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Coats for when I’m outside with humans

Ok, firstly to my housemate, Christine. If you’re reading this post then you must leave. You already have enough coats and I don’t want to…



Ok, firstly to my housemate, Christine. If you’re reading this post then you must leave.

You already have enough coats and I don’t want to encourage you to buy more. You have more coats than I have grapes in the fridge.


Okay, now that’s over with let’s have a talk about coats.

The weather is dooooom lately. It was hailing here a second ago. Boo, England. You suck.

I’m not very rich in coats. I own 3. A red one, a grey one and a fake leather one. I only wear the grey and leather one. I sometimes feel like I’m not very well prepared for English weather. Generally, I don’t use the outside part of the world, apart from if I’m running.

I drive. Usually I’m in my work suit or sports wear to go to the gym. But over the past few months I’ve been trying this outside thing out a bit more.

I’ve even started getting a bus into the centre rather than a taxi! I’m so pretty street wise in 2016.

To celebrate this small victory of me merging with the real world and being on the outside, I’ve been considering getting myself a new coat so when they humans look at me they’ll think I look good and accept me as one of them. Or something like that.


one // two // three
four // five // six

Those coats above are the finalists. Clap them plz.

I think I’m leaning towards four or six for being practical. I love three but I think it will be too short on me and show my belleh. One is similar to what I already have but I love a side zip! I already have a red one, so it would be silly to get a new one when I don’t wear my current one that much to start with but I can still appreciate it’s beauty.

What’s your favourite?

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  1. I really like number 2 but I don’t think it would suit me. I only have one coat and the zip keeps breaking so I really need to buy a new one but… it’s nearly Spring so maybe I can get away with it for another month or so? Hahaha, I really hate choosing a new coat because you wear it a LOT so it feels like too big of a decision!

  2. I love number 6! So much that I’m gonna have to leave this post now so I don’t click the link and buy it haha.
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

  3. I like 4, 5 and 6. The English weather is not allowing me to wear my winter coats as it’s too warm for them (at least for me), so I turned to ponchos, they are more versatile.

  4. I would get number 4!! I don’t have much coats probably just one lol so I definitely need one

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. I really like number four but… none of these coats have hoods! Don’t you need a hood? What if it rains? I appreciate at this point I sound like someone’s mother but… hoods!

  6. I laughed so hard at the grape comparison, you should be a comedian:)) Seriously, your posts never fail to cheer me up. I have only 6 coats, I don`t know if you count that a lot or not, but the first one is definitely going on my wishlist.

  7. Gorgeous pick you have there – I honestly still own alot of coats I had when I was heavier because I sort of like the way they fit when they’re bigger, but I have bought a few new ones that I absolutely love. If I had to chose I’d probably have to chose the third and the sixth, but I think it’s more because of the colour than anything else!

    But I loved this post so much. They’re gorgeous.
    Ella x

  8. OMG I LOVE ALL OF THESE. Now I have mental anguish coz I don’t own these. If I really have to choose I choose number six as the one I don’t own, so please send numbers one through five my way pronto. I have a soft spot for leather. And houndstooth. And navy. And red. I need these. Sob.

  9. haha your title (and post!) made me giggle!

    I think if you really want to blend in, your suggestions for the 4th or 6th one are good picks! Can’t go wrong with a classic neutral coat 🙂 I only have two trench coats – a black and a tan one – and they are perfect every year.

  10. I love number 4. Like you I don’t really have any practical coasts that are actually suitable for our weather. Good choices Lucy x

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