Is being a lifestyle blogger ruining your chance of growth?

You need a niche, they say. You need a focus and direction.  One of the most common blog tips is that your blog needs to…


being a lifestyle blogger

You need a niche, they say. You need a focus and direction. 

One of the most common blog tips is that your blog needs to have a clear, set purpose. A topic. A niche. Something that you can be seen as an expert in to keep people coming back again and again.

Like a fashion blog, or a vegan food blog, or maybe a skincare blog.

But then there’s a bunch of us out there that don’t want to be so restricted. So we label our blogs as lifestyle and post about #allthethings.

But I can’t help but feel like being a lifestyle blogger might ruin my chance of growth. I’m not niche. I’m not sure what my purpose is and how I’m adding value to a particular audience.

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The thing that makes a blog really successful is for it to have a focus that is audience specific. Not write about a few different things here and there and have your readers only relate to a fraction of your blog posts. You want to be known as the expert in a certain subject. Your audience wants to know they can rely on your latest posts to give them what they’re looking for. That they’ll be able to visit your site and they will want to read everything you post.

A lifestyle blog, by definition, is ‘a representation of it’s author’s everyday life and interests‘.

I guess that’s what this blog is about. But I feel like I use it as a cop out to not commit to a certain topic. To have freedom to post about what I want. And why shouldn’t I? It’s my blog after all. I created it. I pay for it’s hosting. I built it, one post at a time. So fuck the world, I’m going to do what I want and I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINKKKKK.

But those of you that read my blog regularly, probably know that I want more from this site. Although It’s not my full time income, I want it to grow and do well. And I wonder if my niche, or lack of, is preventing me from really doing that.

I know there are certain posts that do well. Blog tips, for example. Or self-improvement or motivational style posts and I’m wondering if I should focus my energy more on those types of posts rather than just posting random topics whenever.

online safety

I’m not really sure how to end this post. Because I’ve not really come to a conclusion of what I should do next and how I feel about lifestyle blogging. I guess that’s where you guys come in…

Are you a lifestyle blogger? What are your views on this?

Or have you gone from a being lifestyle to something more topic specific? Tell me mooorrreeee.

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  1. I feel the same! I am really looking to try and sort out the topics I do on my blog because I still have categories like beauty but I do any beauty posts any more. I also find it hard to get brands to contact me because I don’t have a niche xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. One of my blogs is lifestyle and the other one is food. They do pretty much the same even though I post more often on my lifestyle blog and I promote it more. So, in my case, it’s easier with a niche blog.
    For me it’s simple, I blog because I want to have those memories kept in a place and I like interacting with people who think the same (more or less, depending on the subject).

  3. I think you are right. Aren’t blogs meant to be a site of our own expression? Where we can jot down and record all the things we feel/like/have created? Although I know what you mean about getting more from it in terms of growth etc.. But I am sure there are people out there who love lifestyle blogs for what they are? Xx

  4. I don’t think lifestyle blogging is restrictive of growth – most of the blogs I follow are lifestyle and that’s because I tend to follow blogs for the personality that comes through better with lifestyle posts than any other type of posts!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  5. I’m struggling with my lifestyle blog. I planned on focussing on a certain element but opportunities have led my blog in a different direction. I’m hoping it will find out where it wants to be in blogland and I’ll feel all lovely and settled. Life is hectic afterall so why should our lifestyle blogs be niche-boxed?

  6. To be honest I love and follow mostly lifestyle bloggers. I much prefer the variety of posts you get. Makes everything much more interesting! I love just having all sorts pop up for me to read giving me an insight into all sorts of topics.
    I also think if you have a really strong love for a specific thing, like make up and beauty then sure go for it, but if not then there’s no harm in just writing about whatever you want. Gaining followers is great but if you’re spending so much time writing posts it has to be things that you care about and enjoy writing about.

  7. I consider my blog as a lifestyle blog and I am really happy with it ! I can not imagine myself only writing about makeup for exemple !
    My favorite blogs are mostly about lifestyle, so I think there is also people who enjoy lifestyle blogs !
    Your blog especially is great !

