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#socialbloggers 97 // Blog Topics

  Ohhh, blog topics and blog niches are something I’ve had a lot of internal struggles with. Stick to one niche, they say. Well, that’s…




Ohhh, blog topics and blog niches are something I’ve had a lot of internal struggles with.

Stick to one niche, they say. Well, that’s what I used to think they said.

I only posted outfit photos for the longest time, which probably seems strange as now I don’t even post one a month! But it just goes to show how much we change. We grow up, we get new interests, we like to talk about different things.

I remember very clearly when I started posting about stuff other than outfits. It wasn’t easy for me and I couldn’t help feeling that it would look really odd if there was a makeup review on my blog, or a lifestyle post.

It was around December 2013 that I decide to change the direction of my blog and I’m so happy I did.

I still have moments now where I feel lost in blogging and struggle to understand what my blog is about. I want it to be a motivational place for people and for myself, which is why I’ve stopped doing as many sponsored posts and reviews as before. Though I do still do them, it’s mainly to fill my schedule.

I’m sure my blog will keep changing over the years and I’m excited to discover what’s in store for the Skinnedcartree. DUN DUN DUN.

Now tell me about you, you wonderful human.

2016 (5)

Q1: What is your main blog niche?

Q2: Do you prefer to stick to one niche?

Q3: Have your blog topics changed over time?

Q4: Do you read blogs just in your niche or a variety of blogs?

Q5: Are they any new topics you want to try blog about?


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  1. This was my first proper Twitter chat and it was so fun! Great to discuss things like this with other bloggers. Looking forward to #socialbloggers 98!

  2. I don’t really have a niche really, I get too bored with one topic or even a few. I write about whatever excites me at the time and that makes blogging more fun 🙂 x

  3. It’s fascinating to read what others are saying. I’ve started with a lifestyle blog and I would never want to do anything else. Although I had to make a new blog for my recipes. :))

  4. I don’t have one niche, I mean I post whatever I feel like posting without limiting myself, which in a way is good thing. So far, most of my posts are beauty related but I’d love to expend it, maybe add some diy and baking stuff, I am not really sure. I also read whatever I find nice, so it doesn’t have to be on the things I post about 🙂 x

  5. I find it hard to blog about only one topic, and I enjoy reading blogs that cover many different subjects. I think picking a niche works for some people, but it shouldn’t be a rule for everybody 🙂

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