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Winter Style // That Midi Skirt

Back in December, I attended the La Redoute Bloggers Christmas Party, where I selected a black midi skirt to take home. Since then, I’ve been…



Back in December, I attended the La Redoute Bloggers Christmas Party, where I selected a black midi skirt to take home. Since then, I’ve been thinking about how I can style it.

My wardrobe is basically 75% dresses, 14% workout clothes and 1% other things, which means I don’t own many tops to wear with it.

When I came across Paulie Clothing, I went straight to the Tops section where I found this lovely grey, short sleeved jumper below.

What I liked most about it, is that it’s the type of jumper you could style up or down depending on the occasion.

You can rock it casual with a plain skirt or jeans, or you could stick on a nice skirt and a pair of heels and wear it for a meal or for some drinks at the bar.

I couldn’t resist getting myself on ASOS and searching for midi skirts, partly because I kind of want a tulle skirt, and partly because um, I have no more excuses. I JUST REALLY WANT A TULLE SKIRT OKAY?

I actually ordered a couple off Amazon but I forgot that I had lost and cancelled my card (the same night as the La Redoute Party actually, damn open bar!) so they never came to me. I feel cheated. Especially after finding my card about 2 days after I cancelled it. Doh.

midi skirt

How would you style a midi skirt?

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  1. I actually love midi skirts!! They are so cute and I don’t really like wearing short skirts they are super uncomfortable.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Love Midi skirts, these are gorgeous. Skirts that are too short annoy me really, so this length is just right!! x

  3. If the pink tulle you posted is from Boohoo, I have it and it’s everything you’re hoping for. Buy it.

    Sorry, I’m a professional no-help.

  4. I’ve got my eye on a midi skirt and will probably wear it with a tight off the shoulder top, to balance it out!

  5. I’ve never bought a midi skirt as I was always scared they would make me look shorter than I am. However, after recently buying and LOVING a midi dress I think I may add some midi skirts to my wardrobe. That stripy one is gorgeous! I think It would look great with a thin roll neck jumper xx

  6. I love tops like that. The minimal style is so classic and versatile.. And midi skirts are my favorite. I wore that length way before it became popular again.

  7. I LOVE the look of tulle skirts! My own taste would be to style a tulle skirt with a very lacy and frilly retro/vintage blouse having puffy shoulders and sleeves flared out a bit at the wrists and hem. All of the midi-skirts pictured above are beautiful. I can imagine them all looking beautiful with each styled differently, but all of them would look great styled with that grey short sleeved jumper from Paulie Clothing!

  8. I mainly own dresses too but I’ve been loving midi skirts lately and wear them at the moment either with jumpers or with shirts. I actually ordered the tulle one in this post a few days ago! X

  9. Well, I would suggest you combine it with something not too loose at the top like a crop top to create balance as volume down if you have the ideal is to not have volume up.

  10. Depending on the skirt, Patterned or plain colored. I always like just a simple blouse tucked in with heels and minimalist jewelry.

  11. These skirts are all perfect and totally my style. I’m wearing one similar today. It’s a little shorter than midi but has tulle and is floral. It’s great that you can literally wear them with anything- I’ve even worn them with my bomber jackets from adidas.

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