Garden Parties Woo.


Hi hi, I’ve been wishing for Spring since about September when the weather turned cold and it rained for about 3 years.

Can you remember the last time you spent a Spring or Summer evening sat outside with friends? I can remember almost every time like this and they’re always the best nights. There is something really humbling about being outside and enjoying the company of people you care about.

Unfortunately, I am without a garden but one can dream. When we lived at university, we had a big garden and some old sofas outside and one of those massive wire wheels as a table. It was grand. We spent many summer nights drinking and messing around in the back yard. Oh, to be a student again.

One day I will have a garden and hopefully spend many warm nights there with all my favourite humans. And this is what it will contain:


Of course no garden party is complete without a barbecue grill. Especially in England, where we have a tendency to light the BBQ at the first sign of sun. When it rains 90% of the time, you have to make the most of the sun. We’ve only ever had those disposable ones in the past.

For during the day, sunglasses are essential, as are the ice lolly moulds. I remember having them as a kid and making them using orange and blackcurrant juice during the summer holidays. How come the 6 week holidays always seemed so long and hot?

I might be dreaming a bit with the hot tub, but its my dream garden party and I can do what I want. I’ve also always wanted a sofa swing thing, my friend has one and they’re so relaxing. I’m just going to be greedy and accept the sofa bed too.

Then when it get’s darker and a bit colder, turn on the chiminea, turn on the flashy wine glasses and get the blanket out.

Pretty much a perfect night!

How you would spend an ideal summers night and what would you have in your garden?

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