The day I got trolled online for having hairy arms

I haven’t been feeling very good about myself over the last few months. When I was ill in December, I was unable to work out…


I haven’t been feeling very good about myself over the last few months. When I was ill in December, I was unable to work out for around a month. I gained weight and was feeling awful. I was struggling to get back into fitness and working out because it’s so hard for me to get motivated when I’m not seeing results. If I jump on the scale and see nothing, I think what’s the point?

My Hairy Arms

I’ve had a spurge of inspiration and have been doing really well at the gym for the last 3 weeks. I had last week off work and hit the gym 6 times! I even pushed myself and took myself out of my comfort zone by going to my first spin class on my own.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know it’s firmly fitness-based. This is because talking about fitness on there motivates me to want to keep going to the gym and eating healthy. Seeing other peoples fitness related Instagram posts inspires me.

So after a great workout last week, I left the gym feeling very accomplished and good about myself. Then I posted on Instagram to let the whole world know that I had been to the gym.

You know how these things work – if you don’t Instagram a workout, does it even exist? Who knows. It’s like the whole if a tree falls but nobody hears it hit the floor, does’t it make a sound? theory.

After posting, I get a notification of a comment. Which is rare because it’s not often people comment on Instagram. And this is what I’m faced with…

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 19.44.57

Important: Shave your hand.

Okay, so let’s be honest here. I didn’t react in the best possible way by asking her to suck my dick. Mainly because I don’t have a dick. But in that split moment someone who I’ve never spoken to before, who has a private account, who I’m not sure even follows me, comes over to my photograph to essentially body shame me for having hairs on my hand – well then I’m going to be hostile towards them.

2016 (14)

Why are my arms so hairy?

There are some really amazing people on Twitter and Instagram though, because immediately after, I was defended by some that knew me and some that didn’t. Telling the girl to grow up, telling her she was out of line.

I always think that’s what you focus on here. Every time someone acts like a massive pillock, there are 20 other people that can see straight through them and will pick the right side because they’re actually decent, well-mannered people with morals, empathy and all those other lovely things that make it wonderful to be alive and part of a community of other living, feeling beings.

So this girl, child, kid, knobhead or whatever, who decided to invade my social media account didn’t actually bother me. Because I know I have hair on my body because I’m going to let you into a little secret here. I hope this doesn’t come as too much of a shock to you but.. I am a person. and persons have hairs on them to keep them warm. Oh God, A HUMAN HOW GROSS GET IT AWAY! Please don’t unfollow me. 🙁

I’m also quite aware that I have dark hair, so the hair on my arms is dark. But do you know what? I have a million other things going on in my life that are much more important. Things that are actually worth worrying about. Like how I’m almost 30 and going to die alone. And how I don’t have any cats even though I think I need about 800 to fill the void in my sad, lonely, old, spinster heart. But that’s for another post.


Women with hairy arms are everywhere

It wasn’t until a few days later when I was sent an article about a travel blogger who has also been shamed for having hairy arms that made me want to write this post. Though this Instagrammer has a lot more followers than me and the comments came in harsher. and in bigger numbers.

It just made me a little sad really. That this is the world we live in. Very much a ‘if you post something online you open yourself up to negativity’. It’s like you should expect it. Even accept it. Because it’s your fault. Because you decided to put yourself out there in the public.

From big YouTubers getting constantly slagged off on forums, to small bloggers being told they’re fat. Or they have hairy arms. Or they’re eyebrows are shit.

I just don’t understand how people find enjoyment in tearing others down. Because I know how I feel when I’ve been bitchy towards someone. I feel bitter and twisted inside. Then when I’m positive about someone, when I celebrate the achievements of others, when I’m supportive, I feel positive and empowered.

I feel uplifted.

So please, those of you wonderful people out there – let’s continue to celebrate each other.

Those of you who are bitter and negative, think about what that’s doing to your mindset and please, before you say something awful to someone – think about how you would feel if someone said that to you. If someone said that to your mother, your daughter, your sister, or your 14-year-old niece who is struggling to be a teenager and seeking acceptance online.

Just think about someone other than yourself. Prick. And if you are a woman with very hairy arms, embrace it!



  1. What Idiots we share this world with. Im glad your not letting it bring you down 🙂 and you don’t look nearly thirty!!!! xx

  2. I have to comment because this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read; not your post but that troll’s comment. For 1 thing, I can barely see arm hair? Besides, it’s completely normal for a woman to have hairs on her arm. I don’t actually know ANY females that rid their arms of hair because it’s frickin’ ridiculous. As if we don’t have enough to deal with.

