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Let’s Talk About Intention

I was listening to a Podcast about blogging a few months ago and the word intention kept coming up. The host of the Podcast and…


how to live life with intention

I was listening to a Podcast about blogging a few months ago and the word intention kept coming up.

The host of the Podcast and the guests all kept talking about having intention. Living life with intention.

At first I thought it was one of those cheesy, twee things people talk about that doesn’t really mean anything. But after watching Danna Richards during her 12 week fitness journey on YouTube, I noticed how she’s mentioned it a few times, too.

There is a saying somewhere, that if you hear a new idea, there’s so many times you need to hear it for it sink in and resound with you. I’m not sure of the exact quote, but if any ma bros can help me out, then please do in the comments!

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What is living with Intention?

I guess to live with intention means something different for everyone. I think it means to not waste your life and live with meaning.

For me, it’s about taking control of my life, being the best person I possible can be, striving for my goals and making sure that every single morning I wake up knowing exactly when I want to achieve that day.

It’s productivity, it’s energy, it’s being positive, it’s taking time to greet people and check in with how they are doing. It’s also checking with how I am doing and being really honest with myself.

Am I meeting my goals? Do I need to reassess? Am I being lazy? Am I working myself too hard? Are my excuses valid or just lousy excuses?

For me, I get this need to live with intention after I’ve gone through some tough times. If things haven’t been going my way and I’m feeling a little lost and out of control. Which I think is where I am at the moment. My life has changed a lot over the past 6 weeks. I think I’ve felt every single emotion that life can throw at me and if I’m perfectly honest with you, I feel a bit.. small, weak and not very confident.

Especially around my ability make connections with other people, which comes from some mild autism that tends to run in my Dad’s side of the family. Social situations are not easy for me. Eye contact is not easy for me. Using tone to accentuate my feelings and emotions is not easy for me. Contact with others gives me anxiety. Expressing my emotions and feelings is not easy for me. Mostly I laugh it off and just say I hate people and have no desire to connect to anyone. When really, I just can’t. I know how to, but it’s like I’m stuck. And it makes me feel like fucking shit. And because I’m feel doomed in this aspect of my life, it’s starting to bring my mood down and I feel lost.

So to get myself out of this rut, I need to really have intention in my actions in order to lift myself into a more positive mindset.

Let’s seeeeeee what we can do.

How I’m going to live with intention. 

So I’m getting to set myself a few goals. I’m not sure if they are quite goals, but things that I need to remind myself of and work towards on daily basis.

Here are a few intentions I’m going to set myself:

  • I intend to stop taking things personally.
  • I intend to stop worrying about things out of my control.
  • I intend to stop letting people have power of my emotions.
  • I intend to make someone smile every day.
  • I intend to lead by example.
  • I intend to speak to others as I wish to be spoken to.
  • I intend to deal with problems as and when they arise.
  • I intend to not shy away from uncomfortable situations.
  • I intend to stick to my fitness commitments.
  • I intend to be a calm, resilient person.

Do you live your life with intention?

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  1. I have many 🙂 not taking things personally is one of my biggest intentions. I agree with the other intentions you mentioned too 🙂

  2. Love this post, especially the intention to stop worrying about things outside of your control – I am terrible for this and always end up working myself up into a state when it’s usually something very small. I must remember to take your lead and let it pass. Lovely post! – Tasha

  3. Living with intention is something I’ve been striving for ever since I got over a terrible illness a few years ago. It’s really made me more deliberate in my actions as well as make decisions that actually make me happier.

  4. It’s so hard to follow the intentions, as it’s not something we would do naturally. But it’s the only way forward.

  5. I think I try to live mindfully and with intention but sometimes, when it feels like every wall is being put up to stop me from doing so, I give up, I am defeated, and I am left right back at square one. It’s not easy, then again anything that it worthwhile is never easy. But living with intention and more mindfully is something I will continue to try and do, I’m not saying it will ever become a natural habit but who knows.

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  6. Really interesting post, it made me think about whether I live my life with intention and I honestly don’t think I do. So I intend to from now on and hopefully it will lead to me feeling more fulfilled and happier, too! Good luck with your goals! x x

  7. I think I need to start doing all these things too. Intention is a new word to throw in there, but I also think it’s the perfect one. What really related to me in this post was the fact that you laugh off the anxiety and social issues by saying you hate people, when really you just can’t communicate right. That’s how I feel all the time, and it’s time to admit it and have the intention of fixing this problem, or accepting it and making the best out of myself, giving myself a purpose.

    The Life of Little Me

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