  8. I prefer lifestyle post than just reading about one topic is like a magazine they mention a little of everything. I believe if you have a niche and you have a passion for it than do it if not than continue with what you feel it works for you.

  9. I went from a tight, niche subject to lifestyle and it was the best move I could have made. I felt trapped, I had all these ideas for posts that had nothing to do with my chosen niche and it killed me. I can see the benefits of writing about one set topic, but honestly, it all depends what it is you want to get out of blogging. If you’re blogging for business/financial gain then yes, I think you probably should have a niche subject. but if you’re blogging for fun, for a hobby, to simply create or share random snippets of your life with people, then a niche will only hold you back.

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. That’s very similar to what happened to me, I was solely writing about beauty, and I got tired of it, I’d stopped putting effort in and stopped growing. So I deleted everything, and started again. Rebranded and now class myself as “beauty and lifestyle”.. and occasionally throw a few other bits in to the mix and I’m so much happier and I’ve “grown” faster than my niche blog too so 🙂

  10. I was having the same issue but I realized something. Lifestyle blogs do have a focus. The writer. And I personally want to build my persona as much as my content online.

    I had recentely gotten advice from someone about this. They said: “Natalia Pessoa I know there are experts and the laundry list of their advice is enough to drive me personally crazy and want to give up now. At the very core of you, you need to know this is your calling, what you were meant to do. You need to do what fulfills you, even if that means not limiting yourself to one narrow topic. I don’t suggest a ton of different topics but I don’t see how three or so is a big problem.”

    “Natalia Pessoa You’re welcome! That’s the best you can do. Everyone on here is a blogger but we all have a story to tell and only you are qualified to tell yours. When we’re all comparing ourselves to others we need to remind ourselves of that.”

    Is it easier to focus and grow quickly? Yes. Should we? I won’t. As it means putting mypassions aside.

  11. I’ve been having this exact issue recently. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired by my blog. I definitely saw a big upward jump in growth the first time I narrowed my niche, even slightly, and it does help to have a really clear idea who you’re talking to and why. Most “big” lifestyle blogs I read have very clearly defined things they talk about. I know I can go to the Londoner for travel and food posts, Hannah Gale for fashion and real talk, Fashion Mumblr for beauty and inspiration… they do talk about a variety of things, but they have a very clearly defined specialty and audience, and I think that’s maybe the key – to have a core couple of topics and then add the extras round the edges to bulk that out.


    Little Miss Katy

  12. I enjoy reading lifestyle blogs purely for the reason that there is a variety of posts about lots of different things, and it’s always a nice surprise to see what the next post is going to be about. As a previous commenter has said, I prefer blogs where the author’s personality comes across, no matter what they’re writing about, and that’s a major reason why I love your blog. I also particularly enjoy reading your posts about your travels (especially the Disney ones), so I’d be sad if you stopped doing these!

  13. I only started blogging a few months ago and really only do it for my own pleasure so maybe I really don’t have the experience or knowledge to comment but I’m going to anyway. I only found your blog a couple of days ago and I think it’s great, like a breath of fresh air. I find blogs about a set subject to be a bit one dimensional and find the bloggers personality rarely comes through. I find lifestyle blogs like yours much more interesting as they’re more like a window on the life of the blogger, a bit like reading someone else’s diary but without it being wrong. Please keep doing what you do as I’m sure many people get a great deal out of it.

  14. I know how you feel! Even though my blog is still hella new and needs a lot of improvement, I label it as a lifestyle blog. But I’ve already decided that mostly it’s going to be a advice/morivation/story (sometime) blog.

  15. As a reader, I love lifestyle blogs. I have a lot of interests and I like seeing it all in one place. Also, I feel like I know the writers of lifestyle blogs better meaning I trust their recommendations on all topics more. As someone who has just started a blog, I feel like lifestyle is a natural category for me, I have more than one passion to share and I want my readers to truly know me.

  16. While I understand that you want to grow your blog and find your niche, i actually thoroughly enjoy it as it is now. It’s really nice to read a huge variety of stuff and I think it makes it really interesting.