    Some people really have nothing better to do with their lives and it makes me sad D: x

  3. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe someone would even comment something like that. Don’t we all have hairy arms, light or dark haired? Don’t they?! Weird. I have to agree with Kirsty, this person clearly had nothing better to do with their life than troll someone. It’s unfortunate it was you. I do know someone, though, who shaves every inch of her body; even her arms. She says it’s because she has very dark hair. And her saying this made me feel like I should too. So I tried it for about 2 months before realising that it added like 10 mins onto my shower schedule, and ain’t nobody got time for that in the morning. And why should I, or any other woman for that matter, care if we have hairy arms? It’s normal, for goodness sake! I’m glad you wrote about your experience here; I think it’s so important for people to think before they act (or comment!) x

    1. I think that if someone wants to shave their arms because it makes them feel better, then go for it! But it’s just not something that ever crosses my mind and I’d worry about getting thicker hair haha!

  4. Your response is totally justified and how rude of them!! I have dark hairs on my arms too and have had the comments to my face all through school (kids are lovely aren’t they?!) and I was always tempted to dye/shave it but *effort* Long live the people with body hair who are humans and the kind folk who are always there to stand up for people! Tania xx

  5. I remember reading about this on Twitter. It’s actually unbelievable that someone sho doesn’t know you would leave a comment like that! Glad you didn’t let it get you down, seems to be the best way to beat the trolls! I haven’t been trolled yet online but will try to keep your attitude if it happens!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  6. Wow! This is incredible. Why would anybody care if you have hair on your arms or not?! Don’t they have something else do to? This is quite sad if you think about it.
    I’m always surprised by the things people get so excited about, like a picture with an arm or my very controversial mince pies (yes, I had issues with my mince pies 😀 ). Ignore them. xx

  7. I’m so sorry Corinne. Especially, I feel embarrassed seeing she is from Brazil – which is where I’m from. 🙁 And I don’t understand it – yes we are a country obsessed with waxing and beauty but! Insanely hairy arms are a common sight on women here due to our genetics. And I feel terrible for the trolling thrown on you. So unnecessary! I don’t understand people like that either. And yet… I can’t help but feel insecure because hair on my body is something that bothers me – that I refuse to remove due to pain and expensive laser. But that nevertheless bothers me.

  8. There is always someone that has to said something negative — keep in mind that person has big time insecurity and this is why they share negativity remarks toward others.

  9. This is ridiculous!
    It’s insane that someone would take time out of their day to make awful comments and try to make people feel bad (surely they have better things to do?!) and it’d be stupid and cruel to do that if you did have notably hair arms (or whatever other nonsense issue these idiots decide is wrong) … but you’d hardly even notice yours unless you were trying!
    I’ll never understand people …

  10. People be DICKS. I love that you turn this incident around into a positive post – I would probably cry then delete the photo so good on you!

    I used to shave my arms as my hair is so thick and dark but then I realised nobody apart from me noticed and I’m lazy so I stopped… However it’s sad that I immediately considered doing it again when the topic popped back up as the old insecurities reared its ugly head.

  11. Your response was perfect! I’m glad you didn’t let it get to you too much, but so many others would take something like that so badly – it’s just awful. Why do they even care? I would never look at a picture like that and think in that way. Also, is it not completely normal?! Have I missed something here? I actually do get rid of arm hair, but I certainly don’t think that’s something everyone does!

    Tina x

  12. There’s so many trolls out there who are jealous of what people do and the only way they can sort it in their head is to make nasty comments. It’s tragic ..

  13. I literally couldn’t stop laughing when I read the title of this post because I CANNOT BELIEVE people have so much extra time in their lives to comment on somebody’s arm hard. Please, get over yourself – go do something useful. Ugh. My arms are super white and my hair is super dark, so I’ve had “arm hair issues” for awhile, but if someone ever commented about that on one of my pictures I don’t think I could stop laughing at how pathetic they are that they need to be so judgmental about something that has no significance whatsoever.

  14. That sure was one insecure troll, hair is nothing to be ashamed of, it grows, it’s natural, anyway you can’t even see hairs on your arms.. I think that person just has big issues and tried to take them out on you.

