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Reasons why I’m a terrible adult

On Thursday, I went to the gym. Before going to the gym, I knew that I needed to nip to Morrisons afterwards to grab a…


5 things (2)

On Thursday, I went to the gym. Before going to the gym, I knew that I needed to nip to Morrisons afterwards to grab a few things, so I got some carrier bags ready. I never remember to bring my own carrier bags and this new law thing where you have to buy one for 5 FULL pennies annoys the hell out of me. For no reason. I mean, it’s just 5p, right? And it’s good to save the environment by re-using things. 

Well, it’s not good for me, because I now feel bad about throwing the bags away, or using them as bin bags because I PAID FOR THEM. This basically means I currently have hundreds, maybe even thousands of carrier bags at home. I’m seriously considering opening a business where I sell them for 6p each and maybe make a bit of profit. Then I can quit my job and sit and watch Pretty Little Liars for the rest of my sad and lonely life.

Ok, maybe not.

Right so I was at the gym, then after I finished the gym I sent a tweet out:

I’m feeling like an accomplished adult today because I’m going to the supermarket and remembered my own bags!

Then I got into my car, looked smugly at the bags on my passenger seat to find they were not there.

Flashback. Me leaving house. Me not picking bags up off table.

So I tweeted.

Scrap the last tweet, left the bags on the table in the kitchen.

I’m 29, yanno. I kind of feel like I went to university at 19 and just never got anymore mature. I guess that happens when you don’t really have any reasons to be mature. I’m single, live in a rented house, I have no kids and all my friends are on the internet. LOLZ.

Here are so me photos of me not being an adult:


And here is a list of things that make me a badult. AKA BAD ADULT:

  1. I don’t iron. Unless I put something on and it’s really creased, then I’ll iron it there and then. I even shake my work shirts when I take them out of the wash because in my head, that’s enough to beat the creases out.
  2. I will not answer the phone. Even if I know who it is, I only rarely answer it. Talking on the phone terrifies me. When it rings, I let it go to voicemail. Then I refuse to listen to the voicemail because if someone has left me a voicemail it must be serious, terrible news. Like someone has died. What’s wrong with an old fashioned SMS?
  3. I am terrified of answering the door. When someone knocks on the door, I freeze. I mean, who knows what’s on the other side? It might be something dangerous, like a human. If I freeze, the human won’t be able to sense me and it will walk away. When I lived in my parents and people came over, I used to actually hide if my parents weren’t in. I remember once the window cleaners came, they usually knock first – so I hid, then the cleaned the windows anyway, so I had to stealthily move from room to room and hide in corners to avoid them.
  4. My diet consists of things that you can put together cold, like a salad, or things you can just put water on and it makes food. Like smash. I sometimes make things that you warm up, if I’m feeling really adventurous, like soup and toast.
  5. I leave everything to the last minute. Paying credit card bills, paying road tax or car insurance.. having to book dentist appointments. I know I should just sit down and do it and it will only take 5 minutes, but I just seem to have some sort of mental block.
  6. I eat in front of my computer. I know that’s bad and you’re supposed to eat at a table but nope, not me. Are table is basically used for putting junk mail and clean washing on.
  7. I drank dead fish and I’m a vegetarian. Yeah, I’m not even responsible enough to check the ingredients to things I’m putting in my mouth. I was taking a skincare supplement that has fish extract in it and I didn’t realise until I had taken it for 10 days.
  8. I started saving up for a mortgage and then spent it on going to Disneyland, Florida. I don’t think this needs an explanation. And I don’t regret it.
  9. I stay up too late. Even if I have to be up really early the next day, I just can’t myself to bed at a responsible time.
  10. I think poo jokes are really funny. LOL POO. Why did the baker have smelly hands? Because he kneaded a poo. 😀

Here are some more pictures of me not being an adult.


Are you a bad adult? What do you fail at?

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  1. Hehe this is awesome!! I tend to eat infornt of pc too at work and have no diet to speak of!!! Also never answer my phone unless its my boyfriend

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Haha I absolutely love this! Literally nodding my head agreeing with every point! I don’t iron either, I do exactly the same thing with the door and the phone! No shame in being young at heart haha!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

  3. Who’s got time for ironing?! (Apart from my mum who irons pants and socks as well as all the stuff you’re ‘supposed’ to iron!! Crazy lady) Sometimes I iron my bedding and it’s a real treat to snuggle into. Not enough of a treat to make me go through the hassle of ironing every time though!

