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Let’s review our 2016 blog goals

If you remember back to December 2015, I wrote a post about how I was failing to meet my blog goals. Man, I was in…


2016 blog goals

If you remember back to December 2015, I wrote a post about how I was failing to meet my blog goals.

Man, I was in a slump! I was feeling pretty mediocre about blogging. I was still blogging daily, I was still commenting on my favourite blogs, but I wasn’t pushing myself. I wasn’t creating content that made me happy, I wasn’t feeling inspired and I wasn’t seeing any growth. It was okay for a while, because I had a great summer so blogging took a bit of a step backwards for me. But at the end of December, I started to feel inspired to grow again.

2016 blog goals

I initially decided that I wasn’t going to set any goals for 2016 because I didn’t feel like I need to.

That’s the thing with blogging, you can set goals if you want to, or you can just wing it and see what happens. Both options are okay – it depends on what you want from blogging. Some bloggers take blogging more seriously than others. I’m sure I’m not different to anyone else when I say that there are times I feel super inspired and want to set ALL THE GOALS and there are times when I don’t feel very inspired and I just blog and then don’t spend much time on promotion and other areas of blogging.

Just go with what feels right at the time.

So when 2016 came around, it felt right to set myself some goals because I was feeling in the zone again. Woo-hoo.

See my 2016 goals post here. 

2016 blog goals

One of the reasons I failed my goals in 2015 is that I didn’t review them. I set them and then forgot about them until December. By then, it was too late to work on the things I had promised I would achieve.

But you know what? I’m not making that mistake again. Nah-ah. I’m going to review my goals, hopefully every quarter and see what I’m sitting.

So the first quarter of the year is over, let’s take a lookski at my 2016 blogging goals and see where we are so far.

Twitter: Reach 7000 followers.

When I set that goal at the end of December, I had 4400 Twitter followers. I am currently at 6919 – which means I’ve gained over 2500 Twitter followers so far this year. WHAT! With less than 100 to go until I each my goal, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be reassessing this shorty and will aim for 10k once I’ve reached 7k!

I kind of feel like my Twitter growth is slowing down a little bit, though. I can gain a lot of followers a day, but unfortunatly a lot of people are playing the follow then unfollow game so it’s not uncommon for me to lose as many as I gain on some days! I just need to keep being active on Twitter and keep talking to others.

Bloglovin’: Reach 3500.

I was at 2300 followers when I set the goal now I’m at 3126. I never thought I would reach 3k Bloglovin followers. That seems like a massive number for Bloglovin but I just keep getting a few new followers every day, I’ve gained over 800 followers so far this year, so I think it’s safe to say I’m on track for 3500.

I do have a feeling the growth will stop at some point as I’ve not been as active on Bloglovin as I have been in the past.

2016 blog goals

E-mail Newsletter: 1 news letter a month.

I’ve been sending out newsletters but not consistently. This is something I need to work on for sure. I did really well during my 8 week blog course, Improve Your Blog, but after that it’s been a bit hit and miss.

Must send out more!

Create a blog course.

Smashed this one. I did an 8 week course during January and February. You can read about it and follow along here.

Experiment with social media.

So I’ve been kind of doing this. I fell off the wagon a bit in February but I’ve doing well ever since – I’ve seen great growth in Pinterest and Instagram over the last few months, although I’ve not actually gained much traffic from them.

I’m currently experimenting with StumbleUpon while trying to skill focus on Pinterest and Instagram.

I do need to delve into Facebook and Google+ at some point but I feel like I’m taking too much on if I do that right now!

I also joined Tumblr, but just have everything autopost to it. I might work on it at some point, but it will be the last thing for me, for sure.

2016 blog goals

How are you coping with your blog goals?

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  1. well done for coming on leaps and bounds so far this year! Your blog is awesome and I think your going to smash your goals. I am going to write some for myself tonight! x

  2. Girl you are crushing it!!!
    I specifically only set my goals for 3 months into the future, because a year is so long (longer than I’ve had my blog)!! I’ve been trying to get into pinterest too, but I don’t really know if it’s working yet – there’s so many social networks I feel like it’s impossible to do well everywhere (or just know what you’re doing. I’ have yet to crack the code to pinterest) x

  3. I have none and it will remain as none. Not because I hate it or I couldn’t be arse about it but setting goals will only stresses me out and blogging for me is a hobby and must remained as a hobby for my own sanity.

  4. Well done, your blog’s grown so much! I’ve smashed my Bloglovin’ goal, but it’s fair to say I’ve forgotten what all the others were. I definitely need a refresh and have another crack at the rest of them!

    Jemima x

  5. So awesome how you are getting on with your goals – CONGRATULATIONS *party poppers*
    I do know exactly what you mean about not feeling happy with your content, recently I was posting 3 times a week but felt my posts were bland, I wasn’t 100% happy with them and they didn’t feel inspiring so recently I’ve decided to change that and start writing for me. I feel a change already and it hasn’t been a week since 🙂 keep up the good work!!


  6. This is a great idea. Its easy to set goals, but keeping on top of them, reassessing them is the best way to keep up with them. I need to do that this month, I think. I am pretty sure I need to work harder on my goals tbh. Well done on doing so well with yours so far this year! x x

  7. Wow! Your if you’re getting close to your goals, good followers have increased lately in my social networks but not as successful as you! Well done Corinne

  8. You’ve done so well already this year! This post reminds me that I really should take a look at my goals, see what I wanted to do and see how I’ve done so far…

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