! Interesting to hear about page views too! I’m never sure what is an average number of page views. I chose to hide my blog from Google search engines because of school (it being my name on the url) but I get around about 7000 page views per month now without google, so not SO bad, I guess!

  6. I still don’t get how I’m getting between 5-20 instagram referrals a day, but other than twitter it is the only other place I promote my blog as facebook and pinterest seem to be dead ends!! Tania xx

  7. For the longest time my blog was sort of just kept to myself and now that I want to share it to the world, I’m struggling so much! Literally dont know where to start and how to get my blog out there 🙁

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