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#socialbloggers 92 // Blog Glam

Welcome to the glamest #socialbloggers chat there ever was. Oo-er. I was driving home while Noor was running this chat, so I’m just going to…


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Welcome to the glamest #socialbloggers chat there ever was. Oo-er.

I was driving home while Noor was running this chat, so I’m just going to jump right in and answer the questions.

If I was to describe my blog as a celebrity, I’d either say Jennifer Lawrence or Zooey Deschanel. Purely because they’re quite awkward and quirky. I am awkward and I like to think blog is quirky.

If I was given a blank check, unlike most people who would buy something physical, I would buy a human. Wait, that sounds odd. What I mean is I would buy a virtual assistant to do the tasks I hate the most. Like proof reading, scheduling Tweets, optimising my posts for search and other sucky tasks. I’m all about saving time so I can focus on finishing Pretty Little Liars. Wait, that’s wrong. I mean, so I can focus on creating great content and interacting with my readers.


As for blogging trends. Well, let’s be honest here. I totally jumped on the whole wall paper for a background trend and I’m not even sorry. I guess maybe the starting the Twitter chat trend, but I did that before it was trendy, so I like to think that Noor and I are total trend setters *sassy girl click*

I guess I’ve kind of taken to the flat lay trend, too. And using that bloggy font in Pins. Oh no, I’m not original. Boo.

The most popular things I’ve posted bout have been personal posts and posts about blogging. They’re also the posts I have most fun writing so WOO I’m trying to do more of that and hopefully I won’t run out of ideas 😀


Q1: If you could describe your blog as if it were a famous celebrity, who would you pick & why?

Q2: If you were given a blank cheque to shop for your blog RIGHT NOW, what would you buy & why?

Q3: Is there any specific/new trend in blogging you’ve been trying to incorporate with your own blog?

Q4: What are some of the most popular topics you’ve blogged about? Share your posts with us


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  1. I can’t believe I missed the chat, this makes me quite sad – more than you think! So I’ma go ahead and answer two of them on here (the questions are actually pretty hard I feel like, and I don’t know how to answer the first one)

    Question 2 – If I got a blank check, I’d have to say I’d invest in my blog, maybe first with camera equipment, I already have a really good NIKON, but I’d like to have lighting equipment as well, and maybe redo my room so I can take different types of Looks of the Day, and I don’t know, invest in general with alot of items I don’t know yet so I can make better content.

    Question 4 – I think I have to say that my most viewed posts have to be my wishlist and make up looks. The one that definitely has gotten more comments has to be my VD makeup look! Which is one I’m quite proud of as well.

    Ella x

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