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Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. Social media is cool but hard work. I’m not a people person so I find it…



Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. Social media is cool but hard work.

I’m not a people person so I find it hard to do the social things. I set all these goals to be more active but it’s so draining for me to do.

I can schedule tweets and reply to some, but unless I’m in the mood, it’s not something I can do easily.

I see some bloggers who Tweet all the time and I get so jealous about how often they do it and how easy I find it. I work at it constantly though and hopefully it will get easier over time!


This chat was interesting. It’s interesting that so many people like Instagram the best and struggle with interaction on there. How many of you lot leave comments on Instagram photos? I know I just like and them move on! It’s weird how it seems easy to reply to a Tweet, but to comment on an Instagram photo seems a lot more effort. Maybe it’s because the user experience doesn’t seem so seamless. Or something. Sssssseeeam.

Okay let’s go.

2016 (6)

Q1: What’s your favourite social media and what’s the most common struggle you face whilst using it?

Q2: Is there any social media you abhor or just don’t like much? Why?

Q3: If you could invent your own social media channel, how would that function? And what would you name it?

Q4: What would you do if all the social media platforms shut down for a day or two?

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  1. I like Twitter and Snapchat the most. With Twitter, I can get updated even on social issues and what’s “in” and Snapchat, you don’t have to post aesthetically pleasing photos and I can be myself

  2. I like advertising but I been lucky to get plenty of comment sometime it all depend on the day and how many photos a day you put out .

  3. I love instagram, I think it’s definitely my fave – just wish it could have clickable links to blog posts though! I also struggle with Twitter, I just can’t keep up with it x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  4. My favourite is definitely Instagram, I find a lot of other pages boring. There is more interaction at times. But, it is hard to keep those numbers up as one post can bring lots of new followers and a different post can cause you to lose them. But, I find not taking it too serious helps really and just having fun and then you find brilliant people 🙂 x

  5. I am trying to build my Instagram and Twitter as they are my favorites. However I completely agree with the frustration of Instagram not allowing clickable links and Twitter’s 140 character limit!

    Robyn | RobynLouiiise

  6. My favourite is definitely Instargram, it is easier to catch up. Most of the time I just like the photo but there are times where I feel like commenting. “What time should I post” is one of my struggle 🙂 I can live without social media. For this chat, I set up my alarm for not forgetting to join this chat however due to some terror attack in Istanbul, government limited the access to Twitter and Facebook until today (so I missed it again) and I was fine with it. At least there are other things I can check 🙂 x

  7. If all the social media platforms shut down for a day or two or for a week or a month, I think it would be so refreshing to concentrate on real life and what’s in front of us again. We’re now prisoners of our devices.

  8. I’ve been spending 90% of my social media time focusing on Instagram since that is what I as a user enjoy more! But now I am lost and really need to learn how to build up my Twitter since that is where so much traffic can come from! I’ll have to look back through your older posts for some help in that area!


  9. Interesting to see all these answers! I think my favourite is instagram, just because I love taking photos and looking at photos haha! I try to comment on them, but I’ll end up having a good day or two and then not comment on any for ages. It does feel like more effort than tweeting a reply does! (but I suppose that’s why it’s lovely to get insta comments!)

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