Be nice to your cooter.

I’m all for natural products. Even though my housemates boyfriend said my last post about an all natural deodorant was probably the most boring post…


I’m all for natural products. Even though my housemates boyfriend said my last post about an all natural deodorant was probably the most boring post I’ve ever wrote. (?°?°)?? ???

I think the thing that’s most frustrating is that it’s so hard to find products like this in the supermarket. I’ve looked and it’s always just your standard brands. I’d happily pay a bit extra for a natural product, rather than use a cheaper one with chemicals.


Soooooo yes let’s get back to the nice cooter topic.

Veeda is a brand that sells tampons, pads and liners that are all 100% natural and they sent me a few things from their range.

Veeda tampons are actually the only hypoallergenic, 100% cotton tampons on the market.

Your average tampon from well-known brands tend to be made from cotton that has been bleached or from synthetic products. They can contain dioxins, pesticide and herbicide residues as well as synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and dye.

Scary stuff, right? I mean, who likes the idea of putting pesticides in their vagina. I know I don’t. Do not put them there. That’s bad.

Because Veeda products don’t contain any chemicals, synthetics or dyes, they reduce the risk of toxic sock shock, irritation and allergic reactions.

There have been studies that have also shown potential links to tampons that contain dioxins and synthetics to cancer. Which I’m sure isn’t surprising because basically just being alive causes cancer according the Google.

tampons for a nice cooter

Veeda cost about the same as branded tampons, I guess the only thing is that they tend to be on offer often in the supermarkets but you might be paying a bit more overall. But can you really put a price on a happy penny? Or fanny, or vagina, or cooter, or muff or beaver or front bum or whatever you call your difference  😀



  1. Ah wish we had this brand I use tampons too I just find them to be better but we are limited in choice over here

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Soon we might come to South Africa Candice. Thanks for your interest in safe and natural feminine care.

  2. Table flip!

    It has honestly never crossed my mind to look for more natural products when it comes to tampons and towels, I don’t know how this hasn’t dawned on me before – I mean those things are getting all kinds of intimate with your body, a very sensitive part too! I think I need to re-think what I’m picking up next time!

    Sarah 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah, the problem is that not everyone discloses their ingredients and when you think you are buying safe, you are actually not. We are happy to disclose our number one ingredient: 100% natural cotton. #safetyfirst #veedatreat

    1. Thanks Anca, we are happy you have checked the website, you can check the actual products at Boots.
      Thanks 🙂

  3. I cool this brand tampons are natural you are right so many well known brand contains to much that could harms us great review thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  4. I use reusable pads and find they are so much better than the usual branded disposable types. My cramps are less severe (a positive side-effect of reusable pads I’d heard rumours of but didn’t quite believe) and they are much more comfotable. It’s great to know there are disposable products now that are 100% natural. I might have to have a look at them myself.

  5. LMAO! You never fail to make me chuckle, Corinne. I have made the switch to natural panty liners but not tampons, yet. Gotta check if I find this brand here.

  6. Oh wow, I don’t know what I expected on m bloglovin feed tonight but this post was definitely one of the most important one tonight. I will check out this brand, as bleached tampons are definitely not great.

    Connect with me:

  7. Your posts always make me laugh! I had no idea that all-natural tampon brands existed, I’ll definitely be giving Veeda a go if I can find them! x

  8. I don’t have to worry about tampons and etc; because I have an IUD. It saves me from my horrific period and I don’t want it.

  9. These products sound great! I am all for natural products but I agree it’s hard to find things like this in most shops! I will definitely be keeping my eye out though!
    Don’t worry this post wasn’t boring at all x

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  10. Few years ago I wouldn’t see myself saying this, but! The world full of crap! I mean products. I wasn’t that person who look for organic or natural products. But health issues are real.
    One day you feel save using it, the other day you discovered someone got cervical cancer, in stage 3!!! Lately, I felt bored of using the same (well-known brand), but the real reason I guess is… I really hate crap!

    1. Hi hager, we understand your frustration and we are happy to inform you that we won’t give you any.
      Stay natural and healthy 🙂

  11. My mum got me dome natural pads from a place which I was pleased about because yes, you don’t want to be putting stuff there that is chemically!!

  12. Batt scare is another brand they are 100% cotton and organic I use these. The amount of chemicals in other brands is quite scary Lucy x

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