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I did adult on Tuesday and got new hair!

It’s true. You read this right. It’s not a lie, it’s not a set up. It’s the truth. On Tuesday I had a very adult…



It’s true. You read this right. It’s not a lie, it’s not a set up. It’s the truth.

On Tuesday I had a very adult day.

I finally got myself to the opticians after noticing over the past few months I can’t see as far as I used to. I have to get myself some glasses. They arrive next week. Also sunglasses. Also he suggested contacts but I was like NO I do not want to put stuff in my eyes. I’ve tired coloured contacts in the past and I’m terrified of putting them in. They also puffed air in my eyes and I told the women that did it that I was never coming back after that.

After going to the opticians, I went to Morrisons and got myself some screen wash for my car. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to avoid refilling my own screen wash up in my 11 years of driving. I think I always just got a boy to do it. But because all boys hate me and want me to die in 2016, I’ve got to be an independent women and do it myself.

After my very adult purchase of screen wash, I went to the hair dresses.

Guys, I’ve had a lot cut off. I asked for 2 inch but 2 inch is a lot. But it feels more than 2 inch.

I kind of hate how short it is, but my hair was so scratty before. Even by my standards. And I don’t have standards.

I’m trying to remind myself of this when I look at it, because I know it looks so much better for having all the dead ends cut off. I’ve not had my hair cut since last May and I straighten the hell out of it.

This is the result:

hair cut

hair cut

hair cut

hair cut

When I had my hair did, I came home and got ready to do this car thing. I popped the bonnet and mixed the screen wash with water and put it in the right hole. Double win!

A cat got in my house though. Doom. This black cat that always runs in when we open the door. I want to keep it.

I felt rather accomplished. This adult stuff isn’t that bad after all. Sometimes you just need to get the things you need to do out of the way so you can get back to dicking about and YouTube and stuff.

What adulting have you done lately?

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  1. I hate when I have to adult! Yesterday I had two new tyres on my car which is pretty adulty but sadly also expensive!
    I love your hair, looks so nice 🙂

    Jess xo

  2. It looks really nice!! Uhrgh, I’ve had to do sooo many adult things in the last week i feel physically sick!!! Going to have to be very good about keeping my new home cleaner than my old one. Woe!!!x

  3. Your new haircut looks awesome! 🙂 I always freak out after a haircut. Sitting there in the chair you feel so brave when they say “this much off’ and think it’s hardly anything, then get home and regret your decision…haha. I hate short hair I don’t know why I keep going to get my hair cut short….

    Well done on your day of adulting! Some days you just need to get all the responsibilities out of the way!

  4. Nice hair!! 🙂 Been wanting to do a hair makeover on myself too but I’ll just grow it out more. I had a n adult day last week and I feel very accomplished.

  5. Your hair looks lovely! It’s the worst when you get more than you expected cut off though.
    I recently had to renew my car insurance and my pet insurance and all that boring stuff but after it was done I’ve saved myself money each month and I felt like a successful adult!

  6. Your hairdresser has done a great job of tapering at the sides. I recently had a few inches cut off, I wasn’t keen to do so but my hairdresser showed me just how long it had got at the back and now it’s got more shape

  7. Your hair looks beautiful! Sometimes it’s hard to keep very precocious cats like that out of the house. A cat jumped into my car once. The only adulting I’ve done lately is doing worksheets for my income tax returns. I hate adulting and probably avoid it too much – but then again, I did promise myself I’d never grow up. YouTubing and Tweeting and stuff is way more fun. Kudos on your adulting!

  8. Yay for adulting! I have all my haircuts booked two in advance haha – my hair is the opposite of yours I think – mine need a cut after about 8 weeks!

    Lizzie Dripping

  9. Honestly, I got sick of being lazy. I am glad I got my shit together and do adulting everyday and it feels good and does rights for me! Sometimes it’s time consuming and I miss on doing uni work but I feel happy and satisfied about myself. Wish I started doing this in my early twenties. Last November I did a hair trim. I let my hair grow longer for almost 9 months. The results were great. Now my hair looks like need a new trim but I won’t do it till maybe April. Why the boys want you dead by 2016?!

  10. The thing about being an adult is that we often forget that things will work so much better if we did things our own way so in turn, they can turn out the way we first want them to. I’m guilty of that because I’m always worried if I’m doing things the way I should as opposed to wondering if I’m doing things the way I want to.

    Anyway, without wanting to blabber as I usually do, I think you look absolutely stunning with your new hair cut and I had no idea your eyes were this blue! Omg, seriously, they’re beautiful. Also, I too need to go see an optician. My sight is rubbish at the moment.

    Ella x

  11. The new hair looks lovely, I find going to the hairdressers truly traumatic. I have in mind what I want but the vision and the reality never match up. Lucy x

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