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What My Primary School Reports Said About Me

When I went home at Christmas, I was reading through my old school reports. I thought it would be interesting to see what the teachers…


What My Primary School Reports Said About Me

When I went home at Christmas, I was reading through my old school reports. I thought it would be interesting to see what the teachers said about me and if it rings true to how I am now. So I’m going to pick out some of the comments that stand out and just talk about how they are or are not true to how I am an adult.

This was actually quite fun to do!

What My Primary School Reports Said About Me

Age 4-5:

By this age, I could apparently count to 10 and add and subtract. I also knew nearly all the letters and their sounds.

Corinne’s handwriting shows an increasing amount of control over letter and shape formation.

LOL. Okay, I must have got to age 5 and never got better with my hand writing because it’s so scruffy. Typical left handed terrible writer, I am.

Corinne shows care and consideration to her friends.

Look, I’ve always been kind 😀

Age 5-6

I attended school EVERY DAY in year one. Go me!

Corinne works hard at reading, but I feel it is not always easy. Some confusing with direction.

This is pretty much the way I still am now. I mean, I can read now but I find it hard to retain the information I’m reading. I also struggle with direction sometimes because just like how I don’t retain information I’m reading, I don’t always retain information I’m hearing. It’s very common for me to switch off when someone is talking to me and get lost in my head.

This can make it hard at work because sometimes I’m so focused on making sure my body language is normal, that I’m not actually listening. I’m socially awkward so these things don’t come easy!

Corinne is developing a good moral sense. She is a caring and loving little girl.

Awww. I think this is true about moral sense. I’m very good at helping people by giving them advice with problems, always looking at the moral side of what problems or conflicts they may be having. It’s a pity I struggle applying this advice to my own life though as I’m very much the type of person that will make decisions with my heart when it comes to a situation I’m in, but my head when it comes to someone else! Hypocrite.

What My Primary School Reports Said About Me

Age 6-7

By year two, I had improved my reading and apparently this made me enthusiastic. I was also starting to use multiplication.

When she doesn’t rush her work, she produces good results.

Again, this is something that I still struggle with today. I just want to get things done as fast as possible and hate it when something gets in my way!

Age 7-8 

I’m in year three now and I’m noticing a pattern. The teachers tend to see me as a trier. I try hard with spelling but I basically suck at it haha. I try hard in art. I give good effort in expressive moment.

This did make me laugh though:

Corinne tries hard and is anxious to do well. She shows interest in her work and a perseverance with any task set.

This is totally what I’m like. I’ve always wanted to please teachers and have them praise me and this has run into my adulthood. I want my managers to see I try hard and getting praise is something that really keeps me motivated to do well. If I’m criticised for something, it knocks any motivation and care out of me and I just want to give up.

What My Primary School Reports Said About Me

Age 8-9

Enjoys music. Especially singing.

LOL I’m so bad at singing. Please don’t encourage me on that. I’m pretty sure this was a passive aggressive comment?

Corinne is able to work determinedly in order to complete a given task.

Again, I’m a trier. BUT DO I GET RESULTS?

Age 9-10

In year 5 I was reading with expression. I was also aware of the passive of time and other cultures, which is pretty cool.

The teacher said I have a lovely smile. Oh, stop it.

Age 10-11.

This is my final year of primary school.

In maths, my report says that I’m capable of better results and I need more confidence in my ability. Having confidence in my knowledge is one of the things on my Personal Development Plan at work. If I can’t get it right after 20 years, will I ever? Haha.

There’s also the first time IT was mentioned. Bearing in mind this was 1997. I remember having a computer on wheels. One of those old Mac ones that had the big discs. I could create, emend and present ideas on the computer.

They also mentioned how I was involved in the play, Scrooge. I was the understudy. For like, everything. And every night one of the main characters backed out and I had to memories the lines! I remember one night I was the ghost of the Christmas past and the costume was a big net dress with chains on it and as I went up the steps onto the stage, I tripped over the dress and fell on my hands and knees and all the parents laughed at me. DICKS.

The end of my final report at my primary school goes:

She is a polite, well mannered girl who has worked very well in all areas of the curriculum. She is a well motivated pupil who has made positive contributions throughout the year.

What My Primary School Reports Said About Me

I guess I wasn’t that bad!

Much better than my brothers reports, that basically say he was attention seeking, disruptive and product satisfactory work when he could be bothered. Haha! My personal favourite is:

Stephen has indulged in many forms of anti-social behaviour in order to disgust, irritate or upset other members of the group. His attention seeking behaviour prevents others from getting the help they need.

Haha what an arsehole.

How werw you at school?

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  1. Haha love that you included your brother’s at the end! This is really interesting I’d love to search for mine now and see if any of it rings true to how I am now!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  2. I REALLY want to do this, I’ll have to head back to the parents house and see what I can dig up, my mum will have kept my school reports somewhere. It’s really interesting to see how certain characteristics and habits develop at such a young age and just stick with you your whole life. Though hopefully your brother has changed a bit hehe! It’d be interesting to see how me and my baby brother compare as we’re both so different!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. Omg I loved reading this so much!! Such a different yet great post. It’s so crazy to think how we’ve changed and developed over the years. But somethings still stay the same. Mine was always ‘Lauren needs to put her hand up more and join in class discussions’ hahah that never changed xx

    Lauren |

  4. I loved this post! Your brother’s report is amazing, what a kid!!
    I love reading through old school reports, I’ll have to dig them out and have a little look through again 🙂 I remember one teacher saying I had a great sense of humour when it came to Man Utd (I’m a Liverpool fan, he thought I was joking!?) and someone commenting if I read less and listened more I might do better… Ha!

    Jess xo

  5. It’s so nice you have these reports. We didn’t have them at school and it’s a shame. I would love to know what my teachers were saying about me (or maybe it’s better I have no clue :)) ).

  6. This is such a cute idea! It’s so nice to see where certain aspects of our personality originated from – apparently some can come quite early one haha!

    Olivia xxx

  7. How funny, I read my year 3 report this morning!!! What a coincidence!!! Your reports are funny. Mine said I was an imaginative writer with a big vocabulary but I tended to take myself too seriously and panicked over problem solving. Not much has changed!x

  8. This was so fun to read and sounds like a great idea to do!! I’ve not a clue where my school reports are, but I’m sure they’re all hella bad! Tania xx

  9. Oh my gosh this is a great post, I have no clue where my primary school reports are. They’re probably the only kind of reports I’d enjoy reading. All the other ones give me massive bouts of anxiety even though I was a goodie two shoes and a bit of a nerd. I love when teachers say, ‘At least you tried’. Hahahaa!

    Sally – DiagonSally

  10. Ahh your a good egg then even as a child. My school reports always said she tries hard, which basically transfers she works hard but is thick! Lucy x

  11. This was a great post to read! I guess that’s the best thing about siblings really, as long as you do better than them you’ll be fine!
    Amber x

  12. You know what! I am happy to see someone thinks that relating to your childhood development to who you are now isn’t crazy! Often when I do this.. My friends thinks I am weird! Although I didn’t find any difficulties in primary school I was always an honor student, but I know that I was a bit socially awkward! I still am as people misunderstood me, and most bloggers think my comments on their blogs aren’t related to the post haha! I think you just inspired me to write a post about that lol! And I think you’re doing excellent in developing yourself! This post is the approval that you’re not only a trier! You’ve successded in many things. Keep going xx

  13. Oh man, you’ve made me want to dig mine out! I’m sure we still have them somewhere. I was basically a quiet, shy and good little girl who enjoyed reading… Not much has changed ha! Your brother’s report made me laugh. Dear me.

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