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How to make a great first impression at your new job.

Yesterday was the first day at my new job. Help. New people. I’m frightened. Some people are just naturals, aren’t they? You know the type…


How to make a great first impression at your new job.

Yesterday was the first day at my new job.


New people.

I’m frightened.

Some people are just naturals, aren’t they? You know the type that can say good morning to everyone and it’s just easy. Or those that can make small talk to the checkout girl at the supermarket? Well, I’m not like that. I’m the type of person that will take the long way around to avoid talking to someone in my direct ath. I’ll keep my head down, I’ll pretend to be on my phone, I’ll do anything to make it easy for me to keep to myself. Because it just feels uncomfortable for me.

How to make a great first impression at your new job.

It takes me a while to be able to be myself with people. That’s because myself is a bit, odd. I have an odd sense of humour and I’m rubbish at the typical conversational topics, like movies, TV and celebrities because I don’t really care about that stuff.

When I’ve gotten past that awkward stage, I’m okay. I feel like I need to ease people into me. That’s an interesting sentence, isn’t it?

Well, I’ve made a commitment to myself that during my first two weeks at work, I’m going to make a real effort to step out of my comfort zone and talk to people. I think after I’ve done this for two weeks, it’ll just be natural. Rather then going in with my head down and it taking weeks or even months for me to show the real me.

While I want to be seen as a professional, level minded leader, I also want my new work colleagues to see that I’m fun to be around, I have a sense of humour and I’m an open and honest person that people can come and talk to when they have problems.

So here’s my commitments.

How to make a great first impression at your new job.

Greet everyone. 

Yes, that’s right. While I’m working around my new shop, I’m going to be saying hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Even if it hurts.

Introduce myself.

I’m going to do a total Philomena Cunk and be like ‘hello who are you’. Well maybe not exactly like that, but I’m going to make an effort to go up to people and ask who they are, how long they’ve been working there and whatever else. It’s going to be so awkward. I need more ice breaker questions. I’ll think of some. 

Be positive.

I know this store I’m going to go to is going to be tougher than my old store. It’s an old shop and has it’s challenges and I’m going to find it hard. But I want to be seen a positive person so I’m going to work really hard on portraying myself as positive.

I’m going to smile, laugh and try to avoid criticising things or comparing things to my old store.

Zero gossip.

If I find myself in a situation where people are gossiping around me, I’m going to do my best to remove myself from the situation because I 100% do not want to be part of that type of culture.

Use my extended network.

There’s going to be days were I’m going to feel stressed out, feel unhappy and need to rant. I’m going to make sure I keep in touch with people from my old store and talk to them about issues I’m having. I’ll be using them to keep me level headed and grounded throughout my challenges. Because although it’s great to have people I can trust inside my new store, I’m going to need people that I know I can say whatever I want to and not have to censor myself.

Ask for help.

This is something I struggle with a lot. I pride myself on being good at work and self sufficient and if I can’t do something, or I’m running out of time, I put extra pressure on myself simply because I don’t ask for help.


Have time for people. 

It can be difficult when I have a lot to do. If someone asks me something or wants me to do something, it can make me feel stressed out because it’s taking me away from the task I’m in the middle of doing. I want to be able to keep calm and make time for my staff when they need me so that they’ll see me as an open, helpful manager that they can ask questions to.

Be conscious of my body language. 

This is all down to confidence. I want to appear confident and open. So when I’m talking to people, make sure I’m not appearing all frightened and scared, even if that’s what I feel on the inside. When I’m walking about, do so with confidence.

How to make a great first impression at your new job.

Okay, I think that’s enough commitments for now. I’m properly frightened.

Do you have any tips on how to make a great first impression?

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  1. These are fab tips! Always greeting everyone is a great idea and getting involved in work lunches or evening drinks is a good way to get to know everyone. Hope your first day went well! X

  2. Starting a new job always scares me and being afraid of rejection as well – these are great tips

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Great tips and I’m sure you’re going to do great! New jobs are daunting, but give it a few weeks and I’m sure you’ll feel much more at home in the new store. These are great tips, not just for new starters but for general day-to-day job life, the difference it makes when someone just says ‘good morning’ instead of rushing past with their head down, little things make for a stronger team in my experience!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. I had no idea you were starting a new job yesterday!! I hope it all went well and continues to do so. I always find it hard to connect with people but in my current job I made a real effort to talk to everyone in the first two weeks, and it definitely works!

    Jodie x

  5. I love this! Good luck in your new job! I start a new job in just under 2 weeks and I’m terrified. I haven’t joined a big company like this one before so it’s a bit nerve wracking but I’ll definitely be using these tips.
    I definitely agree with the no gossip, it’s one of the easiest traps to fall into but one of the worst too.

    Good luck again, I’m sure you’ll be great!

