FAQs for blogger Part 2

My FAQ’s for New Bloggers was based all around questions from you guys that I have been emailed, left in comments and Tweeted over the…



My FAQ’s for New Bloggers was based all around questions from you guys that I have been emailed, left in comments and Tweeted over the last few weeks. Since then, I’ve had a few more questions so thought it was about time I did a second post like this. As always, feel free to send me any questions if you have any.

Let’s get straight to the point.

2016 (16)

Is it okay to leave my link in a comment?

A lot of people are against this, but I think it’s fine to leave your link if you’ve actually read the post and left a comment. Don’t put ‘great post’ and then link drop. Someone did this recently on my post where I spoke about being trolled for having hairy arms, they wrote something like ‘looks great’ and then left their link.

You just look like an idiot if you do that! Also make sure you just leave one link to your blog. It is a bit spammy if you also leave all your social media links too, also comments like that get flagged as spam on my site so I either have to manually approve them or if they go into the spam folder, they get lost forever.

If you look at my comment section, there is a box to leave your link so there’s no need to leave it in the comments, as your name appears as a link to your site when you comment. For comment boxes like on Blogger where this doesn’t happen, then yes, leave your link! I always visit bloggers who have commented on my posts so I encourage it as long as it’s not just link dumping and then running!

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How do you make your images circular?

This is so easy, I do this in PicMonkey.com. I’ll show you, come on!

how to make a circle image

Put your image into PicMonkey, go to basic edits -> crop -> square to make sure your image is square, otherwise it won’t make a full circle.

how to make a circle image

Then go to frames -> rounded corners.

how to make a circle image

Click on ‘Transparent corners’, move the Corner radius bar to 400 and then click ‘apply’.

how to make a circle image

Then make sure you save it as a .png file, not a .jpeg.

Well done!

I don’t know anything about html, css and other technical things, should I stay away from WordPress?

Not at all! Although WordPress is built to allow you to have more control over your design, a lot of this is done by installing Plugins or customising your theme through the customisation panel.

In regards to your blogs theme or layout, it’s very much the same as installing a theme or layout to blogger – you either download a free or paid one and then upload the file to your site. The can then customise various settings, like colours, post layout and headers. I’ll give you a quick look at how my theme lets me customise it:

wordpress theme customising wordpress theme customising

It’s very much click to change certain things. Though different themes allow different levels of customisations, before you buy a theme if you want to pay, make sure you read what you are able to customise.

You can edit CSS and change your theme or even build your own, but you don’t have to.

You can also install plugins to help change the look of your blog and add things into your sidebars and features like related posts and comment luv.

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Do you have any tips on where to get a host and domain from to move to WordPress?

My domain is from Go Daddy and I’m hosted with TSO host. If I was to do it again, I would have gotten my domain from TSO host, too.

I had the same domain when I was on Blogger, so when I changed to WordPress I had to redirect the URL to point to my WordPress site. I remember it being a bit of a nightmare at first, but I managed it in the end.

With my fitness and technology blog, I bought my URL from TSO host (even though it cost me £8 instead of £4), but it made things much easier as the domain was already linked to my hosting account so I didn’t have to faff about with nameservers.

There are multiple hosting sites you can go with, the most popular seem to be Blue Host or TSO host. I’ve never tried any other the other hosting sites, but I can say that I’ve never hd an issue with TSO host, I host all 3 of my sites on the same account and pay only £2.99 a month. They also have a great trouble shooting service where you send a message through your user account if you have a problem and they reply pretty quickly.

I have heard you should avoid using hosts don’t don’t specialise in hosting, like a site that sells domain names mostly but also offers hosting. They are not specialised in hosting sites so aren’t as good. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but something to think about.

I’ve checked my DA and it’s saying it’s 91/100. Is that good?

Yes, that is very good, but probably not your true DA.

If you do not have your own domain, so your URL is something like myblogname.blogspot.com or myblogname.wordpress.com, then the DA is taken from Blogspots or WordPress.com.

You need to have your own domain to get a true reflection of what this is. This is one of the reasons why brands prefer to work with bloggers that have their own domain.

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  1. corinne i really like every single post you wrote! they are so helpful and inspirational!

    jess x | wellwellgirls.blogspot.com

  2. I don’t mind links in comments, but I agree with you, a link to the blog and to bloglovin and another one for facebook and twitter and instagram and every social media platform they can think of it’s too much. 🙂

  3. I agree about leaving the link and not spamming with all the media link. This is so informative and I love using picmonkey for my blog and party invitation. Great job.

  4. I hate spam links, and I really hope I never come across as spammy, I get really paranoid about it lol

    Love all your posts like this, I honestly couldnt do the domain change though, I get so confused with it already lol


  5. Great tips! I’ve just read your hairy arm post by the way and while I find it really sad that people would waste a minute of their precious time just to leave a hurtful comment on someone’s photo, I think your post was funny and well-written 🙂

    Bella Pummarola

  6. I keep thinking about making the move to WordPress and I think I just need to get on it and do it one of these days.

  7. These are some good tips for new bloggers! I leave my link if they don’t have the wordpress commenting system. 🙂 So that it would be easy for them to visit my blog. I read their posts first of course. 🙂

  8. Looks Great.

    ^^ Just kidding of course 🙂 Thanks for another helpful post! I always know where to look when I’m looking for advice on how to grow and better my blog!

  9. Ahhh, your posts are always so helpful – you little blogger guru, you! I am currently working my way through so many of your old posts and learning lots 🙂

  10. This series is so helpful – thank you for posting! (I will stop leaving my link in the comment box on your site as it shows up anyway, it was a force of habit!) x

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