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#socialbloggers 94 // Blog Improvement & Your Story

Generally, bloggers are always striving to be better at blogging. Whether that’s working on their writing, layout, topics or photography, we’re always wanting to improve….


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Generally, bloggers are always striving to be better at blogging. Whether that’s working on their writing, layout, topics or photography, we’re always wanting to improve.

It’s human nature to want to continue to grow and get better and I often think that one of the meanings of life is to keep striving to be better in many aspects of it. Almost like you want to be the best and leave a legacy behind. It would be boring if we got to a point where we were like ‘okay, I’m done trying now let’s just float along as we are’, wouldn’t it?

I feel like my blog has been improving over the past few months and I’ve been much happier with it. I did go a few months during 2015 where I felt like I was just floating along. I wasn’t working as hard on content, I wasn’t trying new things and I wasn’t writing the type of posts I love to write because I thought they were becoming a bit of a cliche amongst bloggers.

As soon as I realised how much better I feel when I’m writing what I love to write (posts about blogging, mainly), rather than worrying about being judged or becoming a cliche, I felt much better.

I’ve also been doing a weekly blog course, you can check out the 7th week here which is linked to the previous weeks. The course is all about how to improve your blog in various ways and might be helpful if you’re wanting to take your blog to that next level.

Just remember, do what makes you happy. Do what’s fun. Do what feels right for you.


Q1: What blogging related things have you improved over the last year? Spill your beans!

Q2: What are your secrets/general ways that helped you make all the improvements in your blog? Did a blogger inspire you?

Q3: What is something you still need to improve for your blog? How are you hustling for it?



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  1. Writing about what you love and enjoy makes blogging so much easier and sincere too!! Any time I’ve written about just anything or something I was unsure about, I didn’t write so well and it made me want to stop blogging. So definitely write what you love, so you will come across enthusiastic and true 🙂 xx

  2. I think your advice is so good – do what makes yo uahppy. In life in general, and not just in blogging terms! 🙂

    Lots of great ideas and suggestions from the chat but your comment stuck out the most for me. I’m not blogging for an income, it’s just a hobby, so I want it to be fun 🙂

  3. There are so many things that I keep meaning to do but somehow never get around to it. Its hard to fit blogging into full time work/studying sometimes ugh *excuses*

    Ash | Liakada

  4. I’ve been trying to improve my photography and I’ve also attempted to make my blog titles more appealing, it’s all a work in progress!

  5. I think this is such a great and interactive post! Though I have learned a lot since the beginning, I think there are still a lot of things I need to improve and learn.


  6. I think I’ve improved in the areas of photography, now I want to focus on improving my writing, and be more organized, they are the goals I want to achieve this year.

  7. I’ve been working on my photography a lot, but gloomy winter days don’t really help me. I feel like there are a lot that I should improve, but it all takes time. Being consistent is what I’m lacking so it is something I should work on as well as creativity. x

  8. Corinneeeee! I’ve missed catching up on your blog posts! I’m back and gosh, do I have lots of reading up to do! On to the topic, I would say the biggest improvement would be my photography. Mind you, it’s not perfect and I still have a long way to go but at least it’s much better than my cringe worthy pictures in my earlier posts. LOL!

  9. So so good to love what you write about! I think that really makes the biggest difference! And as many people mentioned – photography makes a huge difference as well!

  10. You know what ? I didn’t know your blog before late last year but I can see how confident and happy you are with what you’re writing through well, your writing. Which is one of the reasons as to why I love your blog so much.

    I loved this chat, as I think it’s important for us to sit down and really think like – what do we want to get better at? what do we want to do? where are we lacking? how can we do what we’re trying to improve. And this actually made me stop and think about these things so I’m forever thankful for always creating amazing things like your 8 week course and this chat.

    Ella x

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