  6. Great commitments. Good luck with them! My OH is one of those annoying (imo) people who can talk to anyone and seems to have no nerves. Me? Not so much. I’m much more like you. But sometimes it’s good to step out of our comfort zones, and who knows what may come of it?! x x

  7. These sound like great tips, I’d love to be the person that walks in an office and greets everyone and everyone replies but instead I just mutter and they barely hear me, I suppose I’m scared incase no one replies and everyone notices I’ve just been blanked!

    My career coach has said the best way to gain confidence is to put yourself in awkward situations and act until you been to believe it.

    Good luck!
    Ami x

  8. i’m definitely more like you when it comes to meeting people, haha:-) but you’ll do great, especially once you follow your own advice! xx

  9. Good luck with your new job, Corinne! I can only imagine how exciting but at the same time, nerve-racking it is for you. I have never found it to be a challenge to make new friends at my new workplace but then again, I also smile a lot and try my best to be friendly because my bitch-resting-face usually makes others dislike me at sight. LOL!

  10. I really like your posts. Greeting everyone and lack of gossips is always a great idea. I am sticking to these rules.
    Connect with me:

  11. Congratulations on the new job! Being in a new environment can be really nerve wracking but I’m sure you’ll be fine with these objectives 🙂

    Velvet Blush

  12. Corinne Hello! I hope you adapt quickly to your new job, be attentive and charismatic and everything will flow!

  13. I think I’m exactly like you haha, I’m quite shy and awkward around new people because I think they’ll just think I’m a bit odd but once we know each other I’m fine. Definitely agree about no gossip especially in a new job where it’s so easy to listen to other people’s opinions of people whereas you should just ignore it and form your own!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

  14. I suck at meeting new people and it wasn’t easy for me to introduce myself to the colleagues. It felt like they didn’t want any outsider, but for once I made an effort to change it. “Zero gossip” is definitely something I am trying to stick, it is funny seeing people gossiping behind each other and being the nicest when they are around. I hope all is going well! x

  15. These are great. I started a new job in February and totally didn’t do any of this – I probably only know about 4 people’s names and I’m moving to ANOTHER new job on Wednesday – so I really do get the opportunity to start over.

    Asking for help is my weakness too – I work myself up about it and then get too panicked to do anything about it. Sometimes I struggle to actually phrase what I want to say – or just can’t think of questions on the spot! I’ll be writing everything down and keeping notes this time.

    🙂 Emilie

  16. These are great tips! And I’m starting an interniship next week so perfect timing. I’m really shy and quiet and terrible as small talk so I’m dreading it a little. But you’ve made some great points I think I need to try to stick to and I should be fine, even if it’s hard! Thanks for this 🙂

  17. I *love* everything about this – so many wonderful tips and right when I need it – start a new job on Monday (after a much needed relocation and five month break) this is exactly the sort of thing I needed to remind myself to not get nervous and to make a proper effort because it’s work it! Hope all is going well at your new jobCorinne, best of luck sticking to your commitments

  18. Starting a new job is always tough, I find it incredibly stressful. You have some great tips. The best one is be yourself people will quickly sus out a fake. Best tip is be yourself, show interest in others and remember things they tell you. So many people don’t listen or ask others reciprocal questions. Good luck with the first few weeks Lucy x

  19. I really love this kind of posts, I think it’s a very insightful way for introverts who can’t learn these stuff around people, but because they have other ways of learning like reading! And what is the best place for them to read is absolutely where their peers share their experiences and thoughts!
    The first time I had to go to work at the hospital to serve my duties as a Nursing Student, I came up to the nursing station, I looked so closed, no one is going to take to me unless I go say hello and introduce myself. Honestly, I wish if I have learned that before that day!!

  20. Oh this is exactly me. I don’t really have any tips myself – it’s something I really want to work on. Hopefully I’ll have a new job soon, but I’m dreading having to start again. I hate meeting new people! These are really good tips though, and I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind for myself.

  21. Hi! I started a very cool job less than a month ago too. Not only was I the newbie in a tightly knit group, I am also the youngest one out of a staff of around 50! D’oh! My sense of humor, like yours, can be strange and so I also felt like a wallflower at first, trying to let my professionalism be what I’m known for rather than how weird I am. I have found that people can tell when you make an effort, and so I try to at least do the “smile and nod” head Bob whenever I pass someone, and I always say hi even if afterwards we all go back to our own tasks. Also, I found from experience that people actually LIKE it when you go and ask for help, like, they feel useful and relevant for once (there have been studies done on the subject and everything), and so if I feel stumped I ask for help and make sure to learn so that I don’t become a burden. Ultimately, I am trying not to be too hard on myself and not to be someone I am not just to please my coworkers, because eventually that facade becomes too hard to keep up. Good luck!

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