Best YouTube Videos EVER


I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately and I wanted to share with you some videos and series that have been making me smile a lot lately.

Philomena Cunk’s Moments of Wonder.

I love Brian Cox. His Wonders of the Universe series fascinated me. I studied space a lot at uni as part of some of my philosophy modules.

Philomona Cunk’s series is a parody of Brian’s series and never fails to make me laugh.

If you’ve watched any documentary by Brain Cox, this will make you small as she gets his mannerisms spot on.

Vlogvember by Adrian Bliss

When you watch the first Vlogvember, it appears to be some awkward guy trying to vlog. As you get further through the videos, you’ll find yourself strangely addicted to them and wanting to watch the next one. And the next one. The ending will make you feel things you didn’t even think you could feel.

You suck at cooking. 

LOL this the man I would like to marry. Just watch the trailer to his channel and then watch them all and enjoy.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

Oh. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

There’s currently 5 videos in this series that seemingly starts like a children’s show, but gets darker and darker. Each video gets more and more confusing and there are LOADS of theories about the meaning behind this show.

Kazoo Kid. 

This is just amazing.

Ok I’m done for now. What’s your favourite YouTube videos?


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