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5 MOAR frustrations of a blogger

Ahhh, seeing as my first post, Frustrations of a Blogger did quite well, I thought I’d come at you with some more frustrations. MOAR. E-mailing…


frustrations of a blogger

Ahhh, seeing as my first post, Frustrations of a Blogger did quite well, I thought I’d come at you with some more frustrations.


frustrations of a blogger

E-mailing me too much. 

I get a lot of press-releases or e-mails about information that might be useful to my readers. Especially for my fitness blog.

Although I don’t publish that type of content here, I’m a bit more open to it over on my fitness and tech blogs because I’m generally less anal about it what I post there.

I like this blog to be ALL my own content and because I blog so often, it’s sometimes nice to quickly cut and paste an article and change a few things around when I’m low on time on the other blogs. There’s no budget for most things like this and most of the time the people e-mailing me are pretty cool about it.

But there has been a handful of times when I’ve expressed interest in writing about it only to end up receiving an e-mail every day asking if I’ve had time to read it. If after sending one e-mail explaining that I work full time so  haven’t had time to read it yet and I still get pestered daily, I’m just not going to want to work on this anymore.

I understand being chased if it was something I had been paid to do, or had been given something in exchange for! But doing something for no compensation, I think I should be able to work to my own time scales.

Demanding things after the agreement.

This has only happened to me a few times, but there have been a few times I’ve been sent a product, and after I’ve had the product sent to me there’s a list of demands. Things like anchor text links, or video reviews, or to Tweet so many times a day. There was one that wanted two posts, one when I used the product for a month and another after two months. Eeeeeeekkk. To test something every day for a month is time consuming enough.. but two months?

Just be upfront!

Submit a cover letter.

Okay, I understand having to pitch to brands sometimes. But when brands are looking for bloggers to review something, it’s frustrating when they ask for a cover letter!

I understand that they just want to find bloggers that are eager and passionate about the brand, but I wonder how many time poor people like myself just won’t bother applying to anything that requires an individual pitch, especially if it’s for a low value product and not a paid opportunity.

I would have thought that having a quit look around my blog and social would be enough to decide whether you want me to rep you or not? AM I RITE?

Being mean about typos.

Typos happen. They just do. I make them on a regular basis.

I pay a lot of attention to my blog, I put in a lot of time and try to be as diligent as I can. But also I’m dyslexic. and I’m busy. and I’m easily distracted and I’m a hooman bean* so I make mistakes.

I often see tweets from bloggers slating other bloggers for typos. Either as a way to one up a blogger during an argument by making them look silly, or just passive aggressively.

It just makes me feel bad because I know that no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be 100% free from errors.

I feel so embarrassed every single time I spot one!

(Also, can I just thank the two lovely bloggers that DM’ed me to tell me that I had linked to the wrong thing in some posts recently, I know that’s not quite a typo but thanks for letting me knowwww!)

*intentional typo

Thinking you’re owed the world.

I’m pretty much in the middle of the road when it comes to the whole ‘should you work for free’ argument.

I think it depends on so many things. Like:

  • Is it a good fit for your blog?
  • Would it get you page views?
  • Are you struggling for ideas?
  • Are you a new blogger?
  • Is blogging just a hobby for you?
  • How good are your stats?
  • My mood at the time (lolz).

Realistically, brands aren’t going to pay you unless you have good numbers. That’s just life. Your time is only worth as much as the results you can deliver. And those results will vary from op to op.

I sometimes feel like there are quite a few bloggers out there that expect too much. There are some that won’t even do product reviews without the payment. Which is absolutely fine, that’s your choice.

The thing that bothers me is belittling others, or telling them to have some self-respect. Which is what sometime said to me not long ago!

Oh, and it can totally work the other way, too. There are bloggers out there that think you’re selling out or if you make money, or you’re not authentic.

One my long time blogging buddies, Holly, once tweeted something along the lines of:

Bloggers are the only creatives that slate each other for making money.

Trust story, bro.

I should probably change that headline from ‘thinking you’re owed the world’ to ‘you do you’.

Whether you want to make money or not. It’s your choice.

frustrations of a blogger

What are your frustrations?

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  1. The whole thing about bloggers and money just winds me up, especially what I’m reading on a daily basis on a certain facebook group. Accept what you want to accept, only the individual can put a value on their time and work IF they want to. Some people are just happy to blog, others want/need to earn a living off it. Fair enough, I have no problem with either camp, but coming along and telling people they are jeopardising OTHER bloggers by taking such ‘small sums’ for their work just pisses me off. For a community that can be, generally, very supportive, so many are too quick to jump on top of each others faces and scratch their eyeballs out over bloody money, whether the victim is making it or not.

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. OMG great post! Follow my blog xoxoxoxox

    When people write comments like this hahahah it really got to me when I published a really personal post about a close friend who had passed away and a comment I received was “Loved this, such an upbeat and fun post!” follow me blah blah blah… Just read the post if you’re going to make a comment or don’t comment at all! Also I get annoyed when you see bloggers that are purely in it for the money, the numbers and the products. It’s like content creators on YouTube where you can tell when someone is genuine and when someone is putting on a front :/ Em xx

  3. I can definitely relate to a lot of these. God, the amount of press releases/emails I get sent a day asking me to post about something for free is ridiculous. It frustrates me not because I think I’m owed anything, but, well, I kinda do, because surely I’m owed some sort of recompense for my time? Blogging isn’t my f/t job anymore, so any hours I put in to photos, post writing etc etc come out of my own time, my ‘down time’. Like many other bloggers, I know. But I do think we’re maybe not owed, but deserve to be compensated for that time we put in. It frustrates me when brands/PRs don’t seem to see that! x x

  4. I do not believe no blogger should work for free. Blogging take to much time of your schedule and is so much work. Companies want the advertisement with plenty of link and exposure but they do not want to pay. I get plenty of email for 10 dollars post I reject every time. I understand the agony in communicating the business perspective.

