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#socialbloggers 93 // Internet Friends

YAY Internet friends. Making friends has to be the best thing about blogging. When I first started blogging, I didn’t imagine that I’d make real…


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YAY Internet friends. Making friends has to be the best thing about blogging.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t imagine that I’d make real friends. I thought there would be people I recognise around the community, or whose blogs I’d frequent but to call some of these strangers friends, nah. I didn’t see this happening.

I didn’t even imagine that I would ever meet up with them in real life. That seems scary. Awkward. Doom.

Yesterday was Internet Friends Day, which is why I wanted to talk about internet friends as the chat topic.

My best friends are now all bloggers. Saturday night I even went around to one bloggers house with a couple of others for a few drinks. This is how I know they’re my friends, rather than just people I know online.

We meet up outside of blog events, just to hang out. They don’t even feel like people I’ve met online anymore. Sometimes we don’t even Instagram it.

I think the best thing about making friends online is that you get to pick your friends. Rather than in school, when you’re in a class with only a few other kids. The internet allows you to reach more people so you have the opportunity to make friends with people who you get along with more and like the same things.

I also have other online friends that I’ve met on various different sites. Some I’ve met up with, some I’ve not. I have most of them on Facebook and talk to some more than others. One I talk to daily.

Have you made any friends online?

#socialbloggers chat roundup, a weekly Twitter chat for bloggers

Q1: When do you start considering someone online as a ‘friend’?

Q2: Do you remember your first internet friend? Do you still talk?

Q3: What do you like most about internet friends vs RL ones?

Q4: Have you ever met up with any of your internet friends?

Q5: Shout out to your fav internet friends and tell them why you love them!



  1. I’ve met a lot of amazing people through blogging & so glad I can call them my friends! I love seeing them & catching up with them 🙂 love the internet for connecting me with a group bunch of people!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  2. I was like this too! I had no idea I would ever meet friends from blogging, yes maybe communicate here and there to network but now I just look forward to chatting to everyone haha! It’s great 🙂

    Rai |

  3. Meeting new people is the best part of blogging, I have never been to a blog event but I would love to go to one. I love meeting people who share the same passion & the same interests. x

  4. I’ve made quite a few friends from blogging as they certainly understand the trials and tribulations of it ;-). By the way, Corinne, I think your server may have blocked CommentLuv from BT (I normally use another computer when I’m commenting)

  5. I haven’t met anyone from blogging community yet (it would be fun to meet actually), but I have a few online friends, I’ve known one of them for over 12 years, crazy! I can be more open to internet friends I guess, I know that they won’t be giving my that judgy look or even if they do, I won’t see it 🙂 x

  6. It is always great to see how blogging helps people to find new friendships. I am off to a bloggers event this weekend. Cannot wait! I have added you on Bloglovin! 🙂

    Connect with me:

  7. I loved reading through this, I’d be lost without my internet friends! I would literally meet no one new where I’m ill and can barely leave the house but now I’ve made some of my best friends which is amazing. x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  8. Some bloggers are usually so kind that feel like virtual friends, even some I keep in touch on social networks, locally also have some friends I met through the blog and honestly did not think our friendship will last, but it has been! Happy week Corinne!

  9. I’ve met heaps of friends online and it’s been fantastic! But unfortunately I don’t have any bloggers I can meet up with in person because I don’t know many in Australia.

  10. I’ve made some amazing friends through blogging and it’s only been 10 months! I’m so excited to meet a few of them, but even though I’ve not met them yet they’re still always there at the end of the phone for me, and we talk almost daily. Meeting up is just a question of geography, and we’ll sort it this year! Yay for internet friends 🙂 x

  11. I feel that it’s hard to define a moment when you know you’ve become friends with someone because often, people work differently and while there might be certain connections straight away, others are worked through conversation and understanding. Even in real life. Even though I’ve known my bestfriend for years, we didn’t get to a point of friendship until maybe a year and a half after meeting.

    The thing about internet friends is that, it’s much easier to make conversation flow, and to talk about certain topics that like I mentioned in the chat, in real life, people aren’t most likely to care for. And after one thing comes another and another and another, and they’re different level of friendships, but they’re so easy and comfortable, that it’s what makes it worth it in the end.

    I feel like I’m a pretty “social” person in the sense that I love meeting new people and making friends, and maybe I’m a bit too much at times, and I might always consider someone a friend when they might not even care for me. But that’s okay too. It’s who I’ve always been, and I like that. I’m always open to conversations! I babble too much like you know ahahahah.

    Have a lovely day sweetheart!
    Ella x

  12. I’m really bad at making friends haha. There are so many bloggers that I’d love to get to know more. I need to get myself to more events.

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