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When people ask me what my favourite song or band is, I can’t pick. I have favourite songs for favourite times in my life. I have sad songs, happy songs, songs that remind me of university or holidays. Songs that inspire me or songs that just give me warm feelings inside.

So because this is my blog, I can do what I want, I am going to share with you my favourite songs and tell you why I love them. And because I can do with I want because MY BLOG MY RULEZ, I’m not limited to how many songs I can share with you.

So I’m just going to keep going until I get bored or get too drunk to care about blogging.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights.

This one ALWAYS COMES FIRST. I just love the hell out of this thing. LOVE IT TO THE MOON AND BACK. Postal Service have so many amazing songs, but this was is my favourite by them.

I also recommend Nothing Better and Clark Gable.

Keaton Henson – Lying to You

I’m not sure if this is my favourite overall of Keaton Henson, but it’s the first song I ever heard of his and I fell in love 100%

Other recommendations from him are: 10AM Gard du North and Sarah Minor.

Konstantine – Something Corporate

Ugh this song is so beautiful. When I was young and emo it totes spoke to me. I learnt this on the piano and I love to play it and get lost in my head.

It’s 9 minutes long but even 10 years later, I get completely lost in it.

Play Radio Play – Decipher Deflections.

Because what do you do when your life is a disaster?

Band of Horses – Evening Kitchen 


So many hearts and loves and cries and everything.

Other recommendations: Noone’s Gonna Love You, Factory and Inifinte Arms.

Okay, this is the next day.

I guess it didn’t take too long to get too drunk and distracted to care about finishing the post.

I ended up playing 90’s and 00’s pop music, poking my friends on Facebook and Tweeting links to Vengaboys and Spice Girls videos.

Let’s finish this, shall we.


I’ve been subscribed to Nanalew for years. She often makes videos to songs and one day, she uploaded this one. I was in love with it instantly, both the song and the video.

I showed it to loads of my friends and they loved it too.

A few months later, it started getting attention over here. I always find that weird because in general, nobody even knows the music I like so to hear a song I love in a bar makes me excited. I’ve listened to it a million times and I’m not bored yet!

Interpol – Pioneer to the Falls

Just the lyric ‘you fly straight into my heart’ was enough to make me addicted to this song after the first play.

Anthony and the Johnsons – Cripple and the Starfish

This song is said to be about loads of things, some people think it’s about gender identity, some say sexuality and others say child abuse. I guess you can make the song about many things, whatever it’s true meaning is, it’s beautiful.

Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches

I’m going to end this on a light note, as most of the other songs are pretty emo.

I have no idea why I like this song, it’s not the typical type of music I listen to but it makes me happy when I listen to it. It’s just funny.

Whats your favourite song?

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