  4. I always eat in front of my laptop and I have never learned to iron – nor do I feel the need to! I’m getting better at remember my bag as I actually work at Morrisons so I should remember by now after telling my customers since the start of October… Tania xx

  5. On the basis of your list, I don’t think I’m an adult either! Life is too short to do loads of ironing

  6. Haha! I also don’t iron anything, like ever. The last thing I ironed was probably my husband’s shirt for our wedding. We’ve been married 4 years.
    I also won’t answer the phone or the door – why won’t people just leave me alone?!
    Nicola x

  7. It’s boring being an adult, best to keep these behaviours really!! I don’t iron, I hate ironing, I only do it when it’s absolutely needed. I am more like my children than most adults and I don’t care. Makes life better really. I hate answering the phone and I hate answering the door – unless it’s packages of stuff I’ve ordered and then I will make an exception. I’m too much of a daydreamer to grow up, ha xx

  8. LOL Corinne you are out of control but sometimes adult like they way they are if they are happy and that what counts,

  9. I laughed at the poo joke and I’m old enough to be a responsible adult too! I also don’t iron unless it’s unavoidable and hide from people at the door.
    I don’t think I’ll ever become a ‘proper’ adult!

  10. Haha I totally do all these things! Irrational fear of window cleaners, never making dentist appointments, not ironing anything, ever… I make my boyfriend iron anything that needs it because I get ridiculously frustrated at myself ironing creases INTO my clothing!

    God. Adulting is boring, who’d bother?

  11. I love this post SO MUCH, Corinne! I pretty much do all of these things… especially #1. I think ironing is such a time kill that I even bought a portable steamer, so I can just hang everything up and give it a quick 1-minute steam (no setting up required!) if it needs it before I put it on. SO much better. I also love that you spent your mortgage savings on Disney, because Disney World is amazing – fantastic decision.

    Jodie x

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one that would blow off my savings on things like travelling & what not 😀 & I stay up way too late But I love it, it makes me feel like a little bit of a rebel LOL!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  13. I don’t honestly think this makes you a bad adult, you’re human and you live your life the way it makes you happiest right? I feel like that’s what’s most important to be honest.

    While I’m a bit opposite of you in some things – I too have answering the phone even though I’ve worked before on answering phones. I just hate it. MY friends say I always sound mad on the phone because I never even say hi, but answer with the person’s name.

    Honestly – I’d probably end up going to Disneyland too. Who wouldn’t? IT’S DISNEYLAND!
    And I eat infront of my computer too, no shame!

    This post was phenomenal, had me laughing quite alot and I’m in love with it.


  14. I can relate to far too many of these! Especially the mortgage thing because as of today I thought FUCK IT I’ve been actively saving forever and still can’t afford anywhere so I’m just going to rent somewhere silly and forget about savings.

  15. Love the window cleaner point haha, it must have been so awkward moving from room to room! Every morning I say I’ll go to bed earlier and every night I never do.

    When I get in from work, I’m not tired anymore and want to do things, anything over going to bed early. I always regret it the next morning but never learn. Every time my ISA is looking healthy I go and book a holiday when I should probably buy a car!

    Ami x

  16. I can relate with so many of these Corinne! Yeah right, that stupid dead fish stuff is everywhere! I sometimes forget to look, but I recently bought some curry which had some of it in it, too. Baaah…

  17. I’m a pretty bad adult too. My dining room table is piled high with miscellaneous crap which I just shove aside with the computer when we eat dinner (albeit AT the table)- we watch iPlayer on the laptop as we eat. I don’t iron, I am always arriving at work by the skin of my teeth, I like plastic jewellery, I keep buying clothes and yeh, lots more too! You are hilarious!x

  18. Ha I really enjoyed reading this. I did the window cleaner thing too! I was so proud of my stealth. Hey, you have a car. Sounds pretty grown up to me. I’m 27 years old and so few of my friends have cars that whenever they give me a lift anywhere it feels so grown up and like “omg how can these grown ups be my friend?!”. That feeling really hasn’t changed since we all turned 17. I’m such an adult in some ways, but in others just a total imposter. x

