10 things your blog needs to connect with your audience.

When somebody first comes to your blog, do you ever wonder what they think? What their first impressions are? Have they come over from Google…


blog tips, connect to audience

When somebody first comes to your blog, do you ever wonder what they think? What their first impressions are? Have they come over from Google in search for a solution to their problem? Did someone RT your link so they decided to check it out?

However they stumbled upon your site, you’re probably going to hope that they’re not just going to have a quick scan of whatever page they’ve landed on and then leg it. You want them to stick around. Read a few posts. Maybe check out your Twitter and follow you. Even better, maybe they’ll leave comment or two or sign up to your e-mail list.

But what makes people do this?

Well, it’s being able to feel like they can connect with you. That they can relate to you. It’s showing them that you are an actual person that has personality traits, you have quirks, you have things you dislike, you have things in common with them or you have something valuable or entertaining to offer.

To connect with your readers in the best possible way – I think there are 10 things your blog should have to make it easier for your readers.

blog tips, connect to audience

An about page.

If I like what I read, I want to know about you. This might seem creepy and a bit stalkerish and of course, how much of your personal life you put on your blog is up to you. But I want to know what city you’re from. How old are you and what your job is. I want to know if you have a husband or wife or cat or pet fish. I want to know if you’re into fitness or have an unhealthy obsession with giraffes and Internet memes.

Please tell me about you.

An easy way to comment.

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again. I want a dead simple way to comment on your site.

The best way to do this, is to have the comment section at the bottom of your post ready to go. The default Blogger and WordPress ones are great. Disqus and Google+ are okay but not my personal choice.

The ones I’m not so fond of are the Blogger ones where it pops out, or where you have to sign into something silly, or use your Facebook profile to comment.

Social media buttons.

Please put your buttons somewhere I can clearly see them. In the sidebar at the top, or in the top bar of your site. Don’t hide them in the footer of have them within a post where I might mistake them for share buttons.

I want easy access to your social accounts because if your post resounds with me, I want to go on a littttttlllleeee stalk.

Help me stalk you with ease.

A voice.

Some people are FANTASTIC at writing in a clear, consistent voice. The type of writer that you would post their posts anywhere. I love nothing more than reading a blog post where the writer has a wonderful style of writing that is shown through their word choice and sentence structure.

Personal experience.

You can write a blog post about the best tips to make sure you don’t get sunburned on holiday.

Or, you can open a post with that time you went to Tenerife last August with your best mates and fell asleep by the pool while reading the book and spent the rest of the holiday trying to desperately match the book shaped white patch on your stomach with the rest of your body and hoping your skin won’t peel off. Then talk about how to prevent sunburn.

A personal experience of something can really connect you to your readers.

An archive.

Again, if I’m drawn to your blog posts and want to delve more, I want to see your archive. I like to look at your first posts because I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing how far a blogger has come since their first few weeks of blogging.


If I see that you post a few times week, I’ll want to interact with you and probably come back. If your posts are a bit inconsistent, then I’ll be less likely to check back in with you.

Linked posts.

If you’re writing a post about something and mention something you have spoken about in a previous post, then link me to it!

You know how Wikipedia does that, and then you can get stuck clicking through articles for hours and hours?

Thats how blogs work too.

A compelling title.

Yessss I’m not going to lie. I’m a sucker for click bait.

As long as your title isn’t a complete lie, I did a good click bait title.

The lols.

You don’t need to be a comedian and crack out jokes left right and centre, but the occasional funny comment, joke, or story about when you did something hilarious will make me want to BFF you.

What do you think connects a blogger to their readers?

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  1. Great tips as always. I don’t think I’ve even looked at my About Me page in who knows how long, I really should go and sort that one out. Linked posts is definatly a trick I’m missing. Part of me wants to go back through old posts and sort this out but meh, time, effort, and the fact I can’t even remember to do it with new posts! Come kick me up the ass, k, thanks!

    Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I can’t work out how to get my social and follow buttons at the top on mobile, it’s driving me mad! But very much on my to-do list. Thanks for the tips ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is a great checklist, and I like to think I’ve achieved a few of these … but you can be the judge of that! I personally prefer Disquis for commenting purely because I found it really simple to use and I can reply as admin – never understood how to do that with Blogger.. always looked like I was any other person replying to a comment on my own blog! Love your posts, always super helpful

    Diana xx

  4. Love reading post’s like this, as I love reading up on way’s that I can improve my blog to make it better and more appealing to those that read it aswell.


