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9 Things I wish I had time to do and what I’m going to do about it.

There are so many things I wish I had time to do, so that’s it. I need to do something about it. Hello, life. This…


There are so many things I wish I had time to do, so that’s it. I need to do something about it. Hello, life. This is Corinne and I am about to kick your ass.

Okay maybe not. But but but but but but I’m going to try.

There is a thing called time that exists and it ruins my life. Most of the time, I just don’t have enough of it. But then when I do have enough of it, I make bad choices and do things like binge-watch YouTube videos or get trapped in an endless clicking cycle on Wikipedia and spend the whole day reading about coal mining.


There are some things that I want to make more time to do, to make myself like, a better person. Or something.

Because new Corinne is here. New life new hair new glasses new job.

These are some of the things I want to make more effort to do. I’ve been trying extra hard to do some already and it seems to be going well. Watch out world, here I come!


Tweet more.

When I tweet more, it makes such a difference to my blog views, comments and Twitter followers. This includes sending out my own tweets and also replying to others.

It’s also the first thing I stop doing when I’m busy.

I really want to get into the habit a couple of times a day of Tweeting and replying to Tweets.

Reply to Tweets and DM’s.

As above, I find I get overwhelmed when I’m busy. If I’m at work and I check Twitter to find 20 notifications, then I don’t have time to respond, to later come back and have more notifications then I just feel like I’m not sure where I am with things and I instantly shut down and ignore everything.

What I want to start doing is only check Twitter when I actually have the time to respond to Tweets and do it straight away.

Reply to comments and e-mails.

I’ve always been bad at replying to comments but generally good at replying to e-mails. Lately, I’ve let this slip.

I just need to stop making excusing and get on top of it. Especially when some of my posts get a lot of really good comments sharing thoughts and opinions.

Wash my dishes right away.

I’ve been working on this for the last month ago and getting quite good at it! If I just spend 5 minutes an evening doing it, then it doesn’t build up and become a massive chore.

Keep my room tidy.

Yarp. Another thing I’ve been working on lately and it seems to be working for me!

I’ve just been trying to clean as I go, wash dishes, put my clothes away straight away rather than keep them on the floor and although my room isn’t perfect all of the time, it’s to the point where when it does need a tidy, it only takes 5 minutes!


Take my clothes off the airer

I have a bad habit of keeping my clothes on the airer and just taking them off as and when I need them.

I think this stems from when I had my airer in my room in my old house so could do that, but now it’s in the living room and I have been trying to get better at removing them.

One of the main reasons I keep them on for so long is that the cold room does a rubbish job at drying them, so I’ve started to put some on the radiator to dry them quicker and then take them off and put them away straight away.

Keep in contact with more friends

Ohhhh Lord. I’ve been so busy lately and I’m struggling to keep up with my friends. Friends I usually talk to daily via text, whatsap chats and the like, I need to get better at this because I love them woo.

Say hello to everyone at work

This is something I’m working on as part of being the new girl at work and trying to make a new impression.

There’s always time to greet people – time to start doing it and making it a habit.

Actually use Pinterest.

It works well when you put the effort in. But goes backwards so quickly.

Come on Corinne, you can Pin more! PIN MOAR.


What things do you wish you had more time for?

things i wish i had time to do


  1. I hate that time seems to slip by so fast. We’re already three months into 2016 and I can’t believe it. I might need to make a list like this too. Awesome idea.

  2. I’m exactly the same, I wish I had more time to do things. When I finally do have the time, I’m too tired to do anything – the dreaded cycle. I wish I had more time to just read books and keep in contact with some old friends but then again, they don’t always have the time. 🙁

    Sally – DiagonSally

  3. Keeping my room tidy is a big one, and putting my clothes away too. Sometimes we just get so so lazy but is learning absurd amounts about a topic through a day’s worth of procrastination in the form of research can’t be all bad, can it?

    The Life of Little Me

  4. Totally feel you on a lot especially washing dishes and pinterest! Pinning was going well for a couple months but I’ve totally been useless with it lately!

