You won’t believe what happened when I put Lanolips Golden Ointment On My Lips!

Looooolll, easy with the click bait. Because this was called Lanolips, I thought it was a lip product. I know it’s quite big, but I…


Lanolips Golden Ointment

Looooolll, easy with the click bait. Because this was called Lanolips, I thought it was a lip product. I know it’s quite big, but I was brought up to never judge on size. Also, I am an idiot.

What this Golden Ointment actually is, is a super thick, intense moisturiser for extremely dry skin. It’s a bit of a multi-tasker and can be used all over your body. Elbows, feet, knees, feet.. anywhere. Also lips. Because if you’re wondering, I did use this on my lips.

It’s kind of like the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, but doesn’t have that smell. If you’ve used it before, the texture of the cream is very similar.

It contains Lanolips exclusive Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin with Manuka Honey & Vitamin E to really tackle those dry areas.

Now, I’m the type of person that hates being moisturised. That sounds weird. But I hate the feeling of it on my skin. All sticky and wet. Oh wow, what a way to describe something. Top reviewer, Corinne, you massive dickhead.

If I can feel it on me, I don’t feel clean, so this is something I would apply at night and was off in the morning because it kind of leaves a silky layer on your skin and that makes me feel dirty. But hey, some of you may dig feeling a bit dirty from time to time. No judgement, you do you.

But I loved using it on my lips, kind of like a vaseline, it gives intense moisture especially in these colder months that we have 90% of the year.

Better yet, it’s cruelty free.


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  1. I think I would have thought this was a lips product too with a name like that. I love moisturising, I love my skin feeling all silky soft, if anything I feel dirty if I haven’t moisturised!

    Sarah 🙂

  2. I would have used it on my lips too. Actually I kind of did with a similar product that said on it “edible oils”. :))

  3. I’d have thought the exact same to be honest!! Sounds like a good product 🙂 Tania xx

  4. I would have definitely of thought this was a lip product… but I feel like I really need this because my lips are SO dry at the minute, damn weather not making it’s mind up!!! xx

  5. This post made me laugh out loud, genuinely – you massive dickhead!! But also it’s the first time I’ve heard anyone else say that the feeling of having moisturiser on makes them feel unclean – me too! It feels greasy and sticky, how is that a pleasant experience?! Great post x

  6. When I read the first paragraph I thought you were going to say this wasn’t meant for lips, haha! I mean, the brand name does kind of make it sound like a lip product?! It sounds good. I love manuka honey. But, like you, I hate the feel of moisturiser etc on my skin. So I’m not sure I would use this on my body for that reason! X

  7. Why name yourself “lanolips” if you aren’t a lip product?? I don’t blame you for being confused

  8. Haha I do like your click bait titles! I would have thought this was a lip product too don’t worry. Definitely sounds like something I’d love to try for my knobbly elbows although I’m not sure how I’d feel putting it on in a morning if it’s a bit sticky!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  9. I’d also think that it is a lip product by the name, however thick moisturisers work on really dry lips too, I’ve tried it before 🙂 It would be a saviour in winter, my skin gets extremely dry! x

  10. LMAO! Only your beauty reviews can make me laugh so hard, love your sense of humour, Corinne. This brand has ben getting really good reviews by many but I have never seen it sold in stores. I’ll try and see why I can get it here.

  11. I’m exactly the same way! I hate the feeling of lotion on my skin, especially my hands. It feels like my skin is melting together when I cross my legs and I hate it! I typically use an in-shower moisturizer and it does away with the sticky feeling. Thanks for sharing this product. My lips dry out all the time and I never seem to be able to find anything that will keep them moisturized. Will have to check this out!

  12. I hate being moisturised too you’re not alone, on that note this does sound like something i would sick on my lips too. I need as much help with moisturising them as possible i suffer with deadly dry lips lol

  13. I like feeling moisturized but I hate feeling greasy. This does sound nice. I love products with manuka honey.

  14. There are some serious branding issues here, how confusing but the fact it works and is cruelty free I’ll overlook these issues x

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