  5. These are great, coherent tips. I’ve recently added a ‘linked posts’ feature that I really like- something that made me stay reading on other blogs. Your sharing tool on these comments is excellent- really makes people feel welcome and valued as part of the community x

  6. All of them are so important. It’s amazing how many people don’t have an archive or an about me page. If it takes more than 1-2 minutes to learn enough about a blog, I’m just going to click out.

  7. Completely agree with you on these and I’m currently doing a mini victory dance because I think I have most of these (the practical ones like social media links and an about page anyway!)
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  8. Makes me feel connected when I see they are a normal regular person rather than someone who just seems to live in posh restaurants in London sipping Starbucks in their sunglasses (inside!) covered in all the high end make-up they’ve been sent. Who can relate to that? x

  9. I love this. And reading through your list I think (read: hope) I offer most of them on my blog. What makes me connect as a reader is definitely personal experiences and a more impersonal style of writing. I think I like to feel like the blogger and I are having a chat over a cuppa. Is that weird? x

  10. I follow and keep a log I have consistent readers and followers from day one and I like keep in touch with them you are on my log list do enjoy reading your post. Great tips and information.

  11. Yes to all these! I especially like seeing there social media buttons. It bums me out when I can’t even see a Bloglovin’ link especially if I like their blog. I’m not a big fan of email subscriptions, I’m afraid. Personal experience is my favorite too! I like hearing the soul behind the post. Not a big fan of blogs that really just looks like a magazine.

  12. I swear you offer some of the best blogging tips, Corinne! And definitely yes to all this, which was the main reason why I changed my blog template last year so it looks more professional and clean. The two things I’m trying hard to improvise is my writing and photography skills which is still worlds away imo. ๐Ÿ™

  13. Thank you for this. I have just adjusted a few bits on my blog and you have given me some great ideas of more I can do x

  14. These are good tips. Glad you have stalkerish ways, that is funny! I’m the same!
    My blog is sloppy, that’s ok, I don’t mind if you don’t like it. I’m good at writing in a personal way though- just maybe a bit too much!x

  15. These are definitely some great tips! I’m always looking for social media icons to stalk people on (in the least creepiest way possible!)
    Olivia xxx

  16. You actually summed up everything, these are really good points. I think Disqus is one of the best comment platform and also wordpress too. I don’t like blogger one as I can’t get the replies to my comments, I don’t know where they show up. Catchy tittles and clean photos always take my attention! x

  17. I still need to figure out how to do social media buttons on my blogger blog….I’ll get around to figuring it out, but until then I just link to my social medias. Not as professional looking but at least the links are there…

  18. Agree as always! Your tips are great. I’m always worried my blog doesn’t fit the bill, how would you go about seeing if it did? I want to ask people what they think but if its friends they may say its great just to be nice and if it people you don’t know I’m just worried they will hate it HEAPS! haha *the struggles!*

    Rai | utterardour.blogspot.com

  19. Great checklist! Thanks for the tips. I too like when a blogger can add just a little humor to their writing. I’m always in need of a laugh.

  20. Wow I totally agree with everything you said. I’ve actually written a post, which I haven’t published yet on the things that put me off in a blog, and these includes some of the things you mentioned: not having an abut me page, not having social media buttons, not having an easy comment section. The only difference is that highly love Disqus and for me there’s nothing better than it. So that’s the one plugin I would recommend any blogger to have ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. Love this post and these tips. I would add one more – a call to action. Tell me what you want from me. Tell me how to make your day. Add all your social links, sure, but do you want me to subscribe to your YouTube channel or like every post on your Instagram feed? Would you be over the moon if I subscribe to your newsletter? Or do you just want lots and lots of comments? We all seem to have different priorities and measures of success. I want to know how to help YOU. Likewise, some bloggers just don’t seem to want to connect with their audiences. I want an open invitation to reach out.

  22. I LOVE all of these. I always check out the “About Me” page. If I like what I see, I start reading other articles on the page. If I really really like what I see, I subscribe!!!

  23. This is super helpful. I’ve just returned to blogging after a long hiatus and I love reading your tips and advice.

  24. Very helpful tips. Still wary of how much personal info to put on a blog though. Will have to give this further thought.

  25. Well I love this post! I like to think although I’m only a new blogger I can still interact with my awesome readers! I think my blog is easy to navigate and always include links to other sites that relate to my post. Thanks for the great blog post! I’ve enjoyed the little read!

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