  17. I started off as basically just a personal blogger, before lifestyle blogging was really a thing, I guess. I have morphed into a lifestyle blogger as it’s probably the closest I get to where I started – and I don’t really want to focus on one specific thing, as that’s not the type of blogs I really like to read on my daily basis myself.

    That being said, I do love your blog tips. BUT I like the other things you post about too!

  18. I like calling myself a lifestyle blogger. Like yourself I did so, so I could blog about whatever i wanted. However I don’t think this has stopped my growth. Growth to me is how I, Myself have grown. Being able to blog about different things has allowed me to see what types of posts I love doing best but also allow me to try new things and expand myself! It hasn’t stopped people from being involved either! So I don’t think it would be a bad thing.

    I do also see the other side of you thoughts though, to make a full time career out of it you usually do have to stick to helping your audience with one thing. But it’s the blogging world anything is possible remember there’s a whole heap of successful lifestyle blogs out there to!

    Those are my thoughts anyway haha :p sorry to ramble
    Rai |

  19. I consider myself a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and sometimes I worry that the lifestyle posts pull my blog down. Yet, I blog so I can share topics that interest me. I don’t know. Niche blogging can lead to success, but people aren’t one dimensional, and I don’t think blogs should be either.

  20. I like having the freedom to write about whatever strikes me. Yes – it makes it harder to “find your people,” but like all good things, they come to people who hustle.

  21. I started as a lifestyle blogger March before this one and now I’m at the telegraph. My blog is

    To me: a niche = limits

  22. I like that you post about all kinds of things! Maybe if you focus on the tips and motivation but have slightly fewer lifestyle posts sprinkled in? On the other hand it gets a bit boring when blogs only post about one thing… Xx

  23. I feel like my blog has kind of gone the opposite way! I started as a beauty blogger and my growth was very limited, with very few readers and very little engagement from those that did follow, but when I rebranded as a vegan lifestyle blog (I cover food, beauty and other bits and bobs so I still pretty much blog #allthethings), my growth pretty much quadrupled within a few months and I suddenly have an audience that does engage in my content.

    That being said I think even though technically I’m a lifestyle blog I’m still pretty niche. I definitely don’t follow many true lifestyle blogs personally because I find there’s some things I just have no interest in reading about and my feed ends up full of it, so I can definitely see from a reader perspective why it might hinder growth.

  24. I think this is definitely something important for all bloggers to think about not just #lbloggers. I personally feel that my blog runs on the side of Creative and Lifestyle/Adventure blog but I don’t make it the be all and end all for my posts to fit into a category. I started my blog to have a place to share my interests and ideas, and to show myself off in a creative way and I do that. I bring in a lot of design/art element bits as well as landscape photography and that’s who I am and what I like- no harm about that!

  25. I prefer lifestyle blogs. I like getting to know a blogger as a person. I’m completely over bloggers that only blog about blogging. If I can’t get to know the person behind the blog I’m not really interested.

    Just my two cents.

  26. You can be a lifestyle blogger and still have a niche. For example, my niche is twenty something living. I do not feel restricted at all. I would feel more restricted and unproductive if I just blogged about one thing, such as makeup. I tend to follow more lifestyle blogs. It’s just websites like Bloglovin’ that make it seem like beauty and fashion blogs are the only blogs that will grow.
    Kiersten @ Autumn Country Girl

  27. I feel ya – my blog is all over the shop!
    (Though I don’t think it’s the sole reason for my blog not ‘progressing’, more like one of many!)
    You definitely seem like an authority on a whole bunch of different subjects though!

  28. I am a “lifestyle” blogger too! And I don’t want a niche..damn it…I want to talk about whatever I want to talk about…my it is hurting my chances of being the next big Blogger…but do I really want that…there are so many expectations that go along with it and I don’t think I do…I would like more followers and more comments but I write for the joy of writing and guess if “JOY” is all I get out of it than so be it! And that’s ok! Love your blog…

  29. I’m a theatre blogger and I feel the exact opposite of this actually. I find it hard to socialise and connect with other bloggers because of how restrictive my niche is. I’ve been trying recently to branch out a bit, and while the majority of my posts are still strictly related to my theme, some others are a little bit more tenuously linked.

