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Hello, I’m busy. But this isn’t always the case. I go through weeks of nothingness, where I’m pretty much free to just blog, workout and…



Hello, I’m busy.

But this isn’t always the case. I go through weeks of nothingness, where I’m pretty much free to just blog, workout and go to work. But there are times, like over the past couple of weeks, where I’ve been busy with like, other stuff.

You know, things like Pretty Little Liars and Love (the TV show, FYI). Events, seeing friends and just trying to do other stuff that you have to do to survive. Like eat and clean yourself and wash your clothes. You know, the boring stuff.

Time is the most frustrating thing. There never seems to be enough of it, and when I do have it I struggle to use it productively. Which I why I wanted to have this weeks #socialbloggers chat topic about hacks that you can do to save time or keep on top of things when you’re busy.

We’re only human at the end of the day. And at the start of the day, too. Actually, we’re human all the time. Unless we’re not a human and are like, a dog or something. What’s going on? My head hurts. I think I’d rather be a dog. Woof.

I bet dogs never worry about being busy.

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Q1: When you’re busy, what’s the first thing that suffers?

Q2: What hacks do you have to help blogging be easier when busy?

Q3: Do you have any quick tips to fit and healthy?

Q4: How do you keep on top of housework/cleaning?

Q5: How do you make sure you maintain your relationships when busy?



  1. When I’m busy its my blogging that suffers and sometimes my sleep too. But, I just try and post when I can and maybe keep up more with my other social media pages to make up for it, which actually helps in some ways as it’s builds them up too. And it’s a great stress reliever for me at times as well. xx

  2. I do not blog on weekend and some days that I have my day job projects that take place out of town but I try to visit the people do.

  3. When I’m busy it’s exercise that suffers first! I just don’t get enough of it and I go to bed too late which doesn’t help either 😉

  4. Exercise suffers whenever I am busy and also the quality of my posts will go downhill. I’m struggling to keep up with blogging to be honest and I’m hanging on by a thread. 🙁

  5. Exercise, blogging and my health all suffer when I get too busy. I have a habit of taking way too much on, making too many plans, committing myself to too many things. If I could give up on either sleep (and still function) or work (and still get paid) then I’d have more than enough time for everything!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  6. When I’m busy, reading always takes a back seat. Which is a shame, because it’s something I love doing, and wish I did more of. But at least it means I still (usually) have time for the things I consider to be most important; family/friends, eating, housework and blogging. I swear by scheduling tweets etc for my blog, that saves me so much time during the week, and frees me up to just tweet whatever I want during the rest of the week! Such a lifesaver. xo

  7. When I get busy, it’s always home things that get neglected – like the food shop where I just *forgot* to go for 2 weeks… Oops! Thanks for including my tweet! Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk

  8. As someone who just started a new job today, I think this post was quite important and I’m sad that I missed the chat exactly as I had a lot to prepare and I ended up spending the whole weekend with family or friends.
    But I think that for us, who have a weird schedule, it’s great to see how other people are adapting to things. Like you said, we’re all humans all the time. We can’t always do the same things, especially when there’s so much to take into account.
    This is the first time I’m busy busy – and I think what’s been affected the most is being as social on social media, or reading as many blogs, commenting as fast. I’ve still been commenting and reading and being active, just not as much and I’m definitely seeing a difference in everything. And I can’t write as longer comments as before of course.
    If I had to say what I’m good at when I’m busy is being organized. Is knowing I have to do something and doing it without trying to do other things at the same time because I know that’s going to end up making me spend more time on silly things. I get distracted quite easily.
    I think drinking a lot of water is key in these situations. That and maintaining a balanced diet. And working out as much as you can of course. I work an hour away from home. So my schedule is: waking up at 6, leaving the house at half past 7, getting in at 9, leaving at 6pm, getting to the gym at 7/7h30, getting home at nearly 10 pm. So it’s hard but I know it’s worth it.

    Anyway, I’m sad I missed this one but I’m going to try making it next Saturday! So count me in babe.

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