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Perfume for the Average Day

  PERFUMEEEEEEEE. I’m a bit naff in that I tend to stick to the same perfumes, change terrifies me and I do not like being…



PERFUMEEEEEEEE. I’m a bit naff in that I tend to stick to the same perfumes, change terrifies me and I do not like being out of my comfort zone, but my Mum always buys me a bottle at Christmas.

This year, she got me a bottle of Guess Seductive

I’ve never had a Guess perfume before, on account of me being a creature of habit that has a total break down in the face of change. The brand Guess is originally a maker of jeans, but in 2003 they entered the perfume market and have a pretty decent selection of perfumes that aren’t too expensive. From what I can tell, most of their perfumes seem to be around £15 a bottle, give or take a few quid.

The perfume I usually wear costs around £30 for a 30ml bottle and around £50 for a 50ml, so it’s waaaay cheaper. I wear perfume every day, so go through it fast. I’ve never considered trying to find more affordable one to wear for the average day. If I like something, I’d stick with it probably be happy to stick with it for the rest of my life.

I love the packaging and bottle – it looks like it would cost more than it does and I was surprised at the price when I first searched it!

The scent itself is quite floral and fruity, so it’s great for an every day wear – some of my perfumes feel a bit too much for going to work, but this works fine.

For a more advanced perfumer, there’s the actual scent breakdown:

Fragrance Family: Floral, Fruity. Top Notes: Bergamot, Pear, Black currant. Heart Notes: Jasmine, Orange blossom, Iris. Base Notes: Cashmere wood, Vanilla, Frankincense.

Guess Seductive review

Guess Seductive review

Have you ever tried Guess? What do you think of it?

You can get your own here.

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This post contains affiliate links.


  1. I have tried this one, the Guess seductive and I really love this perfume. I use perfume every day too, so this one I can use when I am going to work.

  2. I haven’t tried Guess perfumes but I like the notes of jasmine and orange. I’ve got a Guerlain perfume at the moment

  3. I haven’t tried Guess but like you I am a creature of habit rarely if ever changing my perfume. But I am with you that lots are expensive so finding a cheaper day alternative is a good idea Lucy x

  4. I haven’t tried any Guess perfume! I like fruity floral scents so I will make sure to check it out. It is definitely a bargain, I wish my favourite perfume was around the same price! x

  5. This sounds like a lovely scent! I used to be the same way with regard to sticking to the same fragrance, however with so many gorgeous releases lately, I’ve been mixing it up a fair bit!

  6. I haven’t tried guess perfume before (didn’t even know they HAD any!!) Cashmere wood sounds interesting, would love to sniff this in person!

  7. I’ve never tried a guess perfume but it’s good to know that it’s reasonably priced as I always look for fairly cheap perfumes to wear everyday as I wear it everyday too!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

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