April Glossybox 2016 // Was this one as wank as last months?

Remember when I posted about the March Glossybox last month and titled it WORST BOX EVER? Well, the trend continues with another box of doom….


April Glossybox 2016 uk

Remember when I posted about the March Glossybox last month and titled it WORST BOX EVER? Well, the trend continues with another box of doom.

I can’t believe they have done this to me. After about 5 solid months of fantastic boxes, they’ve suddenly gone downhill.

I’m bitter, internet friends. Mainly because Glossybox often tease you in the leaflet with something that it’s going to be in the next months box. It’s usually something really good and I was looking forward to getting my hands on this product.

Imagine my disappointment when I opened the box to an underwhelming sample size of the product I had been waiting for.

*flips a table*

Glossybox April 2016

April Glossybox 2016 uk

STYLonon Temporary Henna Tattoos.

I might like these if I was 12. There have been gold tattoos in a Glossybox before and I never used them.

I’m sure some people will love them but I’m just too old for this kind of stuff. Oh God, I’m turning into that person.


April Glossybox 2016 uk

Essence Mosaic Compact Powder

This is actually a nice product. Although, I’ve said before that I kind of think that Glossybox use Essence as a way to get an extra full size product in the box as they’re really cheap. I mean, Essence are cheap products, not Glossybox are cheap. Though they were turning out to be cheap skates.

I’ve had loads of Essence products through Glossybox but kind of feel like I want the box to be high end or brands I’ve not heard of before – or brands from different countries.


April Glossybox 2016 uk

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

This is the product that made me rage! It was featured in last months leaflet as the featured product for this box, and Glossybox sent out a news letter about it!

And here it is. A tiny 7ml sample.

This oil sounds lovely though, it’s lightweight and helps revive your complexion. I would have loved to have tried a bigger sample as 7ml isn’t going to last long at all! Stupid Glossybox.


April Glossybox 2016 uk

Leighton Denny Expert Nails

This one actually looks decent. NOW WE’RE TALKING.

I’m the type of person that can sit and do nothing for hours. But then as soon as I put nail varnish on, you can guarantee that I want to DO ALL THE THINGS RIGHT NOW. But can’t. Because I’ll smudge my nails. So I wait for what feels like a lifetime and then still end up smudging them.

This little guy offers to save the day – as simply spraying over your nails can make them dry in seconds. Winner.


April Glossybox 2016 uk April Glossybox 2016 uk

Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner

Do you know how hours I spend a week colouring in my eyebrows?

The answer is: NONE.

So you can see how much use I’m going to get out of this double-ended brow pencil. Though I guess if I could be bothered to draw on my eyebrows, I’d fancy this pencil as it has a coloured end to shape and colour in the brows, and a highlighter on t’other end.

I’m trying to be enthusiastic here…


April Glossybox 2016 uk

I literally have no words.

Does anyone have a joke? PLEASE TELL ME JOKES. I need my mood boosting after that.


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  1. It is rare to see blogger complaining about what they got. i love your honesty.
    If this situation happens to me I would be mad too. cannot believe they sent you the body shop product twice 🙁 and its in sample size
    hope they are doing better next month 🙂

    jess x | wellwellgirls.blogspot.com

  2. Im so sorry, but this made me laugh so much! After last months Glossybox I put a end to my time with them, and im so glad I did! I remember when they first came out and had decent stuff, now they just seem to be grabbing at straws.
    Stupid Glossy Box indeed!
    PS still laughing. Sorry haha.

  3. Now I’m glad I cancelled my subscription to Glossybox, they hook you in with a few good boxes then bam, nothing but crap through your door. Everyone is different and I’m sure someone out there will be snapping about how great this box it, but I’m with you. The only thing I actually got excited about was the Leighton Denny mist as I’ve heard good things about the OPI version of this. The Body Shop oil is actually a freebie size you could order off the site last week, maybe go see if they’re still on offer, then you’ll have 14ml to try 😀

    Sarah 🙂

  4. Haha I love the title and your honesty. I don’t get subscription boxes because I’m worried I’ll be disappointed and feel like I’ve wasted my money. The body shop oil does look really nice but how frustrating that it’s so tiny even though they advertised it as their featured item!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  5. I got gold tattoos in a Birchbox last year and re-gifted them to someone younger. I thought about putting them on for a music festival but then remembered I live in Scotland. (At T in the Park, I was fully covered up in a rain jacket, wellies, etc – no one would have seen them anyway!)

    That eyebrow pencil actually sounds really cool – I am about to need a new one and I’m going to check that out! (I don’t color the whole thing, I just have a little section that is blonde within my otherwise brown eyebrow. What the hell right?)

  6. This box is a bit disappointing ! However I would love to know what you think of the nail dryer once you would have tested it !

  7. It probably won’t make you feel any better but I believe you can actually claim the same sized sample of the Body Shop oil with Marie Claire magazine this month… I’d be pretty disappointed with this box too, tbh!

    Jess xo

  8. Cool items you got The Body Shop oil product is completely different item than the one I review yesterday this is the facial oil I did the Sleep cream same brand different product , The oil is amazing I will understand the disappointment in getting a tiny sample.

  9. Okay so this made me laugh a lot. I feel your pain though I recently wrote about how disappointed I was with this month’s Look Fantastic box. Hopefully both companies will up their game for May!


  10. Ugh so annoying getting all excited about something only to be disappointed. I recently started using an eyebrow pencil and I quite like it, so you never know, it might come in useful some time!

    Ash | Liakada

  11. Left Glossybox a long time ago! Love Me Beauty is my favourite beauty box as I get to pick products (less surprise but I know I want/will use them!)

  12. I remember when I used to be subscribed to this a couple of years ago, I am so glad I cancelled there were always so many products I didn’t use and I’m pretty sure at the time (or it might be a different beauty box) people got different contents so the value didn’t always match up.

  13. I remember when I used to be subscribed to this a couple of years ago, I am so glad I cancelled there were always so many products I didn’t use and I’m pretty sure at the time (or it might be a different beauty box) people got different contents so the value didn’t always match up.

  14. Never had this box, but other beauty ones I’ve had seem to go the same way after a while and I end up unsubscribing from them as they get so disappointing and half the time it’s all shit stuff and small samples that last one use…. Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk

  15. After seeing disappointing boxes, I am so happy that I’m not subscribed to any, it would be just wasting my money on things that I won’t ever use! At least drying spray would save you some time 🙂 xx

  16. Eww, I can’t believe those stick on tattoos are still going around in subscription boxes? I though the trend is dead? I would be really upset if I received this box.

  17. Holy shit, that’s pretty dire! I picked up that sample of Body Shop facial oil for free at the weekend :/ This is why I can’t subscribe to boxes, I’d feel like crying 🙁 I hope if you do carry on subscribing it gets better! xx

  18. I use to prefer birch box but got glossy as the boxes were prettier haha. Glad I cancelled both tho as had a draw full of samples. At least the food bank made use of them
    Carrieanne X

  19. Now I’m glad I never bothered with a GlossyBox subscription! I’d have been fuming if I received this. The Body Shop sample is beyond a joke! And the last time I saw stick on tattoo things was the school playground some 10 odd years ago! I really hope next months box is a better one, if you keep on subscribing that is! x x

  20. What a bummer that the last two boxes have been such disappointments. Hopefully next month will be much better. I hate getting things that I would never use.

  21. Love your honestly, Corinne! Haha. Honestly, this is why I’m hesistant to try products/services like this. The offer looks too good to be true and I’d just feel really bad, sad, and mad if I get tiny or very cheap products despite paying too much every month!

  22. And, that’s why I stop subscribing to boxes like in 2013.
    I DON’T like surprises.
    I don’t.
    No surprises for me,please.

    Nati | New post on Polished Polygot

  23. I’m 45 and I got the temporary tattoos!? I was so disappointed with this month’s box, I nearly left it at work I couldn’t be bothered to take it home. Funny post though, made me smile.
    Julie x

  24. I had to cancel my subscription to this box a while ago because i kept hating everything i as getting and i got an oily/watery orange lip goo and that was the last straw!
    Glad to see i’m not missing out, great post! Love the honesty!

  25. The last few months have been pathetic. My finger is paused over the cancel subscription button. Can they get their act together?

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