  5. I have a very long to do list 🙁 and time flies so fast….But I have to work on my book more, that’s a priority right now

  6. Tidying is the first thing to here too. Very bad as we have a flat inspection next week!!!!

    Lizzie Dripping

  7. I do have time but I use it unwisely. Im currently binge watching Benidorm on Netflix. Or I’ll get in and spend 30 minutes scrolling through twitter. Or another bad thing I do is seeing any time after 6pm as chill time which it shouldn’t be really! I did get up at 7.30 yesterday though even though I didn’t have to be in till 11 so I’m aiming to do that more.
    I think what we need is some sort of device that shouts random things at us to get us moving! Xx

  8. I wish I have time to do all these too but between family life, life in general and blogging, I’ve accepted the fact there’s only so much I can do in a day.

  9. I so wish I had time to tweet more – it helps so much with blogging!
    Also, I’ve been getting really bad at leaving comments on other people’s blogs, oops :S
    I’ve got some time off uni over Easter so I’m hoping to improve over this holiday time.
    Olivia xxx

  10. the one thing that I struggle with is keeping my room tidy. However, I have managed to always make my bed… but then I put things on top of it and it just looks messy again.. *sigh*

  11. All the things you mentioned above are what I should also focus on. With a fulltime job and season change (when the weather changes, I feel like sleeping constantly), I feel like I don’t have much time for anything. If I manage to get organised, I am sure I will be able to get some of these done without having a trouble.

  12. My list would be pretty similar – I’ve already given up on Pinterest though haha I don’t even remember to go on Twitter. I also wish I had more time to read the newspaper, search for new recipes and call my grandparents. xx

  13. The pinterest and clean room are the ones from your list for me! I’ve been trying to write down everything I need to do in a day and checking it off, I’m getting a tad better at remembering what I need to do and making time for it!

    Rai |

  14. Time so easily slips away… I’m not great at replying to e-mails. I check them and take time to think about my reply and then, oops, a week has gone by.

  15. My Twitter was a small personal one until I discovered fandoms, then it ballooned. The problem now is that I’m almost 25 and don’t do the fandom thing anymore. So I’ve got a bunch of teenagers following me that don’t actually care about what I tweet. Ugh. I need to figure out what my priorities ARE, then figure out how to manage them, lol

  16. I wish I had more time for photography and this weekend I have actually made time to go out and take photos. 🙂

  17. Oh man I relate to this SO hard! Like I feel as if I sort of low key procrastinate 95% of my life…. Working on it though, I’ve got a ‘productivity project’ I’ve been doing on my blog since the beginning of the year!

  18. When I check Twitter and there’s notifications I can’t leave them without a respond! But now since I have a little time for myself I let go of them. I did wash my dishes immediately so Yay for that.. But sometimes I leave my cups of coffee roots for 2 days haha, I use them all, thnen I have to wash them lol. I wish if I had time to go outdoors hiking. I wish to wake up early and I don’t have to think about studying or exams.

  19. Good luck with pinning. I’m always thinking of pinning more and I never do, so I understand what you are saying. :))

  20. Tidying is definitely one of them! I wish I could write more – stuff that I can both publish on my blog and not. Reading, makeup, watching new films, seeing other friends more… The list goes on!

    Jemima x

  21. I hate how fast this year is going, I feel like I’ve barely made a dent in anything and everything I want to do and we’re already three months in. My dad always said as you get older times flies faster and I never really believed him until now. I feel like they’re just aren’t enough hours in the day – and even where I do have the extra time, I procrastinate so much! It’s a vicious cycle! I think I need to make a list (yay lists!) and commit to a few things!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  22. So, this sounds scarily like actual ADULTING. Stop making me feel bad with your tidy room and clean kitchen! I mean, um, congratulations, it sounds like you’re making lots of positive changes.

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  23. Wouldn’t it be great if you could select how nuch tine you think you need in a day. As I bave so
    little time now I constantly have to weigh up and consider what I use my time on Lucy X

  24. I think we have a lot of the same bad habits! 🙂 Especially the house stuff – I do not live in the house of a respectable adult!

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