  30. I personally LOVE reading lifestyle blogs. Mine started as a weight loss blog in 2009 and slowly shifted to a healthy living blog. I focus on food, fitness and life in general and I think that’s what makes it real and fun to read. I think a blog needs to have your personality shine through- that to me is the most interesting part. How-to posts are fun every now and then but they’re not the reason I’m going to read a blog. I like getting to know the blogger and seeing what they do in their day to day life. But, again, that’s just me. I’d rather blog about the things I enjoy writing and reading about than trying to blog just to appeal to certain audiences.

  31. I’m a lifestyle blogger and I bloody love it!
    I think of it like a newspaper, some people might want the sport, some might want the fashion but you buy (or visit the site) to decide what ‘mood’ your in. I love having an eclectic mix of everything and think you should definitely own being an lblogger

  32. I’ve just started out and I guess I class myself as a lifestyle blogger. Maybe in the future I might find my niche but if I completely honest, I doubt it. I will always find different hobbies and interests to write about. Tbh I’d probably get bored of the topic.

    By the way, I just found your blog on Twitter and I haven’t been able to stop reading! Keep up the good work

  33. Oh no, please don’t just do the tips posts- then you’ll just be one of those boring ‘Bloglovin weekly’ clones. I like your blog because you do those posts (in your fun whaaaatevah but v useful way) but you do so much more. I like lifestyle blogs best because they are varied. I expect the reason I don’t do better is because mine is really rather random BUT some of my random topics prompt the most interaction (like 10 celebs I fancied)
    Your blog is great!

  34. I’m a lifestyle blogger, but I can see my blog evolving more and more into a budget blog, I guess because that’s where my life is at the moment. People seem to read more of the about me type posts though. My weekend has landed posts get loads of views despite the fact I don’t really promote them, opting to promote my topic posts instead.

  35. I’m definitely a lifestyle blogger. When I started blogging, I blogged all things books. So, book blogger. But I found it too restrictive. There were so many other ideas bouncing around inside my brain that I wanted to post, but felt like I couldn’t! So I started up Aimee Raindrop Writes and became a lifestyle blogger. I don’t feel it restricts me. My stats are steady, my visitors regular, and a lot of them are returning visitors. I know that some posts are soooo different to what I usually post; food posts, for example. Rare on my blog, but I have posted 1 or 2 in the past. And sometimes readers won’t like them, or relate to them, but I hope that just by being myself on my blog and letting my personality shine through readers will come back and eventually, maybe 1 or 2 posts later, find a post they love. Do I sound really conceited now? I hope not. Haha. Just trying to answer your question! x

  36. Personally I like your blog so much because it doesn’t just stick to one theme or a niche. You cover a range of topics and for me that keeps it feeling fresh

  37. I tried to fit more into a niche, and it didn’t work. I do see what you mean though – it does feel like a set theme or idea gives better stats/engagement. It doesn’t really bother me though. I like being able to post about whatever I want!

  38. I guess if you write about what you love then that shines through. It will engage people and they will want to read it. Does the fact that you write about lots of different things matter, no, not in my mind it’s the quality? Interest and passion Lucy X

  39. When I first started to blog.. I didn’t know I am falling in the lifestyle category! Haha.. But developing my self and my skills is what made me start my blog,and start to follow everything lifestyle because it’s interesting, random.. And I can catch it on and benefit from it!! Lifestyle is never boring! I don’t why lifestyle bloggers feel miserable like this! We are fun and creative persons! My advice is keep on the lifestyle but have other categories that people would want to come to every week. Because some blogs made it by focusing on a niche.. But not everyone can do that! Blogs started as a personal thing, I really loved to have one since my teen years!!! I just now can’t let go my dream just because blogging now has changed. I am still figuring blogging out, so don’t take my opinion seriously haha.

