Boots to help my feet not die


It’s been a cold winter. Ugh. I spend about 70% of my life cold. The only time I’m really warm is when I’m in the car with the heat on full blast. Apart from that, I’m cold. My fingers are cold. My toes are cold. My soul is cold.

My house is like ice and so old you can fee the breeze coming through the front door. I have an old fireplace in my room and heat just seeps through. It takes a few hours to warm up the house with the heating on, and by the time it’s just got to the right temperature my housemate turns it off and within 30 mins I’m freezing my ass off again.

The worst thing is about this is that it makes me so unproductive. I don’t want to do anything when I’m so cold and I can’t keep drinking JD and diet coke to keep me warm. Well, I could, but my liver would probably dry up and drop off. And also drinking does not make me productive either. Although it does make me happy.

The floors are the worst, especially in the kitchen and living room. It’s like walking on ice. My poor feet.

I’m mean and unreasonable to my feet. I don’t know why I got into the habit of wearing flat ballet pumps all the time but it’s a habit I can’t kick. I feel silly in anything else so it’s kind of what I do.

But it’s collllddddddddd though. I have a few boots but they don’t fit me right. So I’d like some new ones please.

Like this Dr Marten ones below.


Look I did a style board with them because I’m so unique and different. Or not. But looook at it. I actually own the dress. And a similar jacket. And I have a blanket scarf, too. So I’ll I need is these boots and my life is complete.

Tell me about your feet and your temperature.

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