  5. Agree with all of these…especially the feeling like your entitled to something. Mind you some companies can take the piss, but as long as you agree with something, then it’s good. I have run into a lot of companies though that basically want me to work for free and then they don’t even share what I’ve done, so that an drive me crazy. x

  6. There’s so many opinions that go along with bloggers who represent brands, that it has scared me off for a long time. If a blogger is happy with it and telling the truth why is it bad if it’s done for money or not. I don’t know thats just always got to me.

    I also dislike people who leave comments without reading the post or more. Especially when the time taken to write the comment would’ve been the same time taken to READ THE POST. hahaha

    Pretty much agree to everything here tbh, also typos are the bane of life haha

    Rai |

  7. What frustrates me about being a blogger? Well, you pretty much listed most of it here, Corinne. I don’t mind sponsored posts as long as it’s a related topic and whole blog is not filled to the brim with it. My biggest pet peeve has to be people who commented “Great post! Follow me!”…I want to reply Sod off, you wanker but that would be rude of me, eh? LOL!

  8. My biggest frustration are the people who don’t even read your posts and leave comments that they obviously just copy and paste everywhere. And also bloggers who post nothing but self promotion for themselves on social media.

  9. I can’t think of anymore, you kinda summed up everything. There are some nice people to reply the emails with “thank you” after rejecting them, but there are some really rude ones that accept “no” as an answer. If someone is making money with doing the things they love, then that’s totally fine. Paying for a post doesn’t mean you can control the bloggers. x

  10. I don’t like it when people moan about bloggers working for free/samples devaluing sponsorship. Everyone has to start somewhere, and no-pay reviews are great practice and a way to get yourself noticed as a good reviewer. And agree on the typo thing. I manage a marketing team as my full-time job. You would not believe the amount of people that read an article before it is published and still find errors. As a blogger you don’t have that kind of resource, so of course typos will happen.

  11. I’d never seen the cover letter thing before! Except on some websites. I’m of the opinion that if you’re not good with three lines you can go fuck yourself, because this is a one-off, you’re not freaking hiring me for the foreseeable future. If you want me to write a cover letter you can pay me for it. *flips hair*

  12. Another great post! I am going through a spree of reading so many of your blogger related posts and have been loving them! Really helpful! Since I’m still new I haven’t had to experience a lot of these frustrations yet but I’m sure the day will come..

  13. Aww, love your post. I wrote about working for free a few days ago because I was exasperated by all the requests to blog for free with so many requirements and deadlines that made no sense. I wasn’t asked for a cover letter, but for my stats… by a brand that contacted me. I said thanks but no thanks to that one. Why should I try to convince a brand that contacted me in first place?! Bonkers.
    While I never worked for free (not reviews, posts), I understand that some people would want to work for free for different reasons and that it their choice. I’m bothered by how aggressive some bloggers can be when it comes to this. I might blog for free for the right company or the right project, but I wasn’t offered that so far. As for reviews, almost always I will review without any payment (but I don’t guaranty coverage or work on a deadline) and it doesn’t matter if the product is £5 or £50. Why should I ask for money if the product is only £5, maybe my readers would be interested in a cheaper item. Although the price doesn’t always mean it’s cheap, for example a £5 chocolate bar is more high end… I would gladly review that, obviously. :))

  14. oh God I feel like I’m always banging on about it but one of my biggest frustrations (apart from not having enough time) is people buying fake followers, please just stop it already! Knowing that certain people are doing it yet we’re just supposed to ignore them drives me nuts.

    and non-disclosure, that’s another frustration of mine but thankfully I don’t have many others xx

  15. i love it (sarcasm) when brands say they’ll share my pic or review for “good exposure.” ha!! bc that pays the bills! 😉

  16. An interesting read and agree with lots of them, at the moment I am getting repeated press release from one company in Italian. Really! Lucy x

  17. Completely agree with you on typo’s as I have dyspraxia and know that you can read through a finished piece two or three times and not necessarily pick up on one. My blog is non moneytised as it’s just a hobby and I’m on benefit for MS so I can’t really work random hours, random times per month without my benefit being sanctioned. I’ve actually had bloggers say ‘free’ bloggers like me ‘spoil it’ for every one else. I started when blogging was just a happy carefree hobby and intend to keep it that way :0)

  18. One of my biggest frustrations is being harassed by brands days after receiving an item for a product review. Like, it took you weeks to get the item to me and you’re harassing me over a product that by your own instructions, takes months to calibrate to my body. So how on earth could I be writing a review in a matter of days..? Needed to vent that frustration out just there. I think another for me is the content theives out there.

  19. Hey! You mentioned you have dyslexia and I thought I’d tell you about an app I use to help with my writing! It’s called Granmarly (not sponsored sadly) and it picks up on the things that you miss and underlines them in red till you correct it. It corrects punctuation & grammar & misspellings. It’s free!

    1. I’m not the best writer and I find it really helps! You just download the chrome extension and whenever you write it’ll correct your mistakes.

  20. Ah yes, people who change the goal posts afterwards drive me mad. I always state what I’m going to do in response as a confirmation so no, I’m not going to do additional things because they forgot or are now trying to get extra included in the same fee. And the chasing emails – usually they come from people who’ve not even addressed me by my name so it’s probably a blanket press release.

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