  15. That is utterly pathetic!!!! Can’t believe they said that! a) because it is mean and b) why were they scrutinizing your arm so much to notice? c) who has time or inclination to shave their arms!
    FYI,I have very hairy arms for a girl- I am 24% Greek so I have that in my genes and I cannot be bothered to do anything about them. I don’t care.
    Oh, and I don’t pluck my eyebrows either!!! Can’t be bothered. I tried out a hairdresser for the wedding 3 years ago and the first thing she said to me was “Are you going to have your eyebrows done for the wedding?”
    Er, no! And how rude to ask! Once you start, you have to keep doing it and I cannot be bothered!!!

  16. I read this post and then re-read it. What on earth, why does anyone else think they have the right firstly to say anything about someone else’s appearance I really have no idea. You seriously do not have hairy arms or hands and even if you looked like planet of the ape who has the right to say anything. What a total twat. Jealousy is the worst and most unattractive trait. If they really didn’t like what you looked liked or posted then they wouldn’t bloody be reading or looking at your picks. Really sorry that you even had to entertain someone who obviously has their own deep rooted issues Lucy x

  17. Everyone is perfect when they are behind the keyboard and they suddenly feel the need to point out other people’s flaws. Unfuckingbelievable! That asshole is just looking for cheap entertainment to make his/herself feel better. Look, I had to look a couple of times to see what hair that twit is talking about. I know you’re hurt and shocked when you first saw that, Corinne but pay no heed. There’s too many twats hiding behind the screen.

  18. I love this post just because your hairy arms are nothing compared to mine, I’m pretty sure I’m half ape lol. #hairymary.

    Some people can be right arseholes *said in my very Scottish accent* honestly take no notice of them, their lives are clearly pathetic to be trolling Instagram looking to cause drama!

  19. Hi Corinne. I have hair on my arms. It’s very dark and very dense. And you know what? I’ve been hiding it out of shame since I was about 7. I’m now 26. Can you imagine a little 7 year old girl being made to feel ashamed about her body? Says a lot about the sick world we live in.
    The past two Summers I’ve been daring myself to expose a tiny bit more of them. After having a health scare over the few months I’ve realised there are far worse things than hairy arms. So I’ve decided this Summer the short sleeves are coming out 🙂 You are so much better than this sad troll because you have your priorities right. You are actively contributing to the world in a positive way. Thank you for writing this. It’s helped me a lot.

  20. I think your response was brilliant! I’ve never had a nasty comment like that and I don’t now how I would feel, but all those things your mum told you about playground bullies are true. They’re jealous, they have nothing better to do and they feel bad about themselves. I pity them.

  21. LOVE this post! I’m so sorry you were treated that way. The trolls were probably just jealous that they didn’t have the endurance to complete a workout. By the way, I used to do bodybuilding (natural, no drugs), and since I also have dark hair (lots of it), I shaved my arms to enhance their appearance. Omg, they always itched so bad- it was horrible!

  22. I also have hairy arms. I have always been shamed of my hairy body (8th grade, a girl in gym laughed at me with her friends about my legs because at the ripe at of 13, I wasn’t all to ready to shave my legs to please others or grow up in such a way I didn’t know anything about – my grandmother never shaved so I was lost) and I feel like that stuck with me for years. I shaved my legs, my neck (the hair grows down the back of my neck from my hair) and my thighs, my knuckles, but I could never shave my arms. I could never shave my arms and I refused to because, well, fuck you, I like my arm hair. And even if you don’t /like/ it, you’re allowed to have it. You’re more than allowed to keep it there and not fit in with some stupid idea society has made up that women are clean like Barbies or whatever. We’re hairy, and fuck you for thinking it’s gross because well, fuck you I get to like something on /my/ body!

    You’re amazing and I love you.

  23. People are really sad and really shitty. Also, suck my dick is my go to when someone says something mean to me. Haha. I blog about beauty and I quit doing lip swatches because I was getting hate comments because my lip line is uneven but if I dared overdraw the smaller side to make it even, I’d get hate comments for that too. I don’t understand why some people hate themselves so much that they feel the need to project it onto others, but they really need to work on it.

  24. I have no idea why people feel the need to be like that. It’s just so rude and, to be honest, I don’t blame you for reaction!

    I don’t think your arms are hairier than the average person (from looking at that photo, anyway) and so what if they were? Anyway, who on earth shaves their hands or arms? Is that even a thing?!

  25. Wow… sometimes I hate the Internet. No, no, I love the Internet, I just hate some people on it. In total agreement with you, I just don’t understand and find it sad that people get off on trolling like this. Nice to see you rising above it 🙂

  26. All what I could see is that was a great workout.. Girl.. they were 700 calories! Congrats. Secondly, I have seen many many of fit people having hair on their arms! Just because they have fair hair it covers on them! Seeing people with hair in real life is fine for those low intelligent Empty headed, but they want to see every photo edited and perfect like photoshoped!!!! And one more thing.. Decent people are smart.. Because smartness isn’t just about It it’s about behaving! But those stupid people I can’t even..