  40. I feel like this too. I have a lifestyle and travel blog that at first wasn’t really going anywhere, so my niche is “positive” lifestyle and adventures. When I want to post something that isn’t about a place I’ve been too, such as a beauty post or whatever, I try to link this to ‘feeling positive’ or ‘loving yourself’. It does require a lot of effort and sometimes I don’t always post what I want to because it doesn’t fit in with my niche. I really wish sometimes I hadn’t have boxed myself into this! X

    Y x |

  41. In order to avoid the problem you are currently facing, I found it useful to find a theme to my “lifestyle”. I am really focused on tying new things and encouraging others to do the same. There is my concept. Now my one rule is to filter all of my posts through this lens. If it’s fitness: did I meet a new goal? did i make a new goal? did I go to a new class? Food: did I try a new recipe? new restaurant? new beverage? Travel: did i go somewhere new? meet someone new? try a new activity? My blog is still a baby, but I hope this will help me establish a niche.

  42. Love this post. I was thinking about it the other day too, pleased to hear others are on the same wavelength! Nothing wrong with being a multi-topical blogger, right? I like to fuse travel, food and fitness on mine!

  43. I know exactly what you mean! I am a lifestyle blogger aswell I like to post different things like tips and routines and stuff like that and it seems to do quiet well I do wonder sometimes thought if I should focus on a certain topic like tips or something like that but right now I just love writing what I want when I want because it’s my blog so stick to what you like if you want to stick to being a lifestyle blogger that’s great! Or if you want to stick to a specific topic that’s also great ! It’s your choice personally I love lifestyle bloggers it’s just what I prefer 🙂

  44. This is something I have been struggling with for a very long time because I do feel like it has prohibited me some. At the same time thought doing one things isn’t me. I want to build a brand around me as a person not just one aspect of me like fashion. I ant an audience that like me and my personality ,so no matter what I post they are interested just because they like me,

  45. I have the same problem in that I feel like my blog doesn’t have a very specific purpose. But then I feel that if I hemmed myself into a particular topic I might find myself enjoying blogging less as I’d feel less free. First and foremost, my blog is my corner of the internet in which to express myself so I say stuff it! Let’s all write about anything and everything! 😀

    Paris x

  46. I hear ya! I started my blog a little over a month ago and wasn’t sure what direction it would go, though I figured it would mostly be about beauty. And maaaaybe mom stuff. And maybe life stuff. I find that I’m mainly doing beauty, but hey, if I want to talk about something else, why not? I feel like I need to break away from beauty here and there. So I guess mine is beauty with a splash of lifestyle haha! I love your blog though- as long as it’s interesting in some way, people will keep coming!

  47. I started my blog originally so I could post things about my major (Communication Disorders) and what I learned in my classes, plus posts that are relevant in the CSD realm. But I found it hard and boring to keep writing about a similar subject over and over again, so I extended my reach and made it both an education and lifestyle blog. I felt like if I had just written about school stuff, it would become redundant and I’d lose inspiration and drive in writing (plus I totally agree with the “my blog, my posts” mindset). So, I figure that if I write about things I like ALONG with things I learn, I can still keep my posts fresh while still being an expert in my major topics at the same time. Really identified with this post, looking forward to more of yours in the future! 🙂

    Melissa |

  48. Magazines and newspapers don’t stick to any one topic and still have a large readerships. I wouldn’t read any magazines if they only covered fashion (zzzzz…) but because I like the other articles I still buy them. Blogs like The Huffington Post cover a huge area of topics too and do very well, so personally I think it’s less about niche and more about content quality, the personality behind the writing and good marketing! Write what you enjoy and it’ll shine through the content and draw people in regardless of the niche. 🙂

    Karen at

  49. I must admit I do love reading your blogging tips posts but I still read all your others too. I think we should write whatever we’re most passionate about and not worry what everyone thinks. I for one haven’t really found my niche yet so I just post whatever i enjoy xx

  50. I don’t think I could do anything but my lifestyle blog because I can be so fickle and indecisive but I do know what you mean. I just know it’s not for me though, even if it did do better. It is so tempting to focus just on the things that do well though.

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