  19. Being a boring adult is over rated I am a great believer in growing old disgracefully. Judging by the list I am no where near an adult and to be honest I am proud of that fact Lucy x

  20. Oh my god, Corinne this actually made my night :’) and it also made me feel oddly better about myself haha, I’ll be 22 next month so I keep suddenly realising I’m an adult. I still do hide when the door goes, or the phone (although sometimes I actually manage to answer them – and I actually used the phone to book a doctors appointment!) I did actually once (maybe three or four times) actually sleep in while the window cleaner was cleaning the windows, I only woke up when I saw a shadow at my window, I can’t even imagine having to run from room to room! I feel bad for laughing at you when you bring up accidentally drinking the dead fish. I deeply apologise. And I also laughed at the poo joke oh god… Wow this is a long comment!

  21. Haha! Ohmygosh Corinne you’re hilarious! I have a phobia of answering the door and answering the phone when I was young. Like, I wouldn’t literally answer it cuz all the bad thoughts are in my head or I’m just really scared to talk to strangers. Glad I got over it. lol

  22. gosh, I don’t even know if I want to think about reasons on how I fail as an adult… but for the most part, I’m pretty good at being an adult. I have a budget, I manage my finances well, I pay bills on time, I’m like a grandma and sleep by 11pm… 🙂

  23. Yes! A table is definitely for clean washing. I do the exact same haha. I felt pretty “adult” this week because I renewed my car insurance and pet insurance and saved myself a lot of money per month, and suddenly felt like I was really okay with life.
    Then I forgot to send my nephew a birthday card. So, yeah, I’m not really with this whole adult thing. Who remembers to post stuff though?! When do you learn to remember to do that?
    I loved this post!

  24. Haha! I like when someone get lost talking about something else before their point! I can totally follow that and I do it often which makes me a bad adult. Iam sick of doing my laundry I might leave them for 2 weeks to rot, instead of doing them every week or every 4 days like I used to. I don’t discuss projects with my ‘supposed to be my group’ and I keep my part of work to the last minute because I don’t like to do group work. Which ends up very badly each time! And I get acused by being Unprofessional which only means one thing I am a bad adult. I think everyone goes in this stage of being a bad person before they get their things together. For me since I had it before lol I am now being lazy which is totally okay 🙂

  25. This has made my morning! I have not ironed in forever and I doubt I ever will! If mums not home why do I need to answer the phone or door? It’s not going to be for me anyway! And dodging the window cleaner I know all about this! I guess I’m a badult too hahaha!

  26. I love this post! Turned 25 a week ago and didn’t know how to deal with it, decided I was going to start acting like an adult, then went out got very drunk and made a show of myself! Not sure when I’ll start feeling like an adult. Poo jokes are the best!!

    Great post

  27. I am sure glad I got a mortgage instead of going to Disney World, said no person on their death bed. Ever.

    Except Walt Disney maybe, because well, he probably had a mortgage for the enchanted castle?

    Awesome Blog btw!

    p.s – What did the constipated maths teacher do? Worked it out with a pencil.

  28. I think we’d get on great, I honestly stopped maturing at age 16 maximum. Right now, I’m watching Pokemon XY on Netflix while playing Pokemon on my nintendo. I ate chocolate cake for lunch today and I don’t iron either. I buy clothes that are supposed to be crinkled . Plus all my friend know to text me rather than call because I will NOT answer the phone unless it’s my mum.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  29. Oh you make me laugh!
    I don’t iron either. I think the only time I’ve actually used an iron is for an iron on t-shirt transfer… When the house phone rings I’ll grab it and quickly pass it to my mum so I don’t have to talk. And Disneyland is a much better idea… Who needs a mortgage anyway? 😉

  30. Haha this post is great! I was laughing all the way through. I’m definitely a bad adult; I don’t iron, I don’t answer the phone, I rarely answer the door (ya know, unless I think it’s a delivery, then I’m there in record speed!) I eat mostly takeaways. About the only thing I ‘m good at is getting shit done on time/in plenty of time. So I can relate, for the most part! Oh, and I’d have totally chosen Disneyland over a mortgage! xo

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