  27. This is just silly and it’s the only way to describe it. They aren’t even hairy, they are normal arms. So confused. This person definitely just noticed you have a bit of a following and decided they wanted to a bit of attention.

  28. This was such a good post and I hope it’s not put you off posting more photos etc because your great at what you do and so bloody what A WOMAN HAS HAIR ON HER ARMS shit the bloody bed, no way! It’s ridiculous. Seriously, you should see my legs, those bad boys never get to see the light of day so I (accidentally ;P) miss out the mammoth task of shaving them until I’m going out and I never go out…so, yeah! hahaha Don’t let it stop you doing what your doing, some people are bloody ridiculous they really are. The countless many times I’ve been called fat, chipmunk cheeks and believe it or not…samosa nose (wtf is a samosa nose!) is so stupid. I live by the ‘if you cant say anything nice, dont’ it really isn’t difficult is it!

  29. You’re the third person I’ve heard about now who has been attacked for ‘hairy arms’ – who knew this was a thing now? I’m dark haired, I have hair on my arms, and now way am I about to embark on the tedious journey of shaving yet another body part! Subject aside though, I’m not sure why some people find it acceptable to be so nasty online. Glad you’re not letting it get you down.

  30. What utter twats. I don’t know how anyone has the time to do it? Does it make themselves feel better or something? I’ll never forget getting mocked for mine when I was around 15, I’ve shaved them ever since!! (Rookie error). But now I have a total complex about them. People don’t know how their actions can effect people, good on your for not letting it get to you!
    I’ve also just realised I wasn’t following you on Instagram.. I am now! xx

    Tamz |

  31. Are you kidding me? NO. That’s downright stupid and hateful and why do you care if I’ve got body hairs. Oh let me tell you a secret (okay it’s not much of a secret if I’m posting online but whatever): I’m pretty proud of my body hairs, and I rarely shave. I don’t see a reason too because: a) I rarely wear short-sleeved tops, b) I have lighter toned skin, so they’re not easily recognizable anyway, c) I don’t exactly go around asking people about their opinion on my body hairs. I’m like my body and hairs and pretty much everything. And I’ve been hair-shammed a lot more than I can count by my (cousin) sister. But you know, I don’t care. I’ll shave when I feel like it. I won’t if I don’t want to. It’s not your body, it’s mine. So why such hate? I think this is very very sad. Shaming each other to shave body hairs because we’re women and we’re supposed to look shiny and pretty and hairless. It’s natural, deal with it. Go you, Corinne. Your hair, your body, your choice – if they got a problem, eff them. You got this!

  32. JESUS! I’d love those people to take a look at MY hairy arms, they’d have a field day. What an absolute douche bag. Bloody hell, we evolved from apes (or so the story goes!) they are covered in hair. ARM HAIR IS NORMAL!!! otherwise if you shaved it, you’d have prickly arms (a stupid mistake I made with my friend when we were 9!!!) Chin up gal, you have a million more wonderful things about you that sadly those troll twats won’t ever have the pleasure of knowing. They’ve shot themselves in the foot really?
    Bee |

  33. It’s sad that there are people out there who have nothing better to do than post horrible comments to others. There was a boy in my highschool, just the one, who called me gorilla endlessly because of my arms. Right now, I would have the same attitude as you, but back then it really upset me. Hair is a normal thing!

  34. Yes agreed. You did not respond in a very mature way. I have responded in a professional, mature way to rude comments on my blog. (Luckily, I haven’t yet received something this stupid. Yet.) But I don’t think a mature response is always the best one. When you do respond maturely people think you are a doormat or a pushover. So my lesson is definitely to go with FO or something similar to your response!

  35. Awesome workout! And seriously?! Hair shaming!!! That’s a really crappy way to use energy oh and also karma is real.

  36. It’s so ridiculous how trolls are, and to be honest, your response is how I would’ve reacted. It seems like a natural gut instinct especially since you’re feeling so good about your accomplishments. Everyone’s bodies are different and wonderful, and there’s nothing wrong with yours or anyone’s arms/etc. I can’t imagine what trolls would say about my super dark hairy arms but the trick is not to care and show yourself love/respect. Thanks for sharing this! Stay strong! <3

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