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February Stats and Income Report

When I wrote my stats and income report last month, I said that I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it again. I…



When I wrote my stats and income report last month, I said that I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it again.

I had a lot of great feedback from it, a lot of bloggers said it was good to see stats from a medium sized blogger that doesn’t blog full time, rather than the bigger bloggers that often seem to have stats we can only dream of. So I decided to do another one and just recap my month in blogging.

I also wanted to talk about certain stats can fluctuate if you spend more or less time doing certain things.

february 2016 blog stats and income report

February Blog Stats.

february 2016 blog stats and income report

Stats vs. January: 

february 2016 blog stats and income report

As you can see, my page views are actually down on last months. This is for a few reasons:

  • January had 2 extra days.
  • In January, I had two posts that did really well and surpassed my average page views by a lot. In February I only had one post like this.
  • I didn’t have as much time in February to work on social media growth, promoting my posts and commenting new blogs – I had a whole week of work in January!
  • I tweeted less than I did in January due to lack of time.

Where did my traffic come from?

february 2016 blog stats and income report

My referrals are very similar to last month. I’ve had 700 less views from Twitter which I know is because I’ve not been as on active there in February as I had in January.

The other figures are near enough the same as January.

Social Media Stats:

I have a feeling my growth isn’t going to be as good as it was in January which I know is a result of not having the time to invest in social media that I wish I had.

I know what I need to do to get more referrals and a faster growth, it’s just having time to put it in to practice.


february 2016 blog stats and income report

As you can see, I sent out almost 1000 less tweets than last month!

To be honest, I’ve found Twitter overwhelming this month. It’s great getting Tweets all the time and DMs, but when I was at work I just couldn’t keep up. It made me feel a bit stressed out and I kind of buried my head in the sand because I knew I didn’t have any time to go back and reply to them all.

That makes me feel really bad and I’m going to try this month to be better at replying to DMs and direct tweets to me. Sorry if I don’t respond, I’m not being rude I’m just really busy!

Not being as Tweety has had an influence on my follower growth, traffic, mentions and impressions.

I ended February with 6084 followers.

Yay for hitting 6k!


february 2016 blog stats and income report

I ended January with 2691 Bloglovin followers and this month I’ve gained 187 to reach 2787 followers.

That’s 60 less than last months growth, but I’m still really happy with that seeing as I haven’t had much time to work on networking with more bloggers.

I hope to reach 3k this month!


I ended January on 2203 followers on Pinterest. I have 2115 now. So that’s actually a loss of followers!

I guess Pinterest is worse than Intstagram and Twitter for people following and then unfollowing!

I’ve neglected Pinterest so much this month, I’m sure if I had pinned more I could at least have broken even with the followers rather than losing almost a 100! Ha, it’s mental really how your growth can go backwards if you take your foot off the pedal!

I only had 21 referrals from Pinterest, too. Again a direct result of not my own blog posts as much and not repinning others.

I just don’t think I’ve figured out the right way to make Pinterest work for me yet so I’ll keep trying new things and see if I can have any luck.


I had 2363 Instagram followers at the end of January, now I have 2632 which is an increase of 269. It’s slightly less than last month, but considering how I posted half as much, I’m okay with that number!

Instagram isn’t something I work on much as I don’t like to my blog from it. I just post photos I want to share.

february 2016 blog stats and income report

Blog Income.

So last month I mentioned how my blog income varies month to month. January wasn’t a great month for me and I earnt £160. It’s not uncommon for me to have months like this, though. As I have a full time job, I don’t rely on the extra money for anything so anything I earn is a bonus.

I could have made more this month but turned down a couple of sponsored posts that would have gotten me £130 extra had I taken them both. They just weren’t right for my blog so I decided to decline.

My earnings were pretty good this month and on the higher end of what I usually earn. So it just goes to show that even if you’re stats aren’t as good, your income can be. I also got a couple of sponsored posts on my tech and fitness blogs which isn’t something that happens often, but something I’m open to because I sometimes struggle for ideas on those two blogs.


Advertising: £26
Sponsored posts: £297.45.


Hosting: £2.99
Premium PicMonkey: £3.46

How I make money bloggingOver the next month I’m going to commit to being more active on Twitter. I’m quite happy with everything else and don’t want to give myself too many tasks seeing as I start my new job on Monday and I don’t know how much time that will take up!

What are you goals for this month?

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  1. Even though they might not have been as great as last month, you’ve still gained some steady growth which is brilliant! I also want to say good on you for not accepting sponsored posts because they didn’t fit in with your blogs, too often I see really random out of the blue posts on some peoples blogs and you just know they’ve took it for the ££, not saying there’s anything wrong with that, we all got bills to pay, but it certainly shows you hold your blog to your standards and that’s really admirable 🙂

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I love reading these posts. It motivates me to work harder on my own social media growth too! Well done, though. It looks like you did pretty good all things considered 🙂 Good luck for March, and massive good luck with your new job 🙂 xo

  3. I’m really glad you did this post again. I found your last post really useful to look at, and it’s interesting to see how the trends change. I expect a lot of people had a bit of a dip after January!

