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29 Years of Nike Air Max // #AirMaxDay

When I was around 10 years old, I started getting into sports clothes. I went through the stage, like everyone else was going with in…



When I was around 10 years old, I started getting into sports clothes. I went through the stage, like everyone else was going with in my year, of only wanting to be seen in branded sports clothing. I remember my first tracksuit was a Reebok one. It was cream bottoms with a matching jumper. I also had a second jumper that was basically the same, but ever so slightly grey.

Oh man, I lived in that tracksuit. Alternating the jumpers and this one boy at school, who was one of the most popular boys, used to always laugh at me and say I was always wearing the same thing.


He didn’t believe me and I spent a lot of time trying to convince him otherwise and he still used to say it to me every day.

He wasn’t saying it a mean way, more like he knew it wound me up, so kept pushing my buttons. Like kids do.

I’m pretty sure one day I had both jumpers for some reason. It was very much a I TOLD YOU SO moment.

Over the next few years, I’d start adding more branded items to my wardrobe. My Mum wasn’t thrilled by this as my Dad had recently been made redundant and had to get a job where he was earning a lot less than before. So things were tight.

nike air max day

I begged and begged and BEGGED for some branded trainers. After wearing, what was called ‘two stripe’ trainers, a nock off of Addidas, my Mum finally allowed me to get a new pair of trainers. Ones with a brand name on them.

I ended up with some white Air Max Classics with red and white detail. An air bubble at the back which was supposed to do something, but my 10 year old self just thought it looked cool.

I went to school the following Monday in my new trainers feeling great about myself.

I was always a bit behind my friends in like.. everything. This is because I was a total sheep. So I would do what my friends were doing and want to blend in and be like them. So I would have to have everything that they had, only I got mine a few months later because I had to spend a few weeks begging my Mum. My sports wear years lasted until I was about 14, when I started wearing girly clothes again and fell in love with pink so much I harassed my parents until they agreed to paint my blue room magenta.

I went through many pairs of Air Max trainers, Addidas poppers and Le Coq Sportif hoodies. Oh, those awkward years.

Recently, the Nike Air Max shoe turned 29 years old. We’re the same ageeeeee. Thinking about Air Max brings a lot of memories back for me. I even Googled them to see if I could find the ones I had and I can remember all the different types throughout the years!

So to celebrate this, Foot Asylum have created this fab interactive infograph that tells you all about the history of the Nike Air Max shoe. Who knew that something that ended up being so popular was actually doubted when it was first created?

Have a look and let me know what you think.

Did you ever own Nike Air Max shoes?


This post is in collaboration with Foot Asylum. All views are my own. 
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  1. i have been throw that stage before but it was not about sport wear. i was not the girl that love jogging but swimming. anyways when i was small, i begged my mum for buying something new for me too. haha

    jess x |

  2. I remember my first pair of branded shoes when I was youner too! They were Nike ones but I don’t think they were airmax ones. I loved those shoes, was so happy with them. haha!

  3. Aha I’m the same age as you and Nike air max! I remember sports wear being all the rage as well and may of owned a tracksuit myself…. Cringe. I had some red and white air Max’s and thought I was the bees knees! I do still have a pair to this day as I love air max trainers I just don’t wear them with tracksuit a anymore lol.
    Great post Hun xx

  4. Wow I didn’t realise air max was 29 years old, I remember there being a massive craze for them when I was about 12 so I always assumed that was when they came out haha. I used to have some reebok trainers that I literally wore to death and a Nike hoody that I felt the bees knees in haha xx

  5. I live air max! But all Nike shoes are great! I like your blog, maybe you can visit my blog and follow me.
    x Selina

  6. I’m also 29 so badly wanted a pair of Air Max when I was about the same age! We didn’t have a lot of money so I ended up with my sister’s hand me downs, which at the time I thought was the best thing ever as I thought my sister was the coolest. Before that I really wanted some Hi-Tecs I saw in ShoeZone. Such simple times!

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  7. I didn’t realize Nike Air Max had been around for so long but in thinking about it, I’ve been had so many pairs since I was a kid. My favorite trainers nowadays are still Nikes.

  8. Didn’t realize that Air Max has been around for so long! I love Nike but I haven’t bought an Air Max one. Been so close to buying one last year but I ended up buying some (cheaper) running shoes from Nike instead.

  9. The first named trainers I ever had were Sketchers – only Sketchers were NOT cool back then! Oh if only those little shits at school could see what a trendsetter I would eventually become, wearing them 20 years before anyone else haha!

    I’ve never owned a pair of Air Max, but I do remember my first Nike trainers, they where pink and white, very flat and impractical for spot but so cute (or so I thought) with jeans. I tried running a race for life in them one year and couldn’t walk for days afterwards! That’s how I figured out you need different trainers for different sports, go figure!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  10. Like you I remember my first trainers. I however as a kid growing up always wanted to be different I never followed the trends and the more out there are vibrant the clothes the better Lucy x

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