    Nicola //

  4. I love how you say you’ve had a small growth when you get a few hundred followers in a month. I only have a few hundred followers in TOTAL haha xx But I seriously love these posts, please don’t stop doing them. It’s so interesting and good for you doing so well 🙂

    Tess xx

  5. I’m a regular reader of your blog and always love your writing style and honesty! You’ve gained an impressive amount of followers even though your down from last month and by your stats it just goes to show you you’ve got lots of returning readers. I admire that you’ve turned down posts to keep your integrity on this blog 🙂 As I’ve said before your one of the bloggers I look up to! Good luck with the new job! Xx Imogen

  6. Just found your blog because someone shared this on UK Bloggers, and I love it! This post is particularly helpful. I’m just starting to work with companies and sponsored posts and my stats are way tinier than yours, but great to have figures which seem realistic to aim for, as opposed to the giant bloggers earning thousands each month – I just can’t relate. Also like how you’ve properly calculated your actual expenses too, really helpful, thanks!

  7. Don’t you just hate these people who follow to unfollow just to get their followers high! You did pretty good in February and I hope it gets way better in March. How’s your new job? I hope everything is going good 🙂 x

  8. It’s amazing to see how much your blog has grown!! I love reading posts like this because I love reading their tips and tricks and how they have accomplished so much 🙂

    Kathy xx

  9. Hello Corinne! I think if you want an active blog anyway you have to work extra on that blog visiting or participating in social networks, despite all I think it was a good month for you!

  10. Thanks for your transparency Corinne! I really need to step it up on Twitter and get back to using Pinterest more regularly as well.

  11. It’s so interesting when you look at your stats like this and you can see a difference in your behaviours directly relating to your stats! I think I need to try get on top of my stats more and see if what I’m doing is helping or hurting the blog, haha! I only log into Google Analytics when someone asks for an updated media kit…so I never know why things are going up or down month-to-month.

  12. Love posts like these! You’re doing so well! I’d love to also know how you keep track of your stats and what websites and so on you use (as I’m completely clueless about these things and have no idea about them)! x

  13. This really motivated me today as it allowed me to see that several factors make months better than others. Thanks for being transparent.
    Rachel xo

  14. This is such a neat post, I love how you break it all down and tell us where everything came from. You’re doing so well for your blog & have so much potential for more money. My goal is to bring more people to my blog because my social stats are fantastic but that’s half the battle. I need people to come READ about it on my blog or WATCH it on my channel! xx

  15. Hi Corinne, I haven’t stopped by in a long time but I enjoyed this post so much and learnt a lot from it. Your stats and winning/income are amazing. I am still a very small blogger and am looking for new ways to grow my blog and also any tips from successful bloggers like you help. Just this week I did a complete re-design and re-launch of the blog and I started a brand-new linkup so I hope they both help. Hope you stop by to see it. Such a pleasure stopping by again. HAPPY MARCH AND HAPPY ALMOST-SPRING, SWEET LADY!

  16. I’m getting close to 200 BlogLovin’ followers and think that will be my goal for March. Think I’m at 194 as of today.

  17. Wow, admire you for being so open and honest about this. I feel like bloggers prefer not to be transparent about this kind of stuff, which is understandable, but still. Thanks for sharing

  18. I might just be nosey but I find these posts so interesting to read!!
    I’ve found my Pinterest referrals have gone right down lately, too – since they started showing pins based on how popular they are rather than who you’re following…

    Jess xo

  19. This is great Corinne. I’m aiming for 10,000 page views this month. It’s good to see what you’re doing to get the traffic to your site.

  20. Thanks so much for being open enough to share these stats! As a fairly new blogger it’s great to see what I can be looking to and the things that you find effect your traffic. <3

  21. Months will always vary but it’s good that you still stuck with writing the post. I have never taken sponsorship or paid post. But surprised at how much it actually is, lots higher than I thought Lucy X

  22. You might have already done this and I could have just missed it but if not it would be super helpful to have a post on how to use google analytics! I’ve been very overwhelmed with knowing how to use it so far!

  23. I must admit I’ve never seen a post like this but I really liked it! I love how you have shared your honest stats and shared where they have come from etc. It gives me an idea as to how fellow bloggers increase their followings etc which I think will be helpful for most bloggers, like myself who are wanting to work up to gaining a somewhat steady grown from month to month. My current goal is to reach 1,000 followers on Bloglovin, I’m currently at 972 so I don’t have far to go!


  24. Hey! I was wondering if you had a blog post on how to use google analytics as this post made me realise how much I don’t understand it or use it correctly, and I’m pretty sure I can’t rely on Blogger stats. If you did I’d love if you could link me to it, if not – do you have any tips on how to use it? Thanks so much!

    Zoe x

  25. Great post! Congratulations on doing so well. It’s so nice to see someone doing well and have another job on top of blogging. I’m trying to grow my blog but sometimes it does get hard as I am busy with work as well. Thank you for your insight and knowledge and for sharing it!

  26. Lovely post! I’m really intrigued as to what you get from PicMonkey Pro though. I use the free version myself and haven’t ever seen anything to make me want to upgrade.

  27. Really interesting stuff – thanks for sharing. As another blogger who also works full time, it’s great to see the success that’s still possible! I’ve been rubbish with my own blog recently but you’ve inspired me to get back to it 🙂

  28. It can be so hard to keep up with social media when you’re busy! Even if your growth wasn’t as much as last month, it still looks like you’ve done really well!

  29. This is such a great post Corinne, thank you for sharing. I always wonder what the stats of other bloggers are especially those bigger than myself. You’re doing awesome considering it’s not full time!

  30. Loved this post, I’m new to the blogging world! This was awesome information, thanks for sharing.

  31. Such a detailed and helpful post. It’s really nice to see honest and transparent stats. I never tracked stats on my first blog but I’ve just started a new one and plan to track in this level of detail. I’m also not blogging full time so it’s lovely to see stats from another non-full timer.

    Just from a layout point of view, I love the structure of this post too (blogging geek!!)

    Thanks